Dating in the time of coronavirus

2020 brought a lot of news and events, but the most significant and inevitable one is surely the pandemic of Covid-19. One way or another, it affects everyone without exception, so now all of us must learn how to adapt to a new reality. Self-isolation becomes a necessity, but does it mean that we have to abandon all the usual activities? It’s a tricky question and society gives a very impressive answer, transferring a huge amount of activities and aspects of life from the offline world online.

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Because of the difficult and rather stressful situation, it’s worth looking for ways to support yourself and bring joy to your own life. There are many options to do this, but one of the most interesting and inspiring ones is online dating. Here you can ask a reasonable question - how dating and coronavirus can coexist? And another matter arises - is it possible to meet new people, expand your social circle and look for a soulmate in quarantine? It is important to talk about such a thing and look for answers, especially when external circumstances make people separate from each other. That is why is working hard - to bring these fragile and yet important connections between people back together.

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All you need to know about the coronavirus (Covid-19)

Coronaviruses (yes, this is a whole group of viruses) can provoke different diseases from the common cold to a severe acute respiratory symptom. The main danger of COVID-19 is that it can cause severe pneumonia. Among all the disease cases that are provoked by this particular coronavirus, 20% are considered severe, and about 3% require resuscitation measures. According to statistics, only 3.3% of cases have ended lethally.

The virus does not circulate in the air, but is transmitted from a person to person; infection mainly occurs by all sorts of contacts. Often this virus enters the mucous membranes of the nose and eyes through hands or other objects (like gloves) after touching something contaminated with secretions from the respiratory tract of an infected person. The incubation period of coronavirus is 14 days.

There is no evidence that pets can carry the virus yet. Similarly, there is no evidence as to whether it can be transmitted through fruits, vegetables or any other type of food (but they still need to be washed). However, according to current information, the virus can remain viable outside the humans' system from 3 hours to several days. It depends on a number of conditions: type of surface, temperature and humidity of the environment. Therefore, it is important to disinfect surfaces, door handles, appliances and so on. However, the World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend any restrictions on goods and orders from China (in particular, this applies to parcels).

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Anyway, in order to stop the expansion of the coronavirus, quarantine and self-isolation must be kept and settled. Which, nevertheless, still leaves a big gap for imagination, because the world simply cannot stop, it moves further and people are looking for ways to adapt. Also, humans remain social beings who need to contact others constantly , interact with them, and communicate. Loneliness is not peculiar to people, it contradicts our nature, which is why dating while social distancing helps to fill the need in communication.

Dating in coronavirus

The main standards of behavior during a pandemic are developed by the World Health Organization. It makes a list of recommendations covering all spheres of human life in such pandemic times. However, these tips don’t cover only restrictions. At the same time, they offer possible solutions for problems arising in connection with social distancing due to Covid-19. Among these recommendations you can easily find a suggestion to enlarge the amount of communication and positive factors in daily routine. After all the precautions are taken, it is necessary to take care of your own mental health. So WHO recommends including factors that help to deal with emerging stress. This is where positive aspects of dating are revealed.

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After all the precautions are taken, it is necessary to take care of your own mental health. So WHO recommends including factors that help to deal with emerging stress. This is where positive aspects of the dating are revealed.

In order to meet someone online with hopes for a bright future, you need to get to know each other pretty well. It takes time and a lot of communication. In many ways, it is facilitated by the quarantine, because it takes away a huge amount of daily routine that can be quite distracting. At the same time, such an important event as the coronavirus pandemic highlights different people's qualities that can be discovered only after years living together. You can easily see how responsible and cautious someone can be and use this information to understand how well you can do together. Such litmus tests allow you to evaluate the behavior of people in various situations and see it from different angles. This is one of the best features of dating. With the whole functionality provides, you can carefully and responsibly treat quarantine and social distance regulations, staying home and being safe, and at the same time include a bit of romance into a new way of life.

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Rules of dating in coronavirus

In order to make dating a part of your life during the pandemic without fear for your health, it is necessary to follow a few simple rules. It will help reduce stress, bring a positive experience to your life without worrying about your own safety.

