Best advice on dating over 30

When you’re over 30, you still have lots of opportunities in front of you but also have experiences, wisdom, and lots of knowledge on how to make things right. Dating over 30 is often a mature and stable type of dating that can become the beginning of a long-term relationship because it's time for most people to settle down. If you’re looking for a partner in your 30s, then try online dating and meet a perfectly suitable person for you!

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Age is just a number as people often say. But when you are no longer in your twenties the way you are perceived by people changes. Now that you are actually into adulthood you are conscious about your decisions as well as understand the importance of being responsible in a relationship. You have also already committed to a daily routine of going to work. As well as that background of previous affairs adds a ton of weight to your life experience.

Taking this into consideration, there is no need to say that the attitude to dating is also a lot different among people in their 30s than it is a generation younger. Another issue that people over 30 meet with is that there are not so many single people left. By that age, everyone seems to have already built a family and drowned in domestic business.

Whatever is your reason for looking for a date at that time, be familiar with the new rules that didn't use to be in the game to play by a decade ago. We are happy to help you understand how to get into dating being over 30.

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Think broader

If you are single in your 30s looking for a partner, it is not uncommon to continue seeking a romantic affair on the same field you used to play when being younger. The trick here is that most people of the same age turn out to be already taken and even married with children. Coming across this fact you may think there is no way of finding not just a single person but the one who will be your perfect match.

If such a problem arises, the first thing you need to do is broaden your horizons. Sure, your group of friends may seem perfect but if all of them are taken you need to look to the other side.

Don’t be afraid of attending social events. You can find those that are connected with your interests. That will give a chance to spend time in a fun way as well as get acquainted with new people.

What also sets limitations is the desire to find a person of the same age. A concept about having significant other whose age is not a lot different from yours comes from the stereotype from a younger age. You get used to thinking that having more than several years gap between you and the other person is the reason for never having anything in common. In reality, the older you become, the less intimidating age difference is, so why not broaden your options.

Be precise about your desires

Don’t think that you need to limit yourself and take whoever comes up. Whether you have already been married or haven’t had a chance to, turning 30 you generally start to feel the pressure of society to hurry up. That leads to men and women giving up the desire of finding a perfect partner and sticking to those who are available. It is definitely not the recipe for a healthy relationship. Here is what you need:

  • Decide for yourself on what you want in a partner;
  • Don’t be afraid of having high standards: you will never be happy with a person who doesn’t suit your expectations;
  • Remember your previous experience as well: it will give the understanding of what qualities your partner needs for sure, and which ones you will not stand at all.

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Don’t think of the past

You might have had hard times dating people before. Often bad experiences make people build a guard against the negativity and close from the world. It is the opposite of what you need if you still want to get into a relationship.

If you don’t open up no one will ever get attracted to you as there will be no way to get to know you.

Another problematic thing about constantly thinking about the past is in talking about it. If there was no chance of sharing your negative emotions about the last relationship, it might be tempting to talk about it all the time especially if you meet a new person. Your date doesn’t expect to listen to a lot of information about your ex. You have an opportunity to find more about each other and that does not necessarily include your past romantic failures.

Have fun

Dating as a 30-year-old you naturally start thinking about the final goal of the affair. Everybody around is already married so from the very first date you are dreaming about walking down the aisle in a beautiful white dress. And the person in front of you might not even be the one.

Remember yourself in your 20s. When there was no need to hurry, you treated dating as a chance to go on adventure, meet new people and have fun. Why not bring this attitude to the adult world. Whether you’re about 20 or want to start dating over 40 - whatever your age is, find joy in dating.

Spend time together, go to events and concerts, parties, travel - don’t reject doing all these things just because you are older now.

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Use modern tools

If it’s hard for you to find a person you like in your normal environment give a try to the modern tools. Nowadays dating online has taken over the world. Here people of any age, interests and background gather with the common desire to find a perfect match. Here are the best dating sites for people over 30. will give you the opportunity to find the love of your life. Here is how it happens:

  • With more than 20 years of experience, this website has a history of millions successful couples;
  • aims to artfully bring together people who can feel special together;
  • The unique approach allows anybody to find a partner here, no matter what demands you have for your future date;
  • As for people over 30, many come here and use the opportunities to find a partner in their area. You can set filters to find a person who will perfectly suit your taste. And if you are always on the go, try using the mobile app.
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