True love story never ends

Mitch Clarice and Moon Ho

It is my first time on and to be honest I feel nervous and at the same time anxious since I have no idea what man I could meet in the future, and it’s my first time. There are a-lot of handsome guy sending messages and calling me but there is one man who really captured my interest. He...

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James and Celina

I think my meeting with James was a blessing in disguise. He is a Pilot from Papua New Guinea working for Air New Guinea, but most of his travels are to his home country, Australia, and Philippines, that’s why he is here almost every other week. We have been texting each other for months now and...

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Kate Valdez and Leonardo

Kate Valdez and Leonardo met on on February 3, 2024. They exchanged messages for several days, getting to know each other better. They found out that they had a lot in common, and their interests coincided.Leonardo invited Kate to go on a date. She agreed, and the meeting was very...

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Elias and Ursula

From the very moment we have found in each other a reason to believe again, we share laughter, we share tears and moments of joy, and above all the chances that we have found love.Distance has never been a gap between us, we manage to feel connected through long conversations, we are friends,...

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Sharlyn and Kato

It is truly a gift from God to be with someone who will always love you regardless of your situation in life. We met on around August 2023. We spoke, texted, and called each other for more than a month. Getting to know one another and exchanging daily life updates until he told me that...

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Danica and Creg

Our journey began innocently enough,we are two solitary souls seeking nothing more than casual conversation on a digital platform. Little did we know that amidst the sea of profiles and fleeting exchanges, we would find something extraordinary – each other.Our first encounter, orchestrated by...

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