Dating Irish girls

The first association you get with an Irish girl is a beautiful red-haired lass with a bold personality. But these ladies have much more to suggest. They are unique in their own way and therefore especially attractive and captivating. Dating an Irish girl can be a challenge for people outside Ireland: just like dating American women can have its special features, dating Irish people is quite unique in many ways. Let’s learn more about these beautiful Irish souls.

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The language they speak is quite unique

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Though the main language used in Ireland is english, the accent is very much unusual. Sometimes it is hard to recognize even the simplest words. But apart from the accent, there is Irish slang as well as their own local vocabulary. The intonation of the Irish speakers is also very peculiar. So if your girl seems like a swearing monster to you, it’s time you learn some Irish vocabulary.

Also, some english words get a different interpretation. For example, if your girl says she’s grand, it doesn’t mean great or terrific. Grand means fine in Irish, so if you hear your girlfriend saying she’s grand after you had an argument, you have all the rights to doubt it.

It is widely acceptable for the Irish people to go to a pub on a date and have a pint of beer.

They know how to deal with alcohol

Drinking alcoholic beverages is a part of Irish culture, and it doesn’t exclude women at all. Irish girls know how to drink, and even though it might seem that they drink a lot, it is never reflected in their appearance or behaviour. It is widely acceptable for the Irish people to go to a pub on a date and have a pint of beer. And generally visiting a bar on a date is absolutely normal. But don’t think Irish girls abuse alcohol. They know their boundaries and won’t drink more than they know they can handle.

They enjoy a good talk

There is nothing an Irish girl will enjoy more than a nice conversation with her date. Which is why, if you are thinking about the location for your meeting, you should take this into consideration. Especially on the first dates it is best to choose some place, where you can talk without an interruption. A coffee shop or a bar is actually a great choice, giving the opportunity to lead the conversation with a nice drink on the side. But you can also take your girlfriend on a walk - there are plenty of beautiful places in Ireland, which are worth seeing but also quite enough for both of you to enjoy each other.

They are afraid of pale skin

It is actually a very peculiar phenomenon, that naturally pale Irish girls think that tanned skin is the most beautiful thing in the world. And not only on other people, but on them as well. Many Irish girls would visit tanning salons to get the ideal shade of skin. Others would buy tanning sprays or lotions and spend hours in their bathroom evening out the colour of their skin. So if you want to complement the beauty of white skin - keep these words to yourself, even if you genuinely love the Snow White look.

Many Irish women keep all their worries and resentments inside till the moment they can’t bear it anymore and explode.

They often keep their feelings to themselves

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This actually is not the best approach in the relationships. Many Irish women keep all their worries and resentments inside till the moment they can’t bear it anymore and explode. Therefore the arguments with Irish girlfriends often turn out to be very passionate and almost aggressive. Be attentive, watch your girl carefully and if you think something is not right, suggest her to talk. It might take some time for her to learn to express her feelings openly, but it will definitely be much better than withholding it inside.

They are confident and educated

Apart from being beautiful, Irish girls are known to have good education and a broad worldview. They can support any discussion and are very good interlocutors. If you share similar interests with your Irish girlfriend, you will never get bored. And you might have to admit, your girl actually knows more than you do.

Where to meet Irish girls

There are a few ways you can get acquainted with an Irish woman:

  • Go to a pub. Sociable and easy-going Irish people have nothing against chatting to someone in a pub with a glass of beer. So if you visit an Irish pub or a bar, there are great chances you will meet somebody and leave together with a new girlfriend or at least a friend;
  • At a traditional Irish event. Music sessions are especially good. If you like Irish culture, it won’t be just a way to meet new people for you, but also an enjoyable entertainment;
  • At festivals. There are multiple festivals of various kinds held all over Ireland annually. Just visit one of them, depending on your interests and you will meet thousands of like-minded people. Again, a few drinks and the communication is established;
  • At sports events. Irish people are keen on sports. And this is another way you can build a bond with somebody through common interests - just visit a sporting event somewhere in Ireland. You will be surrounded by dozens of sports fans at the same time and after the game is over, you can share your impressions and start a conversation this way;
  • Through other Irish friends. As communicative Irish people are, they will easily introduce you to their group of friends, and maybe something will spark between you and some of them. And at some point you might be invited to an Irish wedding - this is where you’ll be able to meet even more people.

Online dating in Ireland

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Though Irish people might not always admit they are using online dating platforms, they definitely do. And looking for a partner online is a rapidly growing trend in Ireland. Over the past decade, the number of people looking for a significant other on an online dating platform was growing more and more. Nowadays, people of all ages in Ireland admit, they are or were using a dating site at some point.

There is no longer a need to spare some time for dating, since you only need internet access.

Irish girls join dating sites for several reasons. First of all, many of them are very busy with studies and caress, which is why they just can’t spend too much time outside and party as often. But the desire to establish the love life is still there. Creating a profile on an online dating website definitely helps. There is no longer a need to spare some time for dating, since you only need internet access. And with modern technologies, a smartphone is perfectly enough to enjoy dating.

Many girls in Ireland also struggle with finding the right partner because of their preferences or interests. Online dating comes in handy to solve this problem, since good dating sites have customizable searching systems, which allow you to include any possible criteria you want. This way you can communicate exactly with like-minded individuals and be sure you and your future partner have the same worldview. offers you a great opportunity to look for Irish girls online. Here are just a few features of the website, which attract many users:

  • It has a great reputation. With over 25 years of experience, became a platform for thousands of couples to meet. Many of them are now successfully married, which means the compatibility is definitely on point;
  • It is trustworthy. No scammers or fraudsters can be met on The website is very well moderated, so you can feel perfectly safe while dating here. And you can be sure none of the data you insert while signing up will go anywhere;
  • It is convenient. Even those, who have never used the dating sites before, can easily get used to the interface. It is also available in the form of a mobile app, which makes it even more convenient;
  • There are many people here. It is important, because the more people are registered on a dating site, the more chances you get to meet somebody you will like.

You can use to look for single Irish girls wherever you are. Just create a profile, set the searching system and start messaging. Your Irish love is definitely somewhere over there, waiting for your ice-breaker text.

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