Best unique date ideas to try out

While some people don’t pay too much attention to the uniqueness of their dates, other people try their best to make every date special. If you want to create an unforgettable day for your partner, then use your imagination and make sure the time you spend together isn’t wasted. Catch up on some classic ideas on how to make a unique and amazing date for someone you like a lot.

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Seeing your significant other is a pleasure by itself. Being together in a pleasant environment feels like enough. But if you continue doing the same things over and over again at some point you might feel stuck and bored and there is nothing wrong with it. The relationships just need to be spiced up a little bit every now and then in order to keep going.

But the thing is, nobody really knows what to do apart from sitting in a coffee shop or taking long walks through the park. Though it feels romantic, it doesn’t give any variety. Thinking about other variants, you have to really make an effort if you want to come up with something unique. The criteria also include the date idea being affordable - spending too much money on a regular basis, even on somebody you truly love, can harm your budget a lot.

Don’t worry: we too know how hard it is not to get stuck in a rut. So we decided to gather the greatest date ideas that will get you out of boredom.

a couple going for a walk in the forest

Fun date ideas

Don’t know how to diversify your love life? We found some date ideas that will be suitable for people regardless of age and interests

1. Begin the day together

It is so common to meet with a partner for lunch and dinner, but nobody considers the option of having breakfast together. It doesn’t have to be early and there is no need to hurry. Do it at the weekend, when there is nothing making you rush. Let it be somebody’s house, choose a unique breakfast meal to cook and make a little Sunday feast together.

For those of you who don’t enjoy cooking too much, the cafe breakfast menu is exactly what you need. It also saves you from cleaning the kitchen further on. In that case, let your day begin with a delicious cheesecake and a cup of nice hot chocolate. Or you can enjoy simple meals like muesli or avocado toast prepared by somebody who knows how to satisfy the customer’s tastes. Either way, it is generally a great start to the day spent with your love.

2. Go see some art

Even if you think neither of you is really into it, maybe you just haven’t found the right kind of art to enjoy. Visit your local gallery to see the paintings you’ve heard a lot about. In reality, they might cause more emotion than while looking at them through the computer screen. Prepare by looking into the history of the creation of certain pieces to have a topic for discussion as you go.

An interesting idea would be to visit a contemporary art gallery. Don’t judge it before you see it yourself. Dig into the symbolism of contemporary art or make your own suggestions. Moreover, contemporary art is not only about multiple colours on canvas. Sculptures, installations, photography - that also is the kind of art to look into and a date is a perfect excuse to start with.

3. Have a dinner on a roof

As an addition, awesome sunsets and stars above perfectly complement the atmosphere.

If you know an open roof, going there in the evening is one of the most romantic things you can do. The taller the building, the better observation of the city you will have. As an addition, awesome sunsets and stars above perfectly complement the atmosphere.

Imagine you are going on a picnic, but not to a park. Having a picnic on a roof is probably something neither of you has ever experienced before, so why not try it. Cook some simple food, take some fruit and wine with you and you will have an absolutely great time enjoying yourself, the sky above and the city around. Just be careful!

4. Try new cuisine

a couple dining together

With new restaurants opening all over each city you can broaden your eating horizons by discovering some specific cuisines. Dating American women doesn’t mean that you should only eat American food: you are probably already familiar with Italian and Japanese cuisine, but look into it more and maybe you can find the dishes that are not simply pasta and sushi.

But apart from that a great idea is to visit some places which serve cuisines of unusual countries. Go on and give a try to Vietnamese pho, Persian rice with dried fruits and nuts, and Argentine empanadas. There are places that represent truly exotic countries like Trinidad and Tobago - check it out and you may fall in love with an entirely new culture.

5. Recreate your favourite date

You definitely had some dates that were your favourite. If you want to have a resembling experience, there is no need to spend hours trying to come up with something new to do. You can simply recreate the event that you most remember.

It can be your first date - in that case, visit the place you spent it in again. At the same time, your favourite date could be the most original one - so there is an opportunity to go through your best experience once again. Just don’t overdo it. Repeating the same thing too often will eventually make it less special.

