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Even if you have never thought about dating an Armenian woman, you definitely know how hot they are. One of the most popular and attractive modern celebrities Kim Kardashian is Armenian, and her popularity has given a big boost to the interest in dating Armenian girls. People usually consider those gorgeous women to be tall, well-built and feminine, with plump lips and stunning brown or hazel eyes. Their hair and eyebrows are dark, they have long eyelashes and they often don’t need any makeup to show their natural beauty in the best way possible. Therefore it’s not a secret that a lot of men all over the world would like to try making relationships with those women. They try getting acquainted on the streets - and that’s usually not the best idea - and attend Armenian dating sites to find a very special woman to date. But there are some things about the Armenian character and upbringing that you should remember before even thinking about dating those beauties.

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What Armenian women are like

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To understand how to date those gorgeous women correctly and what to expect you need to know some facts about the Armenian women. Of course, those are only generalizations and every person is unique, but according to statistics there are the things you are likely to face:

Modern, but traditional

That's how people can describe modern Armenian girls. In the age of the Internet, when almost everyone has a smartphone and internet access, some borders between cultures tend to fade. That happens with Armenian families as well: the rules tend to be not that strict, and their traditional approach to creating a family is not that strict too. In some families, you still can see some prejudices about dating and marrying a foreigner, but in most situations, it’s not a thing anymore. You should understand that the girl’s family would play a very significant role in her life (and in yours as well if you want to have a serious relationship with her), but there is always a big difference between adequate care from a loving family and hyper-care and overprotection. But the traditional approach still has some benefits - the Armenian girls, unlike girls from the US, tend to like traditional families with a man having the leading role. So if that approach in creating a family suits you well - you’re welcome!

It’s a fact that Armenian women mostly think of marriage than hookups, so it will be better for both of us if you have the same intentions too.


It’s no need to say it twice - some Armenian women are stunning and you won’t be able to take your eyes from them. Women there not only have slim and feminine bodies but also beautiful faces. They don’t need to wear a lot of makeup and prefer traditional feminine clothing that emphasizes their beauty a lot. So choose wisely, cause in Armenia, just like in any other country, women value loyalty and honesty a lot.

They usually can cook well

Once again, it’s more like a generalisation, but there are a lot of traditional families in Armenia where women tend to be housewives while their men earn money and have the role of the breadwinners. Armenian girls are usually taught how to cook from childhood, and it’s not a surprise - the traditional Armenian cuisine is very rich and contains a lot of delicious recipes. It’s not that easy to remember all of them, and it requires a lot of practice!

Dating rules in Armenia

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Some things are pretty common in Armenia, so you need to be aware of them:

  • Guys pay for everything. Yes, even though in many Western countries the situation is far from that, in Armenia women mostly prefer their men to pay for a date in a restaurant. The men are seen as potential husbands, so that is mostly the way to see how generous and protective they are. Some women might offer to have separate bills, but in that situation, men are usually expected to insist on paying for both. So if you’re the type of man who likes giving presents and paying for your woman - Armenian girls are your choice;
  • Family is important. Armenian girls are usually well-protected by their fathers and brothers - so it’s not in your interests to offend them. It’s also very likely that a girl’s family will play a significant role in your relationships too. Just be friendly and polite - if your intentions are good and you act decently they will approve you and it won’t be a problem at all;
  • They prefer serious relationships. It’s a fact that Armenian women mostly think of marriage than hookups, so it will be better for both of us if you have the same intentions too. Armenian women usually marry at the age of 25, so women usually have families pretty early, and their men have young beautiful wives. Everybody wins;
  • Your reputation matters. Just like in every traditional society a man’s reputation says a lot about him. More than that, your family’s reputation is important too. Armenian families tend to value their morality a lot and they expect the same from their daughter’s future husband too. For people who behave decently and have strong moral codex dating the Armenians is the best choice.

Dating online with

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There are a lot of ways to meet Armenian girls, but one of the most popular approaches is to meet online on an Armenian dating site. Getting acquainted in clubs and on the street is considered to be not serious and you’ll never find a partner for a long-lasting romantic relationship there. But online dating on has a lot of pros to be considered the best way to find a perfect Armenian girl.

  • It’s fast. You don’t need much time to create a profile and start chatting with attractive people all over the world;
  • It’s effective. All the people there have the same goals - to find someone special to date;
  • It’s convenient. You only need to complete registration to communicate with all your potential partners. Download an app to make your experience even more comfortable and mobile.

Look through the profiles of attractive people online and find your ideal soulmate right now!

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