Dating in Israel

Israel is an ancient land with an interesting and complex history. The “Promised land” has gained its independence from Britain only in the middle of the 20th century, which made this country and its inhabitants go through a lot of things. The Israelis have a rich history of the migration and return to their homeland, and that experience of many Israelis combined with various historical events has created that amazing nation of smart, curious and witty people. Undoubtedly, the past has largely influenced the modern look not only of the country but also people and their mentality.

What is worth knowing about the Israelites

The inhabitants of this country have some very recognizable features of character which you should know about to start dating in Israel. There are some of them:

  • Firstly, the Israelites are very sociable and open people. Visitors of the country can easily say that communication is as important as air for the locals. Any casual passer-by can just come up for a couple of words. The American dating the Israeli might say it remains an American tradition of having small talks with strangers. The difference there is in motives because Americans tend to use small talks as a gesture of their politeness, but the Israelites are just extremely communicative and enjoy conversations a lot. You can easily see drivers in traffic jams chatting through their open car windows. Many people in queues have a conversation to discuss something with the others. Such openness and cheerfulness allow you to establish communication with locals and find new friends quickly and easily. Many tourists say that meeting someone just by walking and immediately talking is much easier than in some other cultures. Undoubtedly, this is a pleasant advantage that will help you in finding a partner;
  • The inhabitants of that country are very inquisitive people. Their great love for having conversations comes largely from the fact they like to be aware of all the facts and details of what is happening around them. An Israelite can interrogate you for a long time on a topic of their interest. Their special attention to detail is also a distinctive feature. It is not surprising that Israel has such a rapid growth of technology and Jewish experts are famous all over the world - those people just need to know everything;
  • Israelis often show goodwill to strangers. If you need help or something unexpected happened on the street, then most likely you will get the help quickly. Are you lost far from public transport? There should be someone and you will get a ride. Are your bags heavy? There will be someone offering help. Are you ill? Several people will immediately gather to provide all possible assistance or to call a doctor. There is a society of caring people;
  • Israelis are especially attentive to their people, culture and language. If a foreigner knows at least a little Hebrew, the attitude towards him will definitely be much better. Not to mention the fact that you need to know at least the basic rules adopted in society. If you show respect for people and their traditions, then you are guaranteed a warm welcome in Israel! In general, foreigners love being in Israel because of the warm and cheerful atmosphere there;
  • Much of those things are mostly connected with the traditional way of life in Israel. In that country, the old culture and modern laws of secular society are combined in an interesting mixture. Everyone decides to what extent to follow religious rites or how many traditional clothes to wear. In general, people tend to be tolerant of each other;
  • Relations between men and women can also combine both equal rights and the classic distribution of roles in the family. However, no one will dispute anyone’s right to decide for themselves how much to follow certain ideas. Equality is especially noticeable in the army. Men and women perform military service, and their social status or wealth do not play any role there. Everyone is in the same conditions in Israel. And the residents tend to respect the military personnel who work to ensure peace in the country. They try to extend the principles of equality and justice to all spheres of life.

Some aspects of dating Israeli men and women

We can’t but mention some facts about relationships and dating there. For beginners, it’s worth immediately clarifying that people are pretty clear and straightforward there, and for some, it comes to arrogance. However, there is nothing wrong with this, because at least you can be sure that no one will play games with you. If someone wants to get to know an attractive person better, they just come up and start a conversation. To join other people’s conversation is a common thing too. If something goes wrong or a potential partner is not interested, they will say it directly and just start looking for someone else. People don’t spend time on any particular etiquette and this makes dating much easier.

It won’t take much of your time to get used to local rules if you behave frankly and do not try to pretend to be someone else. Try to be straightforward and calmly discuss any topics in the conversation that your partner want to speak about. Discuss each other's interests, impressions and concerns. Such a lively and trivial approach is good to know each other quickly. Let the words flow like water and you will definitely find a soulmate there.

The same simple attitude goes for clothes as well. There is no need in dressing up on dates. The Israelites prefer simple and comfortable clothes. Girls can use a minimum of makeup or keep a completely natural look. Guys wear casual jeans and sneakers. Be simple and direct and do not worry about appearance too much - your soulmate will notice you not because of your clothes.

If the locals show interest in you and behave flirtily it can mean absolutely nothing. For many people there it’s just a way to spend time and find new friends. It is worth remembering that the locals start conversation very easily and can chat with you all day long, then say goodbye and leave without leaving a number. Therefore, do not take all these things seriously and just enjoy the conversation and attention from an interesting person.Some people may be confused by the attitude of the Israelis towards time. If it comes to work or something serious, then meeting deadlines are mandatory. However, if it is a verbal agreement then expect the partner to be late. If you are told “I will be in 5 minutes”, feel free to come at least 15 minutes later. Being half of an hour late is a normal thing there and No one takes this seriously. The same applies to the fact of the meeting. If you arrange to meet at the weekend, it is not necessary that at the end of the week a person will even remember about it. Also, people tend to attend bars and clubs rather late, for example, 10 pm is often considered to be the perfect time to start the walk. The most interesting things usually begin at night!

The locals prefer the random meeting rather than a planned date. Be more spontaneous in choosing a place to spend time, the same applies to date in general as well. There is a great chance of meeting an interesting person accidentally. You can never be sure of something or count on reciprocity. You should just go on and look around. You will probably converge and diverge many times without starting a relationship. The Israelis are very purposeful people, so a person should be persistent and be able to interest a potential partner for a long time. Making a second date will not be easy there.

One more important nuance to remember -  people in Israel have very strong family bonds throughout life. So don’t be surprised if your potential partner invites you to have dinner with their parents. It may not mean anything serious, but it is still worth making the best impression, cause the opinion of relatives means a lot and can affect the perception of you as a person. You should not be nervous cause it is always noticeable, so relax and enjoy communication. Just don’t forget that it is customary to bring something for dinner with you!

Try to find your love

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