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Finding true love is something which is seen as something vital for the majority of people: while some singles tend to see dating and finding your potential spouse as an extremely important adding to their lives, others are convinced that a good marriage is the most valuable thing in their lives which almost guarantees their happiness. Everyone is allowed to choose the importance of romantic relationships in their lives for themselves but the fact is that a warm-hearted and sincere love makes everyone closer to God and brings bright colours in their life. Though most Christians understand that love of God is always in the first place for them, love for people around them is also an essential part of being a faithful and sincere Christian. Being full of love for your relatives, friends, neighbours and even enemies makes your heart light and full of joy: that’s what God has taught us, people, to do and that’s what can make us happy and accomplished in life.

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Finding a decent partner who can become your future spouse for life is something Christians are very serious about: it’s not customary for faithful and modest Christians to date lots of people without having marriage as a main goal in the first place. It takes lots of time and effort to meet the right person who can be your companion, friend and spouse for the rest of your life: you should choose wisely because marriage is sacred and divorces are disapproved by Christians all over the world. In most cases, you can’t just approach a stranger when you’re looking for a decent Christian partner: it’s not only hard to understand whether this person is a faithful Christian but also whether they are single and open to new relationships or not. Therefore, many Christians rely on their parents, friends and church while looking for potential partners: being able to know a bit about a person’s reputation in advance makes it easier to decide whether you want to date them or not. Lots of singles have already tried to find love by using the Internet: a Christian dating site or a Christian dating app can become powerful tools to meet real love. Every approach is good when used wisely: everyone is allowed to use the most effective and decent way to find love which works perfectly for them.

Christian people need love and dating as much as other people: being able to share your joy and sorrow with your closest person who loves God as much as you is priceless. While some people perceive Christians as people who can feel real love only for God, it’s pretty far from reality: though love for Him is major in every Christian person’s life, love for your spouse, children, parents, friends and neighbours takes a very important place in every Christian heart. Every faithful person feels the need for love: we’re created to receive and translate His love and care to make our faith stronger and to make this world a better place. While some people can become closer to God only by distancing from relationships and marriage, others understand that only a good loving family can make them fully complete. Learn more about Christian dating to meet the love of your life and to find real happiness with someone who will be your reliable companion on your way to God.

What you should know about dating a Christian partner properly

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Christians tend to be very marriage-minded and serious while looking for partners: dating without having marriage as a goal is usually seen as fruitless and therefore inappropriate for faithful and religious people. Though not every relationship results in marriage, it’s the main purpose of Christian dating: two people try to learn more about each other’s inner world, thoughts and views to understand whether their mutual attraction can grow into love which lasts for decades or not. Dating in the Christian community is usually seen as an audition before marriage: religious people understand that being married is the best proof of love and it’s something God wants us people to do. Marrying your partner means that you’re ready to stay the rest of your life with this person: it’s an act of devotion and pure love which is approved by God and Christians all over the world.

Dating in the Christian community is usually seen as an audition before marriage: religious people understand that being married is the best proof of love and it’s something God wants us people to do.

Christian traditions and dating go well together: most Christian singles enjoy dating and communication with their potential partners as much as others do but they choose modest and appropriate ways to do so. Most people think that Christian dating is not for free and modern people but it’s not quite that: being able to wait until marriage only makes intimacy more valuable and pure in the eyes of faithful people. Christians don’t chase momentary pleasure: they think about their future and perspectives while dating because it’s worth waiting to receive real life-long happiness with your partner. There are a few important features of Christian dating you should know about in advance:

