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Japan is a country which has a huge influence on the world: from its high tech to modern media and entertainment, Japan has its sign of quality and fame. The country is full of unique vibrant atmosphere and culture: everything from its neat and beautiful nature to its architecture, the urban structure of cities and various places of interest attract millions of tourists from different countries of the world. Whether you’re a huge fan of Japanese history and culture or a modern fan of anime, manga, doramas and J-rock, your trip to Japan can bring you lots of unforgettable impressions and memories you’ll definitely remember for a long time. It’s a country which is so different from what Western people are used to yet so attractive that there’s no surprise that lots of people all over the world would like to travel or even move there.

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One of the most obvious reasons to move to Japan is to find a partner there: lots of single Japanese people would like to try dating a foreigner, so it’s a huge opportunity for all Japanese fans to get closer to these unique people and their culture. There are lots of young women interested in dating pretty Japanese boys: these men have a very special type of handsomeness and they also have many attractive features and qualities which can make them amazing partners. They don’t only look like anime characters - they are generally attractive and very intelligent, so it’s extremely hard to resist the temptation of Asian dating.

What is great about dating Japanese boys

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Every country has its specific dating culture: whether it’s one of the Asian countries or a Western one, there are a few unwritten rules which everyone tries to follow to be successful in dating. Though Japan has lots of stereotypes about its people and culture, in relationships these people still value pretty the same things as Western people do: sincerity, loyalty, reliability, respect, care and affection are vital for every healthy and long-lasting relationship. Treating your partner with love and respect is a must for everyone: whether you’re dating a Japanese partner or not, it’s extremely important.

Though Japan has lots of stereotypes about its people and culture, in relationships these people still value pretty the same things as Western people do: sincerity, loyalty, reliability, respect, care and affection.

There are lots of reasons why ladies like dating Japanese guys: though they belong to a different country and there is a possibility to face a few cultural barriers, there are lots of things you can learn from dating a Japanese person. It’s an amazing experience which can grow into something much more stable and enjoyable, so you should know more about dating these men:

  • They are hardworking and reliable. Every lady is interested in dating a man who can work hard to provide for his potential family: it shows that the guy is interested in creating a family and being a breadwinner for his wife and kids. Japanese guys are extremely hardworking: they spend most of their time working and they try their best to climb their career ladders to have better perspectives in their professional and personal lives. Though sometimes dating a workaholic can be tough, it can also be extremely profitable and secure in a long-time perspective;
  • Lots of Japanese guys look stunning. Though they often don’t look like anime characters with their giant eyes and crazy hair colours, they still look very nice: most Japanese men are slim, dark, fair-skinned and handsome: though most Korean girls and guys have to use plastic surgeries to look their best, Japanese men are natural stunners who impress ladies with their gentle but impressive masculinity. They look great in suits and ties, they are neat and clean, they have attractive facial features and they stay pretty young-looking and healthy for a long time;
  • They are very cute when they’re shy. Being shy is a pretty noticeable trait of Japanese character: these people tend to be very modest and delicate, so it’s no surprise that young local men can sometimes be shy with attractive women around. They often act too reserved and silent, they can turn red pretty quickly and they spend lots of time trying to find the right words - but it only makes them more attractive in ladies’ eyes. Their shyness makes them look more sincere and pure and it always feels like a Japanese guy who’s dating you is very honest and vulnerable with you - so it can be perceived as very cute and attractive as well;
  • Japanese guys are extremely polite. One of the best features of Japanese culture and behaviour is their politeness: they respect their seniors, they act extremely politely with older friends, colleagues, acquaintances and strangers. A Japanese person never wants to offend or disrespect you: local guys treat their women like queens and act super sensitively with them. Your potential Japanese partner will not use rude or obscene words, he won’t be pushy or inappropriate: it’s not a part of Japanese culture, so he won’t do anything to harm your pride and self-respect;
  • They are very intelligent and smart. There are lots of very educated and intelligent people in Japan: it might be connected with their education or upbringing, but lots of them create an impression of extremely smart and bright people. They have lots of interests, they know many facts and lots of information, they have hobbies and they also can speak on many topics with you. Remembering how many companies requiring highly intelligent people are in Japan it’s easy to understand that these people try their best to be educated and developed in many fields. It’s great to have an intelligent partner, so dating a Japanese guy is a great choice;
  • They can be very sensitive and affectionate. Though there’s a stereotype about cold and reserved Japanese people, they can actually date like gentlemen: most of them are very sensitive and polite with their women, they always ask about how their lady feels and what she wants, they try to read minds and do their best to make their partner happy. Of course, they can become cold and restrained when they understand that their feelings fade away, but they still avoid being rude and offensive with their women: a Japanese guy respects his woman as a person and acts politely and appropriate in any situation. Japanese people often demonstrate their love in small things: when you see that he cares about little detail and wants to do tiny things to improve your life, it’s a great sign of his affection.

Meet a perfect Japanese boy on

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Though Japan is a must for everyone who loves travelling and excited about Japanese culture, it’s obvious that not every person has an opportunity to get there. It shouldn’t stop you from dating an attractive Japanese guy though: lots of modern people use online dating services to find their love both locally and abroad. Japanese people are mad about technologies and they use their gadgets a lot, so the chance to meet the love of your life online is very high. Whether you’re an experienced internet user or a newbie, there are lots of opportunities to open the amazing world of new opportunities which online dating can give you and to change your life.

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