Main issues of dating in your 30s

As for many individuals dating and love affairs are left behind in their 20s, people don’t often think about how dating later in life can differ from what it used to be. The problems in relationships people in their 30s face are also not the same as before. Let’s discover what hardships adults come across on the dating scene.

  1. Everybody is taken. Especially since there is a tendency to get married in the late 20s, by the time you turn 30, everybody around already has a partner. And while several years ago you had the variety to pick from, now there are only several men and women left, and probably you are not interested in them.
  2. Breaking the deal. The longer you search for the one, the more you understand that feelings don’t matter if you don’t look on the world eye to eye. Deal breakers become a thing when you realise nothing could be worse than wasting time on somebody whose values don’t line up with yours.
  3. The pressure is tough. Even the people who only have good intentions can put a lot of pressure on singles in their 30s. Innocent questions like about possible partners and plans for the future become disturbing if they are asked multiple times. And those who are waiting to play with your children are just awful! Single people already know they need love and constant reminders only become rude.
  4. Things are fast. Teenagers and young adults are seeking the game in love. It is just another way to get out of boredom and if it happens to be the love of their life - it’s OK, but if not - no big deal. Though the older you become, the more you want to simply settle. So both men and women over 30 are looking for a partner who will be ready to commit to the common case.
  5. Is it appropriate? This is the question which constantly rises in the head of those who stepped over the border of 30s. It seems that all that fun which was allowed for younger people is now taken away. So the problem of spending the time with your significant other never goes away.
  6. You are too busy. The thing is by the age of 30 you probably have already got a career and a household to care about - and being single doesn’t mean not having responsibilities. What it leads to is the problem of even finding time in the schedule to fill with romantic interactions. You are already used to the way you spend your time, but you never know if another person would be worth it.

Simple solutions

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Before you decide that dealing with all of this means it is easier to be left alone, we want to tell you: there are many solutions. Let’s see what you can do:

  1. Figure out your needs. Why do you want a partner in the first place? If it is mutual love and attention, then proceed. But if you come to the conclusion it is only social pressure that you want to abide by, think twice before going too far;
  2. Don’t grasp every straw. Having less options in your usual circle of communication is fine and it doesn’t mean you should stick to whatever is left. It is a signal to broaden the horizons and see what other places have to offer;
  3. Get out more often. Remember yourself 10 or 15 years ago. Was there something that could keep you inside for a long time? Probably only when you were ill or grounded. So don’t lose any chance of going out and meeting new people. Who knows, maybe the love of your life is waiting for you on one of the events;
  4. Go online. The thing to learn from younger generations is definitely about looking for acquaintances online. We are living in time when technology surrounds each and every sphere of existence, and losing opportunities because you don’t want to use gadgets is just crazy!

Online dating for people over 30

If you still have doubts about looking for compatible singles online, just think about all the advantages such kind of dating has. It actually has the potential to solve all the issues mentioned above:

  • You only meet single people on online dating websites. Instead of your usual group of friends where everybody has already got a spouse, online dating sites for people over 30 suggest to get to know those who are single as well and eager to get into relationships;
  • There is no need to challenge yourself by going to places you don’t like. First, you find a compatible partner online, then you have enough time to communicate eye to eye and only then, if the connection sparks, you decide to go on a date anywhere you like;
  • No rush. Often when adults get acquainted in real life they hurry too much and end up disappointed by each other when it is too late to change anything. Dating people over 30 online there is no way you will move too fast - the importance of knowing each other well before moving on seems clear enough;
  • It is easy and accessible. Even the busiest person can find several minutes to respond to a message from a significant other. So for those over 30 dating sites are a true salvation as they are able to connect to loving souls through biggest times and distances.

Dating over 30 with

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Our platform aim was to create a space which will unite lonely souls regardless of age, gender, nationality or any other traits that can become an issue. Here we thought of every function that can make it easier for people to find each other. That is how our searching system was created. It accounts every detail our client concerns as important: age, hobbies, education or appearance. Therefore everybody can customize the search of an ideal partner and get only the most compatible matches.

Here we thought of every function that can make it easier for people to find each other. That is how our searching system was created.

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