True love story never ends

Maricel and Nick

My name is Maricel, and I vividly remember the day I stumbled upon Nick's profile on It was one of those spontaneous decisions - a click that changed everything. He sudden called me.Little did I know, that one call would lead to countless conversations that sparked a connection beyond...

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Jane and Albert

My initial reluctance melted away when I agreed to meet someone from a for the very first time. This decision would turn out to be one of the most extraordinary choices I'd ever make. We began our journey at a cozy restaurant, sharing not just a meal but also our deepest thoughts and...

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Mitch Clarice and Moon Ho

It is my first time on and to be honest I feel nervous and at the same time anxious since I have no idea what man I could meet in the future, and it’s my first time. There are a-lot of handsome guy sending messages and calling me but there is one man who really captured my interest. He...

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Angelica Lee and Gilbert

On July 2, 2023 at 4:15 pm Gilbert called me on because he wanted to meet me in Cebu City, because he was already there at that time. We chatted on the site , and he also called me there. He asked me to go to Quest Hotel in Cebu City to meet because he can't go anywhere for a walk...

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Lauresa and Reymond

Meeting with someone I just met on a dating site is nerve-wracking and exciting at the same time. But I still try to meet him, because we might get along with each other. And that’s what happened. At first, I was still nervous because we’re only communicating through chat. But after spending some...

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Kristina and John

We have found each other on the website We communicated a lot and enjoyed getting to know each other. John described that moment we saw me on the video like that: You were at work when we video chatted the first time and smiled at me while you were dancing. From that point on I knew I...

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