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Russia is a huge country with lots of beautiful nature, rich history and unique culture, many intelligent, strong, brave and honest people and a giant amount of stereotypes surrounding them. It’s a country which can definitely be “not your cup of tea” or a perfect place for you to meet someone special: it’s extremely hard to stay indifferent towards the country but it’s easy to fall in love with it. Russia is a motherland of tall, attractive and masculine Russian guys: they are brutal, honest, strong yet romantic and soft-hearted with their beloved people. If you are interested in dating one of them, then you have to learn a bit more about Russians and their dating culture.

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What dating rules you should know to date a cute Russian boy

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Though there are a few things which are important for dating regardless of the country, every place still has its own customs and traditions which are based on local culture and history. Russia is no exception: though there are lots of Westernized modern people living in big cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg, the country is so huge that it’s hard to describe everyone. There are people of different races, religions, views, beliefs, traditions and customs living there: a Western part of Russia is pretty different from its Eastern part, so it’s always easier to date someone living in big cities. This approach increases your chances to meet someone who can understand you well and be friendly and open with you. If you’re lucky enough to meet an attractive Russian guy, there are a few things about Russian dating you should know about:

  • Forget about “Dutch” principles and let him pay. Though in many Western countries it’s considered normal for couples to split their bill on a date, it’s not a thing in Russia. Though some poor students might offer to split the bill, a typical Russian man always wants to pay for his lady in a restaurant, cafe or anywhere else. It’s mostly done not to show a lady that he’s a man who has a higher position than his lady, but to show his ability to provide for their relationship and potential family and his ability to become a breadwinner for his wife and kids. It’s a sign of chivalry in Russia, so admit it and let him be a gentleman;
  • Russians are more conservative than Westerners, so don’t expect to be treated equally there. Though there are lots of modern and liberal people living in big cities in Russia, the majority of people still treat men and women differently. Male-female friendships aren’t common there: it’s always assumed that at least one of these people have feelings they hide. Though there are some typical “women’s duties” in Russian families, the general situation is not that bad: there are lots of spheres where women can have leading positions and earn as much as men do, and also Russian women are pretty strong and hardworking, so local men admit their ability to be not only housewives;
  • Though many Russians know English pretty decently, it’s still better for you to know a bit of Russian in advance. Though most Russians learn English at school, it doesn’t mean that they all succeed: most people remember a few English words and can’t communicate with foreigners. People who know English well usually learn it with tutors or with the help of self-education, so though you still have chances to meet an English-speaking person there, it’s not that common. Even if you date a guy who knows English decently, you should learn a bit of Russian to be able to communicate with him more openly and freely;
  • Don’t question his masculinity. Russians are often seen as very masculine and brutal guys: they are courageous, they are not afraid of problems and always know how to solve them, they are handy and skilled in many things. At the same time, this stereotype has created a few complexes in most Russian men’s minds: they can’t understand jokes about their masculinity and consider them as a sort of personal attack: they become extremely nervous or even aggressive. It’s better not to belittle his masculinity because it shows your disrespect: you can describe your perfect man as sensitive and intelligent instead, and a guy who’s interested in you will show you his softer side;
  • It’s better not to speak about money on the first date. Whether your Russian boyfriend is pretty wealthy or not, it’s better not to speak about money: in case he earns relatively a lot he can consider you being a golddigger, but if he makes the ends meet, then it can be a painful topic to discuss for him. Remember that most foreigners coming to Russia are automatically considered more rich and successful than the locals, so don’t make him feel uncomfortable;
  • Lots of Russians are very family-oriented and they are into serious relationships. Though some people are into hookups in Russia, they don’t usually consider that hookups with foreigners are a good idea: they often see perspectives and lots of opportunities to meet an interesting person who can potentially become a long-term partner. Lots of Russians would like to move with their partner abroad, so they are interested in serious relationships with foreigners. It’s considered normal to marry pretty early in Russia, and most locals love kids, so if you want to create a family, then your Russian partner will be delighted. Lots of local young men are afraid to marry too early, but when they understand that they date “the one”, then they become much more initiative and optimistic.

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Though Russia has lots of places which are definitely worth visiting, there are lots of people who don’t plan on going there for long enough to find a local partner for dating and relationships. But it doesn’t mean that you have no chance to find your Russian partner: there are lots of attractive Russian boys who use online dating services and are interested in dating a foreigner. The country is huge, but Russians have a pretty affordable and quality Internet connection, so lots of them spend much time online: it’s a perfect opportunity for every lady to meet a nice local guy and to communicate with him.

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