Tips over 50 dating

When younger, we could comfortably build new relationships at University or a party, but dating at 50 is not that straightforward. Still, finding your love even if you are in your 50s will not take long if you take the right approach. At that, dating women and men over 50 became easier nowadays as the Internet is ready to help.

Prior to searching a companion in life, you should sort yourself out, your feelings and desires. And there is a tip how to do it regardless if you are a woman or a man and years you’ve spent looking for a partner. The easiest way is to make two lists.

  • The first one comprises of your main personality traits, habits, likes and dislikes, physique and social possibilities;
  • The second list will be made up of those characteristics that are most important to you and you wish to find in your partner, including all from age to interests;
  • The first list will allow to understand what you can offer your partner, what are your strength and weaknesses;
  • The second one will help in building an image of the optimal partner.

Most importantly is that both lists provide guidance and direction of search. For example, if you are attracted by new experiences and you like to travel, it makes sense to include foreigners to the pool of candidates.

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Real-world dating

If you are interested in mature dating, and are more prone to making new acquaintances in an informal setting, you should direct your attention at various special interest clubs . This could be environmental or social organizations, cultural societies or other. Attend their events and take a good look at the participants. Perhaps some will fall under your interest criteria.


If you are a follower of a certain religion and this is a critical factor, you can try searching for a partner among members of your religious community. 

If you want respectful treatment, you should for sure look for a woman. There is no need to wholly unite her life with somebody’s else if she is a grown up and well established person. Women have their own hobbies as well and they appreciate spending time apart as they see how much it matters in healthy relations. Dating a woman, learn to enjoy yourself. As much as she doesn’t want you to put all of your time on the altar of your love, she expects you to give her as much freedom as she wants.

Interesting people can be met in art galleries, concerts or exhibitions, but such places do not provide much opportunity for getting acquainted. A much better alternative would be a gym where men and women have mutual interest and activity, it is much easier to start a conversation and get to know each other. That being said, there is no need to toil away on the weight machine. To make new connections, a swimming pool is as good as something like a club of Nordic walking. In fact, any place or association aimed at physical activity will do, including a dancing school for 50-years-old plus students.

New relationships can start while travelling . Especially favorable circumstances are created during group bus tours and cruises, when absolute strangers come together and without noticing become closer. Even less intense beach relaxation offers decent opportunities to make fresh connections.

Workplace can be considered a suitable environment only if you constantly meet new people or there are many singles of your age on the team.

Some more tips for 50 and older dating

If you’ve been out of the game for a long time but want to return to it, a few additional tips may come in handy. Life does not stand still and you can always start from scratch. It doesn’t matter what you had before: a failed marriage, a few divorces, or you were a single parent. At any time, you can start something new and meet the right person. Even if you are retired, don't be afraid to start! Just think: no work, no young children. It's time to do something for yourself.

  • Remember your old hobbies. It's time to do something with your hands or go to the gym. You will not only have fun, but also be able to start a meadow and a relaxed conversation with like-minded people. Sign up for cooking classes, go to yoga, learn another language or join a book club. It's time to remember youth and have fun when you are over 50. You will feel better and more confident if you learn something new. As a bonus, you will get a circle of new acquaintances who like the same as you;
  • Sign up for a gym, yoga or fitness. You can engage in any other sport if all of the above you do not like. Regular exercise will not only make you more attractive and healthier, but also cheer you up. If you have never been involved in sports, contact your personal trainer in the gym or start with something simple (swimming, golf, soccer, walking, etc.). You will become more confident, more attractive and more fun. Such personalities attract people and you will not be left without attention;
  • Suit up! You have to buy a couple of things if you want to impress your new friend. Just take this seriously: you should feel comfortable and like yourself. Do not grab the first shirt you get in a store. Take a walk around the center of the road, look around. Old clothes can be donated to charity to make way for new ones. Choose beautiful and quality items that suit your style and size. Look for a few pairs of nice trousers, a few shirts or an elegant coat and a few sexy dresses. Beautiful and quality clothes will add confidence to you. If you are not versed in fashion, consult a consultant or personal stylist. It is very convenient to work with them - they will do everything for you while you sit and relax;
  • Embark on a journey alone. When you mature a little over 50, you have every opportunity to poison yourself on a trip. You are free, financially independent and you have plenty of free time. This is the dream of all young people and it is in your hands. Where do you want to see the world? As a bonus, you can solve organizational issues and plan your leisure. You can independently organize your trip to anywhere in the world, you just want to. Think about how you expand your social circle! In each new country or city you can meet new people and drink coffee in different places. Most likely, you will meet the same lonely tourists like you. With them you can easily find a common language and find a topic for communication. Just do not forget to exchange contacts so as not to get lost;
  • Share your wishes with your family. Many at this age have adult children. Parents are often afraid to tell their children that they want to try and find love again. Sooner or later, you have to say in any case - you can not keep cats out of the bag. And the sooner you tell them, the better. Honesty is always the best option, no matter how hard it is. It is not necessary to inform them of each new date, but you can generally tell what is happening in your life;
  • Open yourself up to new possibilities. Perhaps you do not want to leave your shell, but without things like that it will be difficult to start something new. You are used to living by certain rules and it will be difficult for you to change something. But change is life, without them we won’t be better. Most likely you will have to compromise with the new person. The best option would be to make decisions with a clean mind. Think about what you’ve got. Most likely they will make your life better. Agree to some  changes, if you don’t like something, you can always return everything to its place;
  • Protect your health. When you meet a new person, sooner or later you will want to spend the night together. Do not be afraid to experiment and try something new, but do not forget to protect your health and the health of your partner. Unfortunately, nobody canceled an unwanted pregnancy and infectious diseases. Be careful, watchful and take care of your health;
  • Do not hurry. Let the relationship develop on its own. Treat this as a new adventure. Let yourself get used to the new person, and to him - to you. And try not to ride a dead horse. If something doesn’t work, try fixing it. You are sure to find the right person, just give yourself time.

Online dating

Making our lives more socially and physically active is certainly meaningful, but you cannot deny that potentiality of online dating is much higher, than that of real world dating, especially if you take advantage of dating sites and services on which men and women over 50 come together to find love and start dating as many people from the UK do these days.

Here is our list of sites to help like-minded people in their 50s start dating.

A great service for those seeking serious long-term relationships with a partner from the same or different age group. It features everything appealing to mature individuals over 50 including, but not limited, to intuitive interface and absolute security of personal data. To register all you need to do is fill in a simple form on the site or use your Google or Facebook account. The registration is free, but many extra features are paid. Other advantages of are:

  1. Multiple communication options: chat, video chat, internal messaging system;
  2. Chance to connect to men and women from 32 countries;
  3. Availability of mobile app
  4. Moderate charges.

But most important of all is that there are no shady figures nor funseekers, who give favor to free websites.

Best tips to start dating over 50

Tips for over 50 dating is largely the same as for other age groups, as for 15 and 30 years old. Still there are some points that should be pointed out.

  1. Resist the temptation to understate your age: once you develop the relationships, the lie will come out and you may find yourself single again.
  2. Do not be secretive with your friends. It is likely enough that they know someone single who would be glad to start a new relationship and share his life with you. Hiding your intensions from children is especially a big no-no. It is natural to want to love and be loved.
  3. Be mindful about photos and videos you post on dating websites. To a great extent they are the determining factor on how many reactions you will receive.
  4. If someone who is 15 years younger appears on the radar, do not immediately think that there is something faulty on his or her mind. There is no need to instantly push that person away, but try not to get close to quickly either.
  5. Do not wait for an ideal moment to start searching, the time is now.