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What Our Users Say

I wish it was possible to explain the feeling of meeting people across the globeand being able to share deep emotions with them and have them pour out theirhearts to you! You have to try it yourself, words can't do justice.
Our story begins when we met on We spent many hours talking andgetting to know each other. We shared great moments online, with calls andmessages that made us feel close like we were just a couple miles away! Untilthe day finally came to meet and strengthen this great friendship, and the greataffection we feel for each other! We hope to continue meeting in more magicalplaces. He traveled from the USA and I from Colombia and met in Mexico. That wasunforgettable!
I didn't think I would enjoy online texting and chatting, but I was wrong. Videochats helped us feel closer to each other. We had dinners together everySaturday online. It was very charming, starting with cooking dinner together -each in their own kitchen in video chat, ending with enjoying this mealtogether. And at some point I realized that this could be in my real life, notonly online.

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