Best date ideas in big cities

In some cities there are great date opportunities specified by places there. Here we share some of them.

Best date ideas in New York

1. Heaven in the middle of the city

If you have never been to the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, definitely choose it as your next destination. Regardless of the time of the year, it is a beautiful place to take a stroll in, but also it is fascinating and informative.

It is also a perfect place to visit around cold autumn and winter months. While in the city it is all gloomy and unpleasant, you just have to come to a Tropical or Warm Temperate Pavillion. Just a step and you appear in a summer oasis that you just need.

2. Go to a comedy show

Comedy shows are a kind of New York calling card. It is hard to find a person indifferent to a portion of some good sense of humour. Maybe it is not the best choice for a first date, but if you’ve been dating for quite a while now and now the tastes of each other for sure, don’t hesitate to buy a ticket to a show and watch some good old comedians.

3. Watch some movies

When the summer heat makes you caught in a room with a conditioner for the whole day, going out at night is a great idea to still get out sometimes.

But not the simple way! Cinemas are sure great, but consider visiting Movie nights at Brooklyn Bridge Park. When the summer heat makes you caught in a room with a conditioner for the whole day, going out at night is a great idea to still get out sometimes. Classics of cinematography and Manhattan skyline - what could be better?

4. Enjoy ice skating

In winter Central Park is a perfect place to go skating. Ice rinks as if just went from a screen in a movie theatre - how many characters had dates here? Christmas time and a little snowfall will enhance the romantic atmosphere and you will spend some unforgettable time gliding around with your lover.

Best date ideas in Houston

1. Play some games

Remember the times you used to spend playing arcade games with your classmates? Why not revive this experience by doing it with your partner. Downtown Houston there are multiple clubs that suggest their visitors try out playing on vintage arcade machines. Just choose whatever game you like and spend some awesome hours entertaining yourself.

2. Practice axe throwing

For those who are fans of historically popular entertainment, throwing axes will be a fun way to spend time. Before the actual session you get a chance to have a little training with a tutor, but after that just enjoy some fun games with axes and maybe agree on a little competition. Whoever is less successful owes the other person a wish!

3. Explore street art

a couple enjoying an evening date on a rooftop


Prepare by making a plan in advance and do a research on the internet - it might help to save time.

There are some fantastic pieces of street art and graffiti in Houston. Choose a day to walk around the city and see the most interesting images. Make your goal to discover five or seven pictures you haven’t seen before. Prepare by making a plan in advance and doing research on the internet - it might help to save time. And don’t forget to take a memorable picture nearby. You can even make an album of these photos later on.

4. Get a tour over the bars

There is no need to go to every bar you see. Discover what are the oldest or the most peculiar bars downtown and give a try to the most popular of their dishes and beverages. Some places are even said to be haunted, so if you are not scared of curses or are simply curious about paranormal activities, give it a go.

Best date ideas in Washington DC

1. Go on a picnic

But choose an unusual place for it. Gravelly point park will do in that case. As it is located pretty close to Reagan National Airport you get the unique experience of watching planes landing and getting off. On a sunny day it will be a perfect place to come to for a romantic picnic and plenty of space allows you to choose an intimate corner for just you and your significant other.

2. Dive in history

One of the best places to visit for a historical background is Tudor place. You can join a tour which will tell fascinating stories about the people who used to live here. Apart from learning new facts about history, here you can enjoy a beautiful scenery of polished gardens and also fascinate yourself with a view of perfectly furnished rooms and have a glimpse of a life people used to live decades ago.

3. Dig in art

It is yet another chance to learn some history.

Washington DC is also a perfect place to get yourself acquainted with traditional American art. Multiple galleries and museums around the city are happy to present you with their best pieces of visual art. It is yet another chance to learn some history. For example, you can visit a National Portrait gallery and discover some personalities you might have never heard about before.

4. Treat yourself to some drama

What Washington is also famous for are its theatres. Discover the drama stage and choose the plays you haven’t seen yet - they are all worth attention. Apart from classical performances the stage here is also represented by experimental theatres and contemporary places, so the choice only stands up to your taste.

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