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Whether you have just moved to Denmark or are planning to go on a trip there, you also might be interested in meeting Danish singles. And, just like in any other country in the world, the Danes have their own unique dating and marriage traditions which should be recognized while building relationships. If you are eager to start dating in Denmark, you should keep in mind their national traits of character too, as those might throw off the people who are used to regular western behaviour.

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Therefore we suggest to plunge deeper into the Danish dating culture and prepare yourself for the pleasures and challenges of dating in Denmark.

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Be direct and honest

Many people are used to the courtship being hidden between the lines of various actions. There are some generally accepted rules which help partners understand each others’ intentions while avoiding direct conversation. Many might say that such behaviour is just “in the blood” justifying the fact that it is natural to hide and mask your feelings.

If you think that it is time to officially call your relationships “dating”, just talk about it with your potential partner.

In Denmark, on the other hand, people expect to talk honestly about their interactions. If you like a girl, just tell her about it. If you think that it is time to officially call your relationships “dating”, just talk about it with your potential partner. If there are some vital things you want to see in your relations or, on the other hand, something disturbing and unpleasant - an honest discussion can help with this as well. Even though it might be hard to clearly articulate your emotions, just force yourself to deal with the awkwardness and you will definitely see the benefits of open conversations the Danes enjoy.

Be ready to get the same directness in response. Scandinavian dating is based off not hiding the feelings, so even if at first you feel overwhelmed just remember that talking about issues only does you best.

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Don’t be too pushy

Scandinavians are very well-known for their slow and calm lifestyle, but such deliberateness is also reflected in the way they date. Much time should pass before they develop boundaries close enough to call their acquaintance a friend and even longer before you start officially dating. It is very unusual for people from other countries who are easily open to people and distance from them as easily again.

So, if your Danish boyfriend or girlfriend don’t seem to be so sure about what is going on between you two, maybe they just don’t think it is the right time to call it a date yet. Obviously, if the status is something which is bothering you don’t hesitate to bring up the conversation. But if your partner feels that they need some more time - relax and give that opportunity. After all, if you show yourself as a loyal and devoted person you can be sure that your Danish partner will pay you off with the same treatment.

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Respect equality

Equal treatment of both men and women is what made Scandinavian countries so famous. This is not only regulated on state level, but also firmly supported by the people themselves. Many generations of Scandinavian people have proved this concept is helpful in all the life spheres including romantic relationships and they won’t give up their beliefs when they start dating.

Sharing the bill, which is commonly associated with dating in Denmark, is not the only thing which reflects equality in relationships. You can’t expect a Danish woman to be a housewife. Neither a Danish man will support the idea of being the only breadwinner in the family. Of course, everything depends on a particular couple or family, but most commonly people prefer to be partners rather than reflect typical patriarchal ideas of what a couple should be.

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Keep up with the modern society

Outdated views won’t help you in dating in Denmark. People here are extremely progressive and their high standards of living are envied all over the world. So if you have ever felt that your view of society is a little bit retro, it is time to reevaluate your beliefs. Otherwise it will be extremely hard for you to find something in common between you and your potential Danish partner.

As Danish people like everything up-to-date, they were definitely the first to enjoy the benefits of online dating. For busy Danish men and women it became the opportunity to enjoy the love life while not giving up the active lifestyle and career opportunities. Those who used to struggle with communication because of the lack of time or distance nowadays have no such difficulties. Also, these people feel free to date when they’re older: lots of people start dating over 40 and feel absolutely comfortable.

Many young people from Denmark are just too busy to attend social events and go out regularly, but still want to have a relationship.

But there is another advantage of online dating in Denmark. You no longer have to look for a place to meet Danish singles. Many young people from Denmark are just too busy to attend social events and go out regularly, but still want to have a relationship. In this case using an online dating platform such as becomes a necessity, as there is no longer a need to go outside to meet a like-minded individual.

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Benefits of

Online dating websites gain extreme popularity, therefore choosing the right one becomes harder and harder. You don’t want to come across dating scams or waste your time trying to understand the interface. All a platform needs to do is make dating in Denmark as easy as possible.

The main advantages of are as follows:

  • Simplicity. The website and the dating app were both developed with the aim to make them accessible for people of all ages and backgrounds. Therefore the interface is extremely user-friendly and the registration procedure won’t take you a lot of time;
  • Safety. When you register on any website you want your data to be safe. doesn’t use your personal information for any purposes outside the platform, neither can data leakage happen. If you want to be extra secure you can get acquainted with the safety guidelines the website suggests;
  • Variety. You can meet anyone you prefer because of's huge database of users. Just choose your search settings which include all the possible traits you might want to see in a partner and the process of meeting your love begins. Scroll through the hundreds of compatible user, check their profiles and let the romance begin.

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