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Albania is located in the Balkan region and it’s famous for its unique nature, landscapes and culture. Albania is considered to be one of the most fascinating countries in Europe. Not only because of the culture, views and tourism but also because of their extraordinary women. Albanian men and tourists can easily find lots of great singles who are ready for relationships and it’s worth it!
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    Mendoza, Argentina , Colombia
  • Noah, 48
    Sydney, Australia
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    Villavicencio, Colombia
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    Los Angeles, USA
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    Buenos Aires, Argentina
  • Abbas, 38
    Beirut, Lebanon
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    Lagos, Nigeria
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    Meycauayan, Philippines
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    Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Emma, 23
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Bobby, 44
    Auderghem, Belgium
  • Scarleth , 48
    Miami, USA

If you think that dating an Albanian woman is not for you, you lose a lot. Many talented actresses and singers are of Albanian origin.

This is not the only thing that attracts people to Albanian women. They are unique due to their extraordinary appearance and a few other things, which you will learn about below.

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What is “the thing” Albanian women have

What is it about Albanian women, why do men from all over the world go crazy about them? There are several important features that distinguish these women from others.

Devotion to her man

Albanian girls are ideal wives because of their devotion to their partners. They will do their best to make their marriage happy for the whole family.

This extraordinary devotion has its roots in parenting since childhood. Girls from a very early age watch how their mothers commit to their husbands, and their fathers to their wives and want the same for themselves. As they grow older, they understand how important it is to have a strong marriage and to love and respect each other while you are together.

If she likes you, from the very first meeting she will make you feel the most desired, important and beloved man in the world. If an Albanian woman is interested in you, be sure - she will show respect and love not only to you but to everything that concerns you. And these feelings will not disappear after a couple of years. Even after 10 years of living together and marriage, nothing will change, she will treat you the same way. She will remain as faithful, loving and caring as in the first months of your relationship.

Albanian women are well-mannered. They clearly understand what is appropriate and what is not. They can go to the store or have a walk around the city in simple, comfortable clothes. Be sure that at a dinner with your parents or friends, at an office party with your colleagues or at a wedding, your woman will look stylish and elegant. Any man will envy you.

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Marriage and love for her husband is the main priority in the life of an Albanian woman, but they can be independent of anyone and anything, unlike, for example, bosnian girls from the neighbouring country. If she needs to earn a living for her family, she can handle it.

Even in the happiest and strongest families girls are taught to always rely on themselves so that they could earn a living if something goes wrong. Most Albanian girls have higher education and prestigious well-paid jobs. Some have a successful career at a young age. If you want to have an obedient housewife for yourself, it can be difficult with an Albanian woman. They are very proud of their success and career.

The desire of an Albanian woman to work could have a very good effect on your relationship. You both will have a life independently and you will have an opportunity to talk about something with each other. Expanding your family budget will work as a nice bonus.

Even in the happiest and strongest families girls are taught to always rely on themselves so that they could earn a living if something goes wrong.


Nowadays, few girls can boast about this quality. Albanian girls, even in the most violent period of adolescence, do not meet anyone and are not keen on promiscuous relationships.

Do not be surprised if your new girlfriend has never had a romantic relationship in 20 years. Most of them did not date anyone at all or had a relationship once or twice in the past. If you want an experienced girl in every respect, you have to look for a while. If you want to be the first with your chosen one, an Albanian girl is an ideal option for you.

Love for cooking

Albanian girls do not consider cooking a boring routine. They approach this with enthusiasm and creativity. Albanian girls will not order food delivery or buy ready-made meals in a store. They will always delight you with delicious and varied food.

Since childhood, Albanian girls spend a lot of time with their mothers, grandmothers and sisters in the kitchen. They learn how to cook different dishes for everyday life and for special occasions. You will get a completely perfect wife right away.

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Born to be perfect mothers

An Albanian woman cannot live her life without children. She simply will not be able to give her love and care to only one single person. She wants to have children and will not be stopped at one, you should be prepared for that.

Albanian women have a very strong maternal instinct, they become excellent mothers. They know a lot about parenting and children's health.

Do not worry that she will forget about you as soon as the baby appears. There is so much light and love in her heart that no one will feel left out.

Albanian women have a very strong maternal instinct, they become excellent mothers. is one of the best Albanian dating sites

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