Best advice on dating Swedish men

Snowy lands and hot men - Sweden is a country which can do both. This piece of earth is well known for a lot of things such as one of the highest levels of life, famous fairy tale writers and people with awesome norse appearance. Even though in winter the country may seem unwelcoming, during the rest of the year it is a beautiful place with historical spots, untouched nature and, of course, nice people.
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Swedish men are not only attractively looking, but also clever and educated. These traits can’t leave women unconcerned. Even though Scandinavians are known as trustworthy family-oriented partners, at first you may come with certain difficulties while dating them at first. It’s not something you can call a national trait, like when you speak about Italians or Spanish people, but most Swedes have a similar behaviour on the dating scene.

If you happen to date a Swedish man we strongly recommend looking into our advice which will help you build a good relationship with a person from this cold Scandinavian country.

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Swedes are not good at dating

The main Swedish problem that every woman faces is that men from this country are not familiar with dating traditions every other country uses.

  • If you expect standard steps that every relationship goes through, forget about it;
  • Swedes don’t ask out for dates;
  • Being in relationship with a Swede, don’t expect meeting with the concept of honeymoon phase - dressing up, going to restaurants and giving bouquets is something Swedish guys never do to express their courtesy.

If you end up on a date with a Scandinavian man, be ready to deal with him being boring and dry. It’s not that he doesn’t like you, it is just that Swedish people are quite reserved by nature and don’t hurry to open up to new people. Take your time and get to know him better and you will find out a great personality well hidden behind the armour of being distant. He will for sure become a more interesting and pleasant person.

They treat women equally

If in the rest of the world you may come across men who think you should belong to them and be a model wife, Sweden is a country which completely turned over this idea. Here men treat females like equals in all respects. Equal rights are not only shown through the actions of a man, even the laws of the country are created to ensure it.

In a relationship you can see it in several aspects.

  1. First of all comes something that many women are truly not used to: splitting bills. It is not the sign of a man being greedy, but a way of showing respect. Swedish women do not mind it and are happy about contributing to this tradition.
  2. Other than this fact, that some ladies might find unpleasant, there is an obvious advantage. Being in a relationship with a Swedish guy you don’t have to worry that you will get “locked up”. Swedish people value independency, so you will never get asked to leave your work in order to be a housewife or never talk to your male friends again.
  3. Swedish men think that it should be a woman’s decision about how to lead a life so they never decide for their significant others.
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Swedish men have serious intentions

You can hardly find single Swedish men who are looking for a short intriguing affair. What they want is long and stable relationships that both partners commit to. Though they form families quite late in life - it’s not a habit among Swedish people to marry early in their twenties - they treat dating seriously as well and want it to be long-term.

That leads to another drawback most Swedish guys possess - they never hurry. You should go a long way and probably be friends for a while before you end up dating. While already in a relationship it is not common to be fast either: they think a lot about each move they make so that no mistakes are made and no one's feelings get hurt.

Be patient with a Swedish guy and don’t push him too much even if you are already tired of waiting for the next step.

On the other hand, being slow and thinking everything over makes Swedish men great partners in a family. They care a lot about their wives and children, they eagerly share the household duties so you don’t have to worry about being left alone with all the domestic work. As for raising children, Swedish guys become perfect fathers, who like to spend time with their descendants.

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Swedish guys expect honesty

If you want to meet a Swedish man, be ready to speak openly about everything that concerns your relationship. Swedes can’t stand people who lie, so it’s better for you not to pretend to be anybody else.

Be yourself and speak from your heart. If a Swedish man you fell for doesn’t like your personality, there would be others who would find you perfect.

Being honest and natural comes to appearance as well. What Swedes value the most is natural beauty, as they think cosmetics are just the way to hide who you truly are. They don’t expect women to be attractive by means of make-up or plastic surgery, they simply love you for who you are.

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