Dating Thai boys

Thailand is a beautiful country which is one of the most popular tourist places in the world: its striking nature and excellent weather make this country a perfect place to spend vacations and relax. It’s a country with unique culture and traditions which can show you lots of places of interest and become your huge source of inspiration. Also, it’s a country where you can meet lots of extremely attractive people: slim, sporty Thai boys with attractive faces and unusual handsomeness can steal lots of ladies’ hearts. Though there’s a stereotype that Asian ladies are more popular abroad than Asian men, Thai guys have lots of amazing features which can be liked by foreign ladies a lot.

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What you should know about dating cute Thai boys

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Every country has some unwritten dating rules which should be known in advance: if you want to be successful in dating cute Thai guys, then you should learn more about their culture, customs and traditions. Every person is unique and Thai guys are no exception: it’s hard to describe everyone in a few sentences. At the same time, they still have some pretty common beliefs and preferences, so learn more about a Thai guy of your dreams in advance:

  • Date slowly. Though everything in Thailand might seem wonderful and exotic to you, don’t get too excited and avoid making careless decisions. There are lots of attractive men there, but it doesn’t mean that you should madly fall in love with a handsome guy on your first day there. Take it slowly, try to know more about your partner and enjoy the process of dating without hurrying things up. A person you’ve met can really be your significant other who will become your long-time partner or even husband, but there are also lots of people who are more interested in your money than in your pretty face. Also, remember that your cultures are pretty different: there’s a high chance of understanding that a person you date is slightly different from how you imagine him, so avoid being disappointed;
  • Don’t take risks and behave sensibly on one-night stands. Even if a guy seems very attractive and caring, you don’t know anything about his ex-partners, so it’s always better to use protection to avoid STDs;

Don’t believe in stereotypes. Everyone is different and you shouldn’t label every Thai person because stereotypes often lie.

  • Avoid meeting guys in bars and nightclubs. Though these places seem to be perfect for meeting new potential partners, the number of gold-diggers can sometimes be pretty high there. You don’t know anything about a person in front of you, and a bit of alcohol can lower your caution and make you perfect prey. It’s always better to meet new people in public places on the daylight, also you can use online dating services because it’s often safer and more effective;
  • Thai ladies often take their close friends on their dates to feel safe and secure, so you can do the same. If you have a companion or a friend with you, then it’s always better to invite them with you: it will make you feel more protected and it can help you to be more open and talkative on a date. You don’t know a man you’re going to meet properly, so a bit of precaution is a good idea;
  • Remember about cultural differences. Though most tourists don’t need a deep understanding of Thai culture to spend their vacations there, it’s necessary to know more about the customs and traditions of Thai dating in advance. For instance, local people are against PDAs, they find it inappropriate for a guy to touch his lady’s hair, and most Thai men are seen as heads of their families - there are lots of details you should know to avoid being disappointed. Lots of couples break up because they understand that they’re too different, so be ready to deal with another person’s culture and views;
  • Don’t believe in stereotypes. Everyone is different and you shouldn’t label every Thai person: try to know your Thai guy better and create your own opinion based on your experience of Asian dating.

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