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  • Tara, 32
    Hobart, Australia
  • Ivonne, 30
    Stokholm, Sweden
  • Ann, 21
    Berlin, Germany
  • Ped, 48
    London, UK
  • Florin, 27
    Galati, Romania
  • Mellisa, 33
    New York, USA
  • Milena, 22
    Leiden, Netherlands
  • Ben, 38
    Bordeaux, France
  • Giselle, 24
    Riga, Latvia
  • Michael, 42
    Bayern, Germany
  • Margaret, 29
    New York, USA
  • Ralph, 36
    London, UK
  • Julian, 33
    Berlin, Germany
  • Dario, 51
    Sabaudia, Italy


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There are so many profiles on… I like to browse through them carefully and select the most eligible person to talk to.

Michelle brings out the sense of adventure in me! The website is so easy to use and the possibility of meeting someone from another culture that relates to me is simply thrilling.


It is really cool to meet different people who come from different backgrounds than your own but have similar interests and values.

True love story never ends

Jane and Albert
Mitch Clarice and Moon Ho
Angelica Lee and Gilbert

Countless matches experience the joys of finding a relationship on While the results for happy couples are the same, their journey is often very different. Every love story inspires us to keep on improving, which is why we love to hear from you. It doesn’t matter whether it’s the first date, the first kiss or the very best news of an engagement, marriage or birth of a child. We have a special place in our hearts for all of you.

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Dating is an adventure. It’s about your chance to escape the daily routine. To meet like-minded people, get a great response and explore yourself along the way. You don’t need to focus on counting matches, swiping right, finding your type, or repeating the same mistakes again and again. Dating is your way to experiment, fill the void and change life for the better. To do something totally wild and have new experiences you’ll love. You just need a safe digital space where you can communicate with joy, make new memories, and push the boundaries of dating. And why limit yourself to who’s in your street, city or even country? There’s a whole world of dating to discover and so many wonderful people to meet. So take a leap of faith and prepare for the time of your life.
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