True love story never ends

Mitch Clarice and Moon Ho

It is my first time on and to be honest I feel nervous and at the same time anxious since I have no idea what man I could meet in the future, and it’s my first time. There are a-lot of handsome guy sending messages and calling me but there is one man who really captured my interest. He...

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Lauresa and Reymond

Meeting with someone I just met on a dating site is nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. But I still try to meet him, because we might get along with each other. And that’s what happened. At first, I was still nervous because we’re only communicating through chat. But after spending some...

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Kristina and John

We have found each other on the website We communicated a lot and enjoyed getting to know each other. John described that moment we saw me on the video like that: You were at work when we video chatted the first time and smiled at me while you were dancing. From that point on I knew I...

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Sophia and Jazaz

I met him on We're both new to that website. He stated that he read my initial email and it caught his interest, so he reached out to me. I did not expect anyone to like me because I am a simple girl. I never expected to meet someone like him there. He's extremely nice, and even though...

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Samit and Sofia

The two met on They spent months chatting on the site, sharing anecdotes and their daily routine, until the big day finally came. Sofia went to El Dorado Airport in Bogotá to meet the man who was the man she had been looking for for so long. They couldn't believe they were finally...

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Sarah and Benton

I am grateful to because Cupid struck me with Benton.We spent a morning sharing delicious Colombian coffee, we were in La Candelaria in the center of Bogotá, a very touristy area with typical Colombian dishes and drinks, it was very funny because I gave him a fermented corn-based drink...

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