Dating Persian women

It is hard to imagine that dating is not as free in some countries, as we are used to. Some cultures still have a very conservative approach to relationships. Iran is one of these countries, although it used to be very progressive in the middle of the XX century. Nowadays, dating is allowed in Iran, but not casually. You should have serious intentions, if you are looking for a partner there. So, if you are a man, who wants to win the heart of a beautiful Persian woman, you should know all the possible pitfalls in the dating culture of her country. We can solve this problem for you and tell you everything you need to know about dating Persian women.

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What to know about Persian women

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Here is what you should expect while dating a Persian woman:

  • She will not be easy at all. Forget everything you were used to, when you were dating Western girls - with Persian ladies it will be a lot slower and harder because most of their dating rules are similar to dating customs and traditions in Turkey or another Muslim country. You won’t get to kiss her any soon, neither will you be able to get into physical contact. But if you really have serious intentions, this won’t be the issue for you;
  • She most probably supports gender roles. This will be reflected both in the ways she dates you and in the ways she wants to build the family. You’ll have to go out with her and be a classical gentleman: organize a romantic date, pay for it, meet her at the door and drive her home, bring flowers. And when you get married, she will be the perfect wife and definitely invest much more time and effort into her family than her career;
  • She is emotional. You might think that because of the culture Persian women grow up in, they are modest and shy, and never argue with men. That is extremely wrong. Even though Persian women are modest in terms of appearance (but still with great sense of style), they are very expressive and never hesitate to speak up. If something goes wrong between you two, your girlfriend will tell you about it immediately;
  • She is possessive. If you are totally loyal to your girlfriend, this will not be the problem. But if you are a ladies’ man, dating a Persian woman won’t be as enjoyable for you. These women are pretty jealous, even the slightest notion of a potential cheating can drive them crazy. And if you think, she will keep these thoughts to herself - read the previous section one more time.

If you want to date a Persian woman, but don’t know where to start, learn more about iranian culture in general. It will be helpful in understanding your girlfriend, because the environment she grew up in might give you a lot of clues to her behaviour. Be respectful - she shouldn’t change the way she is, just because she got into relationships.

Romantic gestures are always welcome and very much appreciated by Persian women.

At the same time, learn to court a woman. Romantic gestures are always welcome and very much appreciated by Persian women. And don’t stop after you propose - if you keep treating your wife in the best way possible, she’ll respond to you with great treatment as well.

Be open-minded - if you are ready to learn new things and discover peculiar features of a new culture, you’ll always succeed in dating Persian girl.

Online dating

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In terms of dating Persian women online, you might face some difficulties. Using the Internet is not so easy in Iran, but people still manage to interact with each other online.

Persian women want to feel completely safe when dating online, which is why there are not many platforms they choose for this purpose. Luckily, is one of the services, where you can meet Persian women. Because of its reputation, people often choose, since it feels especially safe and secure.

Using the Internet is not so easy in Iran, but people still manage to interact with each other online.

But if you want to know more about other features, here is what we can suggest:

  • A huge database of users from all over the world;
  • A convenient searching system with multiple filters and parameters;
  • User-friendly interface, which takes no time to adjust to it at all;
  • A mobile application, which allows to keep in touch even on the go.

And decades of matchmaking experience have proven that found the right approach to online dating. Thousands of happy couples, who met here, can serve as examples of online relationships being as serious as the real ones. Join and we’ll help you meet a Persian woman of your dream! Love and happy relationships start here, at!

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