  • Put your faith in the first place. Every faithful Christian person understands that love for God is major in their life: He guides and leads us, He loves and helps us, He teaches and navigates us through the hardest parts of our lives. A good Christian wants to strengthen their faith through their life: loving God more and more and being devoted to Him is an ultimate goal for every Christian person. Therefore, it’s essential for your partner not only to be a faithful Christian but also a person who is ready to grow in faith and to become a good companion for you. A good partner and potential spouse can not only support your faith but also make it stronger: a couple who navigates and spiritually supports each other becomes closer to Him every day;
  • Let your partner love you for who you really are. Lots of people pay attention to the appearance of their potential partners in the first place, and it’s a huge mistake for every good Christian person: our appearance is not only minor but also it changes during our lives, so a young attractive spouse will become different in a few decades. Real love is not about looks or pretending: Christians love their partners for who they are, because character, personality, views and goals don’t change but improve during our life. You should always try to be a better person for Him and your future partner but you shouldn’t try to pretend to be someone you’re not: your perfect partner will love the real you and value your personality;
  • Be open to a good friendship growing into something bigger. Not every relationship starts with instant affection and passion: lots of Christian people who avoid passion and desire in the first place find their perfect partners after being good friends with them. Friendship assumes that two people are interested in communication, they respect and value each other without feeling sexual tension between them - and that’s exactly what Christians want from good relationships. Though just friendship is not enough to become a couple, love can appear with time: knowing more about a good person and their inner world can make you fall in love with them and that’s where an amazing love story begins;
  • Stay marriage-minded and be honest about your wishes and intentions. A Christian person wants to find their future spouse: raising kids and sharing joy and sorrow with your loving partner is something which makes our life complete. Therefore, there's no need to hide your intentions and wishes: while many non-religious people tend to avoid speaking about marriage and children in the very beginning of their relationships, Christians don’t repel their potential partners by speaking about serious and important things. Dating over 30 is usually about potential marriage: people over 30 usually think of creating a family. Discuss with your potential partner the image of your perfect family, tell them how many kids you should like to have and what you expect from a good Christian marriage;
  • Remember about your morals. Christians disapprove of premarital sex and inappropriate behaviour: it’s not only important to avoid doing lots of things in public but also privately. Being modest and obedient is not only about social norms of behaviour, it’s more about being pure in His and your own eyes. Don’t do anything which can make you feel guilty later: even if no one sees you doing something wrong, remember that God knows everything you do;
  • You can’t change other people. Though relationships and love can improve people, you can’t change a person only by the strength of your love and faith: it depends on them and their wishes to change or to stay the same. Therefore, don’t rely on your faith and ability to change people while looking for a partner: if you see red flags in them, then it’s better to move on because you probably won’t do anything with their sins and flaws. Though partners support and navigate each other in life, it’s a long hard way to God and improvement that every person should walk alone. You can help them but you can’t walk instead of them;
  • Listen to your heart. Every good and faithful relationship is based on love for God and love for your partner: you can’t be completely happy or full of thoughts about God when you live with someone you don’t have real feelings for. Though sometimes our parents and friends can give us advice on who to choose as a good partner, the final decision depends on you: don’t contradict your feelings because God speaks with you through your heart.
  • What else you should know about dating Christian singles

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    Dating as a Christian means being interested in finding the most faithful and decent Christian person you have feelings for and a person whose individuality matches with your character perfectly. Though God has made us different and unique, there are still some things which are pretty common to different groups of people. Christians tend to have pretty strict preferences and views on how a perfect potential partner should look, act and behave: most of these things are connected with modesty, godliness and obedience which are extremely valuable for Christians. While there are lots of things which can attract potential Christian partners because they can help them to see your faithful and pious nature, there are also lots of things which can repel decent people from you. There are a few tips which can help you to date Christian people right:

