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Video games allow people to move to a whole new world full of adventures and opportunities they lack in their real everyday lives. It’s no wonder that the fantasy worlds of some video games are perfect for making new friends and falling in love - and that’s why some people find their partners while gaming. If you’re looking for someone to play video games with you, then you have lots of opportunities to do so: a partner with hobbies similar to yours can make you happy!
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Does video game dating even exist? People are not sure about it as playing games is usually guys’ priority, while girls don’t usually spend their time this way. Well, at least it is thought to be so. In reality, women are as likely to be video game players as men are, and they do it equally well.

Being a gamer is a hobby that consumes a lot of free time. Once you sit in front of your computer screen, you don’t even notice the time passing. There are many cases when a girlfriend is not satisfied with her boyfriend spending hours in front of the screen without paying any attention to her. So having a partner who is not only understanding of your hobby but also would enjoy joining you in the world of digital games is a must. Just imagine how cool it would be to bring your date along to fight some monsters or solve an interesting mystery.

Being a gamer also means you are good with technology. So it is pretty natural to assume you would enjoy using online dating sites for gamers to look for a life partner. The only problem is about finding the right one. We are happy to present you a perfect website to start a search of gamer singles for dating.

a happy couple playing video games together at home as a gamer dating site

We suggest discovering the advantages dating gamers via brings:

  1. It is convenient. As gamer singles spend most of their free time in front of their computer anyway, looking for a partner online is just a natural choice. You don’t have to go out or talk on the phone: just enter a website and send messages. It doesn’t require immediate replies either, so you can easily finish your game tour before writing a text to your significant other;
  2. You can find the most compatible partner. The system here at doesn’t include swiping. It bases the search on your own preferences and takes every detail into account. So you can be sure the person you choose to send a message to is the right one for you. You can also keep in mind other characteristics of a partner you want to see except being loyal to the gaming industry. All of them can be easily incorporated into the searching process;
  3. You are not limited by your location. Of course, it might be important for you to look for a soulmate from your area. But for gamers the place doesn’t usually matter: the Internet can connect you with whatever location your partner is from. And this also increases the chances of meeting the right person, as you never know where in the world the perfect individual exists.

Apart from these, there are other advantages as well. The first one is definitely about security policy. The website doesn’t use personal data to display for users. Even your email is only required to make future logins possible. So you never have to worry about your personal information getting into the wrong hands. And before you exchange your phone numbers or social media accounts with your date, it is best to get to know more about them.

Another thing that makes using so convenient is the possibility to address a Customer Service Team whenever any issues arise. Even though gamers often can deal with technical stuff themselves, there are still cases when advice is needed. Or sometimes you can come across an intrusive person who doesn’t pay attention to your unwillingness to communicate. Whatever happens, you can always send an email or make a phone call. Customer Service Team works 24 hours a day and will help you sort out a problem immediately.

an Asian couple playing games on a smartphone together and having fun

Using as a gamer dating site

It is not difficult to use at all. Before you actually start looking for a partner, you only need to complete several steps. They are as follows:

  1. Create an account. You can sign up with your email or use a social media account. No matter what you chose, this information will always remain secret and only available for you. It will take only a few minutes to complete a registration procedure;
  2. Fill in the profile info. This is done to help your potential partners get an overall image of you. Definitely mention being a gamer, it will help to avoid those who don’t support this hobby. But remember to write about other of your interests as well as the world is not limited to videogames solely;
  3. Pick a profile photo. Understandably, a good picture is not a thing every gamer has. But do your best to pick the one which represents you well enough. The inside world is not everything that matters so your possible dates will definitely want to know how you look and whether or not they are attracted to you;
  4. Customize a searching system. This is where an actual search for a partner begins. Using a searching tool, you can take into consideration any detail which is important for you starting from hobbies and appearance and to such details as education degree or exact age. Be sure to check everything that you think your partner should be so that a mechanism could suggest you the best options;
  5. Look through a list of perfect partners. You will be suggested to check a list of profiles that match your expectations. Look through them, check detailed profile descriptions and if you come across somebody who seems to be a good option, don’t hesitate to send them a message. It may become the beginning of your virtual love story!
    1. a man watching his girlfriend playing games on her laptop

      Reasons to date a gamer

      Gamer online or offline dating is definitely a great thing. You might be curious to know why, so we are going to tell you the main reasons now!

      Gamers never give up

      They know it takes time to succeed in whatever they start to do. It doesn’t only reflect in the way they play video games but also influences their love life. Gamer boys and girls know love rarely happens from first sight. They also understand the importance of common input in relationship development. So when you just meet, a gamer would take their time to impress you. They won’t demand anything or be pushy, they would just continue to carefully make their way to your heart.

      And when you end up being together, you don’t have to worry about lack of interest. Yes, gamers spend a lot of their time playing, but they also would do anything you need because they understand how relationships work.

      They notice every detail

      What girls often feel lacking in dating men is their attention to detail. A new haircut, a beautiful dress or a delicious dinner are never a subject to discuss or get compliments for. In case you are dating a gamer, you can forget about being ignored.

      To succeed in a game you need to notice all of the important details. Once it becomes a habit, you won’t separate it in your day-to-day life as well.

      Playing video games eventually leads to a high attention level. To succeed in a game you need to notice all of the important details. Once it becomes a habit, you won’t separate it in your day-to-day life as well. Maybe the compliments you will get will not be perfectly formulated, but at least you will know your efforts didn’t go unnoticed.

      Gamers are not demanding

      Especially if you are a person who likes to have free space, gamer dating is for you. Gamers would never demand too much of your attention. They understand the importance of being on your own and respect your desire to have personal space - because they want it all too.

      This trait is also extremely useful as you will always know what to get your partner as a present. Pay for a new game they wanted to try for a very long time - and your significant other will be more than happy. But you can also bring traditional gifts like clothes or home decor pieces - just pick those who are related to your partner’s favourite game.

      They are loyal

      Once you start dating a gamer, you can be sure they won’t go away. Exploring the dating scene is not for them as it takes much of their free time and therefore doesn’t allow them to proceed to the next level and perfect skills. So you can be totally sure your partner is always at home. And if you need them to help you with something, just wait until a game tour is over.

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