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If you’re looking for a partner, then it’s time for you to learn more about dating boys and how to understand them better. Though we’re all people, everyone has a unique character and it’s sometimes complicated to do everything right. At the same time, some advice can help you to date boys successfully and build healthy and enjoyable relationships with them.

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Dating boys seem attractive, however, they are different. There is always someplace for misunderstandings even in strong relationships. Is it right in your case when relationships do not last longer than a couple of months? Are you tired of crying because of another scandal or break-up? There should be some reasons for this and let’s try to find them out to solve the problem.

One of the most widespread reasons is the fact that girls do not often imagine how to communicate with their boys well. How to behave while building relationships with a guy? The only right way is to respect his personal space - to give him freedom and respect his environment.

When the period when you can freely call yourself his girlfriend comes, the main point is not to overdo it. Being together and spending time together is great, but you should make an effort to make him feel his own space. He certainly does not want his freedom, all life plans and dreams to be burned by your relationships.

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Advice on dating boys

Here is our advice:

  • let him stay involved in his hobbies,
  • do not step in his usual environment - acquaintances, colleagues, friends;
  • do not interfere his work, especially if he loves her and appreciates it;
  • do not touch his innocent habits whether it is loving street dogs or buying lottery tickets;
  • do not condemn his taste in clothing, cinema choice or anything else.

Any attempts to control him will predetermine negative effects. Of course, it is recommended and even necessary to talk about the things you dislike in relationships, to discuss what is unpleasant. But it is necessary to remember to do it in a calm manner without “pressing” and moralizing.

The initial stages of the union are studying the habits, interests, and principles of each other at a new, deep level. The main goal of this period is to learn how to combine his and your lives correctly. It is important to understand what should be done together, and what is better to plan doing by oneself, where it is better to compromise, and where it is even possible to make well-founded sacrifices. It will not be possible to step to the next level without going through this stage of adaptation.

Then it is the right time to talk about friends and family. It is a shrine for most of the boys. And in this regard, many girls show two opposite extremes. One girl tries to make his family like her no matter what. And the other criticizes his family and often compares it to her one.

All nit-pickings will be regarded as an attempt to break such a connection.

Both points of view imply negative consequences. However, the second case is more painful. In this case, the girl deeply insults the feelings of the chosen one, rejecting an important part of his life. The people who supported the guy helped him for his whole life mean a lot to him. All nit-pickings will be regarded as an attempt to break such a connection. It is quite enough for the guy’s relatives to recommend him to break up with the girl.

The obsession with “Does his Mom like me?” also poisons the relationships in most cases. The idea to arouse sympathy from his relatives becomes a real mania. It is accompanied by importunity, a refusal to notice anything around, except for the reaction of the people of interest. The boy can be flattered by the fact that his girlfriend remembers the birthdays of his parents and prepares gifts for his close and distant relatives. However, it shouldn’t become a day-to-day ritual. You don’t have to establish contact with all the potential relatives at a time. This list should be limited. Make yourself feel comfortable in the situation.

It’s quite enough to behave politely and decently in the family circle and to ask about the doings of his close relatives from time to time. Remember: if a man is not at all sure that he is ready to introduce the girl to her parents, and she insists on this, the situation will become aggravated. Getting along with his mom is, of course, good. But still, you build relationships with him, but not with his parents.

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Do not stop flirting

The routine starts to kill the senses.

Do not stop flirting, even if the case comes to marriage. It’s better to say - especially in this case. Look at the effect. The man falls in love with a flirtatious cat, constantly warming up his excitement. And in the end, he receives an indifferent woman, with an everyday face mask of sour cream and cucumbers. The contrast is too great not to notice. The routine starts to kill the senses. Emotions subside and become bland.

It is not necessary to always look your best. And, of course, you don’t have to wake up an hour earlier than he just to prepare your face with the “natural” makeup. However, taking care of yourself is a must. File your nails, monitor the cleanliness of hair, body. Choose your clothing properly, but do not wear the first look you find in your closet.

