Dating German girls

German girls are usually considered to be a perfect mixture of passion, spicy character and independence. A lot of strong and confident men not only from Germany but also from other countries love dating and having serious relationships with them: they are beautiful, modern, smart, persistent, caring and passionate. All those qualities combined together to create a wonderful woman with a strong personality and charisma.

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Germany is the perfect country for people who love their personal space, clean streets, tasty food, good beer and high quality of life. If that’s about you, then you might be interested in dating German girls. That is not only a perfect reason to move there but also to travel and have a wonderful experience while visiting an attractive German single.

Why people love German girls

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Even if you’re not from Germany you might be interested in dating beautiful German girls. There are a lot of things in them which can attract any man regardless of whether he has plans to move to Germany or just visit the country for a while. It’s hard not to be hooked by their charm and appearance, and that’s not all: there are some qualities German girls have which make them irresistible.

They have a great appearance by nature

Even though there is a stereotype about German women telling they often are too masculine and boringly mediocre, the stereotype is completely wrong and doesn’t portray the real situation in modern Germany. Nowadays German ladies have great skin, fair hair, long legs and sporty figures. They take care of themselves well and have a great sense of style so they look gorgeous whatever they are weak. Therefore it’s very easy to get stunned by amazing German beauties when you’re in the country. They don’t wear a lot of makeup, so you can always see their natural beauty and bright facial features.

If you’re self-confident enough and don’t need to belittle your woman to feel more masculine - then a German woman is a perfect choice for you.

They are extremely independent

You can be sure that a German woman won’t use you for money or influence - they simply don’t need it. Modern German women tend to be hardworking and they manage to have good jobs and earn money on their own, so they don’t need “sugar daddies” to cover their needs. They usually prefer to have separate bills in cafes and restaurants and don’t like men who treat them badly. If you’re self-confident enough and don’t need to belittle your woman to feel more masculine - then a German woman is a perfect choice for you. Some people might think that those ladies are too reserved and have very strict boundaries, but in fact, they just value their personal space a lot and don’t want to open their soul for a person they don’t know well. This makes the process of knowing her better even more exciting because you can decipher the lady on the first date: she’s a real treasure which requires you to find the right key on your own.

They have the best self-esteem

The fact that they have enough self-respect to be and act independent doesn’t mean those women are arrogant or self-obsessed. In fact, German women have the healthiest self-esteem ever: they set up goals and work hard to achieve the result, they know the value of the high level of life and they know what they want from life. They don’t allow anyone to spoil their mood and self-respect: they know about their advantages and disadvantages enough not to listen to rude words.

German ladies like being respected and treated well, they like compliments and a good sense of humour.

They love kids

Even though it might be surprising for many people knowing about their independence, German women usually love kids and become great mothers. They are caring, loving and they listen to their children and their needs. They know well how to raise their kids to make them strong, smart, healthy and hardworking like their parents. Many German men take part in raising kids too, and that helps the local women to feel free and less tired, so their love for children doesn't go away because of the endless routine of being a mother. They manage to save their personality and life while being mothers and probably that’s why they are not afraid of the responsibilities and duties of the motherhood.

What else you should know about dating a German girl

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A lot of international dating rules work in Germany as well: just like other women, German ladies like being respected and treated well, they like compliments and a good sense of humour. At the same time, every person wanting to go on a date with a beautiful German lady should be aware of some details of German dating and relationship features.

  • You’ll probably gain a bit of weight: German food is delicious but not extremely light or healthy. Even though many German women are naturally slim and skinny, the ability of meat, cheese, creamy sauces and beer can make some people a bit fatter. While dating a German girl you’ll probably visit a lot of local restaurants and cafes, so be prepared: it’s hard to resist all that gastronomical variety. Try tasting the best dishes and don’t empty the plate unless you’re ready to gain a few pounds;
  • You’ll have to stop being late - it’s absolutely inappropriate in Germany. There is a saying which says that in Germany if you’re five minutes earlier than needed then you’re almost late. Learn to be punctual because the Germans are and they expect the same from the others. You can make it even worse if you’re late without predicting your date: you can be sure she’s really frustrated even though you’re just a few minutes later than expected;
  • There are 250 dialects of the German language, so be prepared that it’s going to be tough. Consider yourself lucky if an attractive German girl you date speaks “Hochdeutsch”, because if not - then it will be extremely difficult to understand her English and German too. Some people prefer to learn only the basic language before going to Germany - it’s sometimes easier to continue the learning while speaking with the locals than to learn one of the dialects on their own;
  • It’s not that easy to impress her - an average German girl has everything she needs on her own: a house, a car. a good job, etc. Dating over 30 is pretty popular there, so lots of singles already have careers and all the necessary stuff. You’ll have to match her well if you want to win a German woman’s heart. The good thing is that can motivate you to work hard and achieve anything you want;
  • She will probably be able to overdrink you. Drinks like beer and wine are legal in Germany by the age of 16, and hard liquor at 18. German people drink a lot of beer, so she will probably be more experienced as you are. That’s why you should never compete in drinking alcohol with German men - an unprepared person will definitely lose.

German online dating

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One of the fastest and easiest ways to find a German woman of your dream is to use dating sites in Germany. helps people not only to find their German partners but also from other countries. The service has more than 25 years of experience, that’s why knows exactly what people want from online dating and how to provide them with everything they need. The users of the service are able to find not only people matching the basic characteristics but also the interests, hobbies, goals and views. It’s extremely important to find a person who is not only attractive but has the same values as you do to create a strong healthy relationship with the proper mental connection. connects lonely hearts and helps people all over the world to find their single soulmates in more than 30 countries. There are no boundaries for love so there is no need to limit yourself. Bring the colours to your life and meet an attractive German sweetheart online!

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