    • Dress modestly. A good Christian person can be usually seen by the way they dress: though a modern Christian doesn’t have to look overly prudish, they still should dress modestly and simply. Christian women choose not to dress clothing in deep necklines or too-short skirts and dresses, men keep their clothing clean and neat. Clean and well-groomed people usually look attractive and they don’t need any extra accessories to look more appealing: though women are allowed to wear a modest jewellery or a little bit of makeup, it’s not compulsory because Christian people value natural beauty which is given by God;
    • Don’t show off or brag about your accomplishments or wealth. It’s not only inappropriate for a Christian person to do so but it can also make them look like a shallow and unfaithful person. Modesty is one of the best things a good Christian person can have, so it’s better just to mention your activities or education instead of praising your success;
    • Avoid flirty or inappropriate behaviour. Christians don’t use flirting or teasing to attract their potential partners: it’s not only sinful but also shallow and reproachfully. It’s better to share your interests and life goals to create a friendly and open atmosphere which can make you interested in your partner’s character and views than to create an unnecessary sexual attraction between you;
    • Don’t concentrate on worldly things. Though it’s important to share some details about your life with your potential partner, you shouldn’t concentrate on money, belongings, career or anything else too worldly that can show the side of you which is further from God. Speak about intentions, goals and thoughts, your faith and expectations instead;
    • Avoid being openly judgemental or disapproving of people. No one is really allowed to judge people except God: only His wisdom and power makes Him capable to decide what people do right or wrong. Though people can’t usually deprive themselves of all judgemental thoughts, it’s better not to express it openly - it’s not what a good Christian is expected to do;
    • Be optimistic and positive. Faith makes people’s hearts complete joy, so a happy person is often seen as someone who is close to God and has lots of love for Him in their heart. Radiate happiness and positivity to attract the right person who can make your future married life even better and happier. You should stay positive and full of faith regardless of your previous dating experience: even dating over 40 can be successful when God decides that it’s your time to meet love.

    Try online dating for Christian people and meet your real love on

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    In our modern world, hundreds and thousands of people surround us every day: we meet strangers in public transport, at work, while shopping for groceries or having a walk in the park. Though every Christian is never alone because of God, lots of people still feel lonely and desperate because it’s not that easy to find love for them. Being unattached makes some people extremely upset and disappointed: in the world full of people loneliness sometimes might feel even more prominent. That’s why lots of Christians use online dating services to find love: in a few decades, this approach has become one of the most popular and effective ways for people all over the world to communicate, meet their potential partners and fall in love. Though some Christians feel that it’s better to avoid new technologies, lots of modern Christians find this approach extremely suitable for modest religious people. Real-life dating can be pretty risky for young couples who might find it harder to control their passion and feelings: seeing a person you love in real life makes it difficult to withstand temptation and it also makes people concentrate on the appearance of their potential partners in the first place. Online dating allows people to communicate and know each other’s personalities better before meeting in real life: dating and loving someone for who they are is essential for faithful Christians.

    Though some Christians feel that it’s better to avoid new technologies, lots of modern Christians find this approach extremely suitable for modest religious people.

    It’s not that difficult to start dating a Christian single online: lots of Christian dating apps and sites help people to find their soulmates and potential spouses easily and effectively. While some Christian singles prefer dating for free, others understand that sometimes you have to pay for quality: paid services tend to sort out people lacking serious intentions and resources to become decent potential spouses. Though free Christian dating might be more available for everyone, it also means that lots of people who don’t take online dating seriously come to these sites because they’re bored or curious/ Sometimes it does not harm marriage-minded Christian people but in other cases, it can spoil their online dating experience a lot. People who want to try Christian dating for free can easily download an app and become members of the community whether they’re faithful Christians or not, but Paid services are less likely to attract unscrupulous users and inappropriate behaviour. is one of the biggest online dating sites in the world which can help you to meet your perfect Christian partner for dating and serious relationships. More than 25 years of working experience make it easy for to understand what people expect and want from high-quality online dating: people all over the world communicate, socialize and meet love online there. Everyone has a chance there: though the service is open to people of different ages, religions, views, interests and beliefs, the searching algorithm and advanced matching system allow users to meet people who are perfectly suitable and attractive to them. Create a profile and tell the service about yourself: write about your personality and views and who you want to find on to make it easier for your perfect partner to find you. Match, communicate and create couples online on your happiness is in His hands but you can help Him to help you!

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