6 differences between a girl and a woman

Girls and women often have very uneven differences in their behaviour, mentality, and attitude towards men and dating. At the same time, every guy who has ever experienced immature dating knows that these differences mean a lot because they often influence your relationships to stay strong or break apart. If you’re not sure whether your partner is a woman with established views and character or a young girl who doesn’t know much about life and relationships yet, then read this article to find out more.
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You might think that women are all the same when it comes to dating. There are enough stereotypes about females in relationships and many men come to the conclusion that everyone they meet will behave like that. So they start mentally preparing themselves for meeting hysterical self-centred individuals who will only want to jump straight into the wedding dress.

While this concept can be true for some females, as many types of women as there are women themselves.

Every person is unique, so is the way they behave.

The certain thing you can use to judge your partner is whether she is a serious and grown-up one or still acting childish. This is what makes a difference between a lady and a real woman and the reason is not solely age.

It may come to mind that the only thing that differentiates these two types is the extent of being serious that they treat your relationship with. But actually, it is a lot more than that. Being a woman rather than a girl implies a lot of traits and certain behaviour patterns. So here are the peculiarities you should remember while dating a girl and dating a woman.

Attitude towards appearance

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The first difference you can notice while searching for parallels between girls and women is the way they value appearance.

  1. Girls only feel validated if they are praised for being beautiful;
  2. For them having a decent look is all that matters while attracting a future partner;
  3. They would spend hours in front of a mirror before going out, have a hard time deciding which dress suits them more and waste tons of money on beauty procedures regardless of age and actual necessity.

On the other hand, women understand that appearance is not the only thing that matters.

  1. While they see the reason to look well, matching the inner self to the outer look is vital for them;
  2. Women live with a thought that their looks don’t define them and the most important thing to look for in the relationship is a personality that fits their expectations of further life;
  3. A woman knows she is worthy of attention no matter if she is dressed for the party or stays at home in her pyjamas.

Choosing a partner

Dating a girl you can never be sure if she decides to stay with you for a long time. Girls want attention and they are not pleased by the obligation to concentrate on a single person. The more males pay attention to her, the more a girl feels needed and valued. She also doesn’t often have a defined type of person she wants to be with.

When it comes to women, they are usually oriented on serious and long-term commitments. They also have a stable image of a partner they need by their side.

If you are somehow different from a woman’s ideal, don’t expect to gain her favour. She knows well enough she is only worthy of the best person.

Treating a partner

Since there are no stable ideals that girls stay true to they often want to change their significant other. But at the same time, they don’t have a certain pattern they want their partner to follow, so it can all end up in endless reproaches and dissatisfaction. While getting rid of bad habits and trying to become better in order to save relationships is normal, changing your character because of the non-existent desires is a wrong path.

The difference between girls and women is that the latter will love you unconditionally.

As they know exactly what they want they are oriented toward finding the right man and loving him the way he is. Again, it doesn’t matter that with a woman you will get away with anything. You still have to earn trust and respect. But once you have done it, there is no need to worry about somebody impinging your right to be yourself.

Thinking about partner’s interests

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Girls don’t want to compromise:

  • It is only their opinion which is correct and everything should arrange with it;
  • To some extent a girl still feels like a princess and dreams about having people obedient to her;
  • She won’t agree to step back on any terms and would choose to break up rather than finding the solution to the problem which will be suitable for both sides;
  • Especially if in childhood she didn’t get enough attention from parents chances are she will try to compensate it with the partner.

When girls grow into women, they start to understand the importance of finding a middle ground. There is no “totally right” or “totally wrong” for a woman, and such a person can set aside her demands in order to save relationships. For women compromise is necessary, and it doesn’t only concern the love sphere but any communication between people.

Spending time together

What a girl wants from you is your whole attention and devotion to her. She needs to spend all her time with you and is jealous of any friends you choose over her for the evening. Partner’s interests don’t matter as well. By all of that, a girl takes over her significant other’s life and uses relationships as a way to fill the free time.

If you start dating a girl, be ready to entertain her and give up your own interests as it is not what she is planning on allowing you to do.

