4 most important things about dating in India

India is a highly populated country with millions of attractive men and women who are open to new relationships. Whether you’re a single tourist who’s in love with the culture of this country and open to new potential relationships or a person who wants to move there, you can find a great Indian partner for you. Though some cultural differences can create some issues, it can become an amazing experience for you - so let’s learn more about Indian dating culture and habits.
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Mysterious eastern country with bright traditions or a total disaster to look for love in? What is dating in India actually like? Men expect Indian women to be loyal, understanding and good housekeepers. Women think that Indian men are hard-working and generous. Are these stereotypes or is it really like that?

So let’s talk about dating in India: what it has to offer, what are the most important things to know about it and how to be successful at dating Indian singles.

Say no to dating around

a beautiful Indian couple enjoying their date

While the rest of the world indulges in dating, in India, it is not that much appreciated. You either have serious intentions or are severely judged. Even modern Indians put high pressure on women to have their husbands as to the first sexual partner. So if you think that you will have multiple chances of dating Indians, lower your expectations.

For a man it is preferable to approach the topic of creating a family right at the moment when he asks a girl out. He should be planning to spend his whole life together with a chosen partner, so a decision to start dating is never too fast or hastily conceived.

Men are also raised with belief that they should clarify their intentions from the very beginning.

Men are also raised with the belief that they should clarify their intentions from the very beginning. But it doesn’t mean they make decisions too fast. If they decide to ask a woman out on a date, that means they have already thought through all the possible consequences and are ready to take the responsibility of creating a family.

Tradition vs modernity: who wins

Over thousands of years of existence in India, locals have created multiple traditions which made their culture absolutely unique. And they keep following them no matter how modern the lifestyle they choose. Respect for traditions definitely has an impact on dating life.

It doesn’t matter if you are a foreigner dating a person from India, or both partners in the couple are from this country. In both cases, there is room for misunderstanding. In case both partners are Indian, the problem might be in the exact place of their origin. As there are multiple regions in India there is no wonder each of them has its own traditional traits. So if you are not sure you grew up in identical cultures it is better to discuss it with your partner and find out whether you have the same view of important things.

As there are multiple regions in India there is no wonder each of them has its own traditional traits.

In case you are a foreigner dating an Indian, exchanging your traditions is a good idea. First, try to learn as much as you can about what your partner is used to. Be ready to join family meetings and indulge in traditional Indian food. Sometimes you can meet judgement from the side of your significant other’s relatives, as many people in India expect their children to marry locals. But just keep being nice, showing respect and introducing them to your own culture, and sooner or later it will break the ice.

Play your part

There are no way relationships will work out if the worldview of partners is completely different.

As the value of tradition is so important in India, they also have an image of an ideal man and ideal woman. It might feel kind of stereotypical, but as these ideals were put in the minds of people long ago, it is better to discuss them. There are no way relationships will work out if the worldview of partners is completely different.

Many people in India expect a man to be a decision-maker, while for women the destiny was long made by an arranged marriage. And even though women now have more power than ever, they are still traditionally thought to be housewives rather than breadwinners. Household chores are not equally separated. But in case you are not satisfied with the suggested scenario, there is always a place for discussion and compromise.

Online dating in India

a beautiful modern indian couple is using their smartphones while posing

The reason why Indians joined online dating is pretty different from the rest of the world: there are some special features of Telugu dating, dating Marathi people and Indians who belong to other cultures. It is not about having the ability to have a fun time with various people, but about finding a partner who is worth spending the whole life with. Here are some advantages online dating sites bring to Indians:

  • Plenty of choice. It is especially important for Indians who move to new regions or countries and are struggling with finding a partner who would truly understand their background. Indian dating sites give an opportunity to meet Indian singles with similar views wherever you are. And the choice of options is definitely broader than in real life;
  • It is convenient. For those who live a busy modern lifestyle, there is no better way of keeping in contact with a significant other than online dating. Sending a message is fast and simple and doesn’t take too much time.
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