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Muslim people tend to have very strict views and expectations from dating: most of them have a strong attachment to the traditions and culture of their countries, and they usually have conservative views on dating, marriage, and relationships between men and women. If you’re looking for a partner who’s mentally and culturally close to you to create a strong bond, then learn more about the main features of Muslim dating in advance.

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Modern world has given as many opportunities to meet a trustworthy partner to devotees of the Muslim religion as to any other person in the world. Muslim dating sites have gained a number of followers compared to those of the largest dating websites. But if you want to meet an individual who respects Islamic traditions and has a desire to lead a loving life together with their partner, you should choose a website to use carefully. We prepared some advice for Muslim online dating and hope it will help you bring the love life to order.

Value of traditions

a Muslim couple enjoying their time together

The main hardship Muslim singles meet while looking for a partner is like-mindedness in terms of customs. You might think that in the contemporary world religion no longer plays an important role and won’t influence daily life much. But that doesn’t have anything to do with those who are sharing Islamic beliefs. For them, religious laws are a part of inner peace and everyday routine.

...religious laws are a part of inner peace and everyday routine.

There is no way that you would agree to date a person who is not sharing or at least familiar with traditions you respect. That said, the most important trait for Muslim marriage and dating is finding a person who has got the same background and will be happy to incorporate the appliance of ideals into basic activities.

Difficulties of finding a Muslim partner

People think that those living in Arab countries don’t have any issues with finding the love of their life as understanding people are all around. That is not so at all, as Muslim singles meet the same problems as everybody else. There is a list of things followers of Islam want their partner to have:

  • respecting the family: both their own and the one of their possible spouse;
  • being ready to fulfil gender roles: a woman is a keeper of a house while a man provides her and their children with everything they need;
  • having similar hobbies and interests, which enables us to enjoy spending time together.

And this is what only forms the peak of an iceberg, as Muslim singles have their individual preferences when it comes to looking for a partner as well.

But apart from inhabitants of Islamic countries, there are thousands of Muslims living all over the world. Some environments are more religion-friendly, but in others looking for the best Muslim people for dating becomes a challenge. Everyone around seems to be disrespectful of those things that seem so ordinary for the followers of the Islamic religion: lots of these people’s views are pretty similar to dating customs and traditions in Turkey. So a simple desire of finding a partner of the same worldview turns into a long and exhausting process.

Muslim dating rules

a Muslim couple drinking tea together outdoors

Muslim religion and traditions are very different from the rest. Before starting to meet a Muslim, you should understand a few points.

Muslim women dating rules

  • Muslim women love the manifestation of feelings through actions, if you like it, show it to her. Words alone will not be enough. Look after her beautifully, show sympathy, be polite and courteous;
  • They love to flirt and humour. Feel free to flirt with her and tell funny stories. When you are left alone with her, she will feel a little freer and will not be shy about joking and flirting with you. She may not show obvious signs, but she will hint that she likes such things;
  • She may be more conservative and traditional than women in your country. Her religion clearly has gender roles and she will act like a woman. You will have to be a knight for her: open the doors, move the chair back and give a hand. This has its own romance;
  • A Muslim woman will do everything to make her man happy and satisfied. However, if you come across a very conservative lady, you will have a stormy intimate life only after the wedding. In their culture, these customs are still relevant and you must decide for yourself whether you are ready to wait so long. There is no way to put pressure on her; she and her decision will have to be respected.

Muslim women dating rules

  • They are no less traditional than Muslim women. Be prepared for being treated like a girl. However, he may not open the doors for you and drive himself. He does this not because he believes that you are fit for nothing, but because he respects you and wants to please you;
  • You must clearly understand what you want when you start dating a Muslim man. Despite his traditions and customs, he will listen to you and respect your opinions. Muslim men appreciate women who can make independent decisions. Do not be afraid to discuss any issues with him. During the conversation, you will learn to better understand each other;
  • He cannot be close to marriage if he is conservative. If his views are a little more modern, he will not limit himself. After a couple of dates, you can talk frankly on this topic to make sure that you both want the same thing;
  • Muslims are generally not so slow. He will wait 5 years to make you an offer. Most likely, this will happen much earlier. Talk about your relationship and if everything suits you, tell him that you are ready for the next step. Or ask him where are your relationship going, most likely he will tell you everything.

Why choose Muslim dating websites

a happy Muslim couple posing together

Advantages of online dating also include accessibility and ease of use.

Muslim online dating is a solution to all the problems mentioned above. It allows you to meet like-minded people regardless of where you are. Thousands of people join Muslim dating websites wishing to find love and they succeed.

Advantages of online dating also include accessibility and ease to use. The only thing one needs to join a dating platform is a phone with an internet connection. It is especially convenient for those Muslim singles who lead an active lifestyle, travel a lot, get an education and build a career. They don’t have to get distracted from the life they are used to for possible partners who might not even suit their tastes and therefore just become a waste of time. as a Muslim dating site

The aim of is to bring together as many people as possible, regardless of their nationality, beliefs, location or appearance. This platform believes that everyone is worthy of being loved and there is a right person who is only necessary to be found. So specialists here created the environment which is aimed at achieving the highest results in finding a compatible match.

Hundreds of people join the website every day with the prospect of eventually falling in love.

The community at is friendly and welcoming. Hundreds of people join the website every day with the prospect of eventually falling in love. They are of all sorts and kinds, so there is no need to worry about meeting your destiny: the one is definitely out there.

Another advantage is that all personal data is safely protected. There is no need to share any details that will lead to you in real life before you make sure the interlocutor is worth your trust. A convenient chatting system that is suggested by the website itself doesn’t require an email address or a phone number. Neither is your home address or bank card number asked to be mentioned.

How to use

Using is more simple than ever. There are a few easy steps you need to follow before you are meet your destiny:

  1. Registration. The process is fast and doesn’t demand any effort at all;
  2. Filling in the information. You want your future partners to see your personality clearly, so be sure to share enough to represent you. While completing your profile, be sure to mention your location, education level, hobbies and interests and the ideal description of a possible significant other. This will help to sort out those who do not match your preferences immediately;
  3. Choosing a profile picture. What is also important while presenting yourself at Muslim websites is showing an image of a real you. Apart from inner world, which is obviously important for compatibility, people judge by appearance as well, so it would be good to include a couple of photos;
  4. Starting a search. You don’t have to wait until somebody discovers your profile - it might take so long you lose your temper. Use a possibility to search for partners yourself. While choosing settings for the search include every detail that is important for you. The searching system created by will take into account your preferences in appearance, education, hobbies and anything else you find vital.
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