If you want respectful treatment, you should for sure look for a woman. There is no need to wholly unite her life with somebody else if she is a grown-up and well-established person. Women have their own hobbies as well and they appreciate spending time apart as they see how much it matters in healthy relations. Dating a woman, learn to enjoy yourself. As much as she doesn’t want you to put all of your time on the altar of your love, she expects you to give her as much freedom as she wants.


The younger a girl is the more often she gossips. Young ladies tend to be disrespectful of others and don’t value true friendship. For them, talking behind someone’s back is totally normal. At the same time, you can never fully trust a girl. Even though she will be trying to control your life, she never allows you to become closer to her. She has her own secrets she doesn’t want to share and might accidentally tell lies in order to look better.

Women tend to support other women more.

  • They no longer see a rival in another female, but a sister and a soulmate;
  • Rather than embellishing their actual self, they would tell you the whole truth and expect you to do the same;
  • Women don’t want to terrorize you with control. They respect privacy and understand the importance of some personal space.

Women are much more mature

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It is important to remember about a psychological gap between a girl and a mature lady. A girl spends almost all of her time in search of interests, hobbies, and activities. She tries a lot of new things and doesn’t tie herself to something particular. She only starts to enter the social world, form communication skills, and build some principles by which she wants to live. A lot of girls are waiting for their Prince Charming, they depend on the opinions of friends and relatives; it is very important for them to get all possible attention and they still need to be praised. Sometimes social standards can play a very tricky role because they're quite unreachable and yet girls do everything they can to jump to such a high point. Women have this problem more rarely. They already had some time to deal with the fact that ideals are beautiful and yet unreachable which means there is no need to put the effort in. At the same time, girls have fewer troubles with learning things and absorbing information from around them.

On the other hand a woman knows how to use her own resources, reasonably distributes time and responsibilities, as well as deals with priorities perfectly. She values ​​independence, stability and prosperity. A mature lady knows her strengths and weaknesses, knows how to present herself as well as is sure about what she wants from this life. Some young girls never become women. Yes, they can be called women because of age or marital status, but none of that means maturity. And this is the only criterion that defines a woman.

Usually a girl in a relationship is scared and frustrated to think about the future, avoiding conversations about it in all possible ways. On the other hand, women talk about the future just enough to create a working plan.

The first indicator that you are in a relationship with a woman is her ability to take responsibility for herself and her life. A woman understands what responsibility is. For her, it’s not an abstract concept, but definite deeds and actions, the way to assume responsibility for her actions and get profit from it. A woman can face reality and be brave enough not to run away from it. She knows how to survive some sort of experience that is tough to handle.

The great problem with girls is their lack of practical daily knowledge. They can have a lot of desire to handle problems and solve issues, but they just don't know how to do it. It's not bad because it only comes with experience. Relationships for them are more like a party, than like work.

The maturity of women in a relationship is the understanding that everything cannot always be perfect, that love and pain are two sides of the same coin, that when you open your heart, you always take risks. However, they also know that living with a closed heart is not living at all and rather just existence.

Maturity gives a woman the courage to go into a relationship and handle all the issues, to be honest, and sincere. It gives them the willingness and ability to build relationships with partners on an equal footing.

On the other hand, sometimes lack of experience is good because women could have seen too much pain if they were betrayed or tricked in some way. They can start thinking that all men are the same, all of them are here just to hurt or use her. Girls rarely have a lot of negative experiences, so they will be more open and cooperative. They will trust you much more, and because they’re only learning how to deal with relationships, it will be easier to find compromises. Girls are a bit more flexible than women. Sometimes it can be quite tough for mature ladies to get used to another person. A woman knows exactly what she wants, and sometimes her desires and principles can become a problem.

The foundation of any relationship is treating your partner as equal. If you have a huge gap in experience and age, it's difficult to handle problems, but it doesn't mean that all the issues are unsolvable by definition. It would need a bit more time to communicate and cooperate if the balance in relationships is lost. In the end, we all have a lot of ways to express our opinion and thoughts, so the only necessary thing is the ability to listen to each other.

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