Dating Bengali girls

What do you think about when you hear of Bengali girls? You probably imagine ladies, dressed in traditional indian costumes, surrounded by their huge families. Maybe, in your head, they are also dancing and looking charmingly through the veils, covering their faces. While some stereotypes about Bengali girls are true, most of them don’t come to reality even close. At least they don’t allow you to see the full picture and enjoy dating a Bengali girl the way you should. We suggest you to come in touch with amazing Bengal culture and learn more about charming ladies from this region.

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    Madrid, Spain
  • Mido, 40
    أبو ظبي, United Arab Emirates
  • Robert, 35
    Los Angeles, USA
  • Ysabel, 43
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    Hangzhou, China
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    London, United Kingdom
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What to know when dating Bengali girls

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There are a few things which might be important to consider before getting into serious relationships:

  • Don’t expect your girl to be traditional. While there are some customs of her country which she definitely follows, she is definitely not conservative at all. Bengali girls are very liberal and open-minded. They are totally not judgemental and accept the modern world realities just like any western person. Many of them grew up in big modern cities and have progressive families. That means that even if she chooses to date a foreigner, her relatives will be happy to welcome him;
  • Speaking of relatives, modern approach to life doesn’t mean the lack of connection to the family. Bengali families are very big, and you will definitely need some time to remember all of the possible aunts and uncles your girlfriend adores. Each time there is a birthday or a wedding, they all gather together and throw a party huge enough to impress any American teenager - in terms of the number of people invited, at least. Even if you don’t like big social events, you’ll have to get used to them if you want to please your significant other;
  • Honesty is the best policy for the Bengali nation. Nobody here hesitates a moment before telling a person what they think. They might comment on your weight or appearance in general, discuss your work and hobbies, and sometimes you might think they don’t approve of anything you do. Don’t be offended though - it is just their way of communication;
  • They are very educated. Indian people in general know how much a good education can influence the quality of life, therefore they work hard to get a good degree and then enter a successful company. It is a logical conclusion that a partner of a Bengali girl should be equally educated and hard-working, otherwise it will be impossible to keep up with her;
  • You’ll start enjoying Indian dishes very soon. Indian cuisine is actually very variable and diverse, especially since every man and woman have their secret approach to all the dishes. When you start dating a Bengali girl, prepare yourself for indian food evenings most days and be ready to eat quite a lot.

Bengali girls and online dating

a young indian woman in traditional outfit

Successful Bengali girls are regularly too busy to go out and have fun, so the most convenient way for them to get into relationships is to find a partner online. Most Bengali girls have profiles on dating websites. You just have to set the right search and you will definitely meet a nice Bengali girl.

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