In addition you can...

How to please your man:

  • you can arrange pleasant surprises in the kitchen for him;
  • you can show tenderness and care (without fanaticism);
  • you can flirt with him;
  • you can plan a joint vacation in a new setting;
  • you can use unobtrusive tactile contact - lightly scratch the skin, gently touch the lips of his neck while hugging.

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Solving problems calmly

Difficulties in relationships are an inevitable reality. All couples go through them from time to time over and over again. Why do some leave, while others, despite the misunderstandings, live happily for years? The point is to resolve conflicts in a special way.

Talking about any problem: the best solution is to talk. It would be good to build the talk according to the “I don't like ...” scheme:

  • Tell what you do not like exactly;
  • Tell why and what are the reasons;
  • Tell what feelings does the problem cause;
  • Tell about your solution to the problem;
  • Do not forget to give examples;
  • Tell what is expected to happen after you’ll follow the way of solution;
  • And finally tell what is going to happen if no measures are taken.

The conversation should be conducted in a soft, calm tone, it is better to look into the eyes. After the difficulty is solved, it is very important to thank the partner for his actions and understanding of the situation.

The “taboo” zone or the typical mistakes of girls are manipulations, “double standards”, impulsiveness, uncompromisingness, selfishness, and arrogance.

The “taboo” zone or the typical mistakes of girls are manipulations, “double standards”, impulsiveness, uncompromisingness, selfishness, and arrogance. The desire to manipulate can not arise from good motives. Typical actions of the manipulator are threats to break off relations or leave and move to mom/dad/aunt; pressure through tears or even lamentations; intima restriction (“Oh, wow, so! No sex for a week!”); a promise to harm oneself, another person, or property.

If at least one of these phrases have slipped through one’s own words, it’s time to change something in your relationships or even break up - and as soon as possible. These phrases are quite unhealthy. Feelings do not tolerate the framework, they prefer and always choose freedom. If you take them away, they will start to come out. And the manipulator itself causes only contempt and unwillingness to mess with it.

The mystery of our century: men do well in everyday life even without women. They cook well, they still can do the dishes, they easily cope with the washing machine and they even (incredible!) take out the garbage themselves without prior request. Previously your man was a child, he had a granny and a mother to take care of him and make all his desires come true. Now he is an adult man and deserves the appropriate attitude. A hyper-caring woman is not sexy, after all!

There are some our dos and donts:

  • Do not constantly spin under his nose;
  • Do not knock yourself a place next to him at his desk or in the cinema;
  • Do not get him on the way to the university canteen like just by accident;
  • Be a little mysterious - it's easy to do if you are calm, calm and a little ... indifferent, In this case, he wants to unravel you, to penetrate into your soul;
  • Be yourself;
  • Don't put on a battle Indian colouring instead of light make-up and less shine on clothes, so that it does not confuse you with the Christmas tree.

If you are worried about whether you get this handsome man or not, discuss it with your friends less. Even the best of them can fall under his spell and blab about you. Share it only when it is at your feet. Of course, it’s always a good idea to ask your close relative to give you some tips on how to behave.

If your relationships develop, your sympathy for each other grows more and more, are you ready to surrender to him without thinking?

If the guy is already yours, do not relax. Do not strive first to give him gifts and tokens. He will take it as gratitude for being with you. And he should be grateful to you for choosing him. Make him feel it.

If your relationships develop, your sympathy for each other grows more and more, are you ready to surrender to him without thinking? Our advice is - do not spend too much time together, otherwise quickly you’ll get bored. Stay independent, have your own hobbies, interests and affairs.

To get away from thoughts about him, do some business (study or learn something new). Then you will have no time to make him scandals and tantrums with tears.

Whatever happens, keep your distance and "head in the cold." Do not show him your jealousy - otherwise, he’ll most probably break up with you. He wasn't at home all evening? So what? Maybe he was with a friend. Pay attention to your own growth more than to his free time - and he’ll do the same.

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