  • Dating has become completely virtual and lacks the ability to meet? Not a big deal at all. You can start searching for a date from another country and use this opportunity to either practice other languages or simply get to know other people and cultures. Quarantine is a good chance not to spend your time in vain. Searching algorithms of can easily help with that. Even those of older age and consider themselves too old for dating can find a couple now.
  • Face-to-face visits are canceled indefinitely. However, this is not a reason not to see each other at all. Online video chat provides the necessary feeling. For a newbie it can seem weird, but in some time you get used to it. It can create the illusion of presence and help to communicate as if both of you are at the same room.
  • In order for the meeting to be useful, it is best to select possible candidates according to their views and hobbies. That is why has a fairly detailed profile structure and extensive search algorithms that allow you to use your emotional resources in the best way.
  • Take care of all confidential information and remember about responsibility for your health or the health of your loved ones. No matter how much one wants to meet the person in real life, this should be avoided during quarantine. You should not report too much data about yourself when you communicate with a person quite a bit. It is better to get to know each other properly and after that to understand whether the interlocutor deserves your trust.

Take care of all confidential information and remember about responsibility for your health or the health of your loved ones. No matter how much one wants to meet the person in real life, this should be avoided during quarantine.

Respecting these rules is simply enough to ensure that online dating brings you pleasure and doesn’t become an additional source of stress.

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What to do in Covid-19 dating

Chatting within is a reliable and basic level. However, if you prolong it over time, it can become a little boring. It is good to include something else, another shared activity. So you can raise a solid question - what to do during quarantine dating? There are a huge number of different activities that can unite you with another person online.

Have a dinner

If you think that having dinner together is possible only if you are in the same room, you surely need to use some imagination. It is possible to have a good time with tasty food and nice wine only using online chat. It keeps a safe space and creates a connection that is so important in pandemic times. From some point it is even more convenient - you can cook whatever you like. Eating, talking, drinking helps you get to know each other better, which is especially important during social isolation.

Also, you can try something new. There are many delivery services which are still active, so both of you can order some unusual food each to your own home and try it together. The main thing is to understand that such a pastime not only allows you to become closer and do something, but at the same time reflects a responsible attitude to the situation that develops outside.

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Watch a movie together

Nothing helps to expand the palette of one’s tastes more effectively than watching movies together. Of course, you can read books, but what’s the fun in that? Books are good for discussion, but they are not really a time to spend together, they don’t require that much communication. So you can watch a movie using usual or video chat in mobile app. Choosing various movies and discussing them in real time as if you are in the same room is good for any relationship. And it is a good tip for dating. You can watch the whole series or play computer games the same way. The main purpose is to gain common experience in the process of dating, so such activity is a good alternative to closed and potentially dangerous cinemas.

Take time to discuss the movies you’ve watched from all aspects, to find out your own preferences, to share your emotions and feelings. Constantly exchanging everything you have inside, you let yourself be more open and confident. It has a good effect on relationships, especially when they are lined up at a distance. Try to speak as much as possible about what you think and what touches you. Sometimes it can be difficult but definitely allows you to create trust in a relationship.

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Take online courses as a couple

Despite the fact that the coronavirus pandemic raises a huge amount of negative effects on our daily lives, even in such reality you can find some positive aspects. Staying at home or working remotely frees up a lot of time and emotional resources for learning. It is useful to cooperate with dating. You can find some online courses that both of you will enjoy and choose a verse to fit both schedules equally. It is wise to pay attention to such a thing because learning has to be fun, avoiding any stress. The opportunity of joint training also gives great scope for communication and exploring your feelings with one another. This is why dating basically is needed - to help you not feel alone in something.

When you are in quarantine or practice, as it is recommended, social distancing, online dating is the only way. But honestly, it is the best way.

The convenience of allows you to constantly stay in touch in any situation and combine it with educational platforms of your choice. It's never too late to learn something new, especially when you do something together. Try to pay attention to those courses, the result of which also exists online. Web-design, drawing, skills to work with image and sound. Language courses are great as well. In the end, common study of new languages will be much easier and more fun. You can also find a person for dating in Germany or Italy to practice the language you study. And maybe in the end you can travel to some new place together, when such a voyage will be possible and safe.

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In such difficult times more and more single people are looking for someone close, someone beloved. This is why everyone is so interested in dating. When you are in quarantine or practice, as it is recommended, social distancing, online dating is the only way. But honestly, it is the best way. provides users with the best dating experience for more than 20 years. Here you can easily find a person matching your criteria, searching algorithms will always suggest you appropriate candidates from any corner of the world.

The interface is super user friendly, it is allowed both on PC and mobile devices. Your comfort, safety and convenience are the priority. You can be fully aware that any of your personal data is well protected. Also you have all the control over your own social circle. So if you don't like someone or some users seem either annoying or weird, you can always block them.

With our service everyone can find one true love. There is nothing complicated, just create your account, fill the profile, start searching and dating. It is safe and at the same time fills your life with a flirting thrill and a lot of positive emotions. We all need that in the time of quarantine.

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