Dating Italian girls

For most people Italy looks like heaven - the country has excellent weather, beautiful nature, tasty food and a lot of attractive people. Italy is a country where life seems to be much more pleasant than in many other countries - so millions of tourists visiting this place regularly dream of moving there.

  • Cristian, 27
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Nikola, 33
    Odesa, Ukraine
  • Zah, 39
    Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
  • Iris, 34
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Paula, 31
    Mendoza, Argentina , Colombia
  • Emma, 23
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Michael, 39
    Portofino, Italy
  • Nezam, 41
    Calgary, Canada
  • Bobby, 44
    Auderghem, Belgium
  • Noah, 48
    Sydney, Australia
  • Theodora, 37
    Abuja, Nigeria
  • 陈勇为 Michael, 34
    Beijing, China

Those people know how to enjoy life. Even if you don’t permanently live in Italy and just go there for a holiday there is always an opportunity to meet one of the pretty Italian girls and fall in love! Lots of women dream about dating an Italian man, so it’s no surprise that many guys love the idea of dating gorgeous Italian women. Nowadays it’s extremely easy to be in touch with people all over the world, so even a small trip to Italy can grow into starting a serious relationship. Italian women will definitely charm you - but what makes them so appealing?

Why are Italian girls so attractive?

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Italy is also famous for the stunning beauty of the local women. Those ladies are full of life and can charm any man easily: they are loud and expressive but at the same time they can be extremely caring and loving. People want to date and marry them and adore their gorgeous looks. They are not submissive, they have character and personality and that makes them even more desirable. The passionate temper of the Italians is worldwide famous: you can recognize an Italian wherever you are because of their emotional speech, gestures and tone of their voice. Dating and having a relationship with such a beautiful woman brings the colours into any man’s life.

They have amazing taste and dress perfectly, so their clothing usually suits them very well. A lot of famous beauties also have a bit of Italian origin. But appearance is not the only advantage that they have!

Italian women usually have soft dark eyes, profound gaze, long wavy hair and slim feminine figures. They have amazing taste and dress perfectly, so their clothing usually suits them very well. A lot of famous beauties also have a bit of Italian origin.

But appearance is not the only advantage that they have! The Italians are smart and intelligent, they can do business and be great fans of culture. The Italians usually can cook greatly and know how to enjoy life. Italian women are homemakers: they know how to create comfort and make everything cosy and stylish at the same time. They are perfect to create a family with or simply date.

Italian dating rules

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There are a lot of dating rules which are pretty universal and work in most countries: they can easily be seen in romantic movies, books and TV shows, and you probably already know or even follow some of them. The fact is that one of the most important things is being polite and respectful - that always works while dating regardless of the country. But there are also some details which are typical for the Italians and they can help you to date efficiently.

  • Even though most of the Italians are more passionate and expressive than the others, it doesn’t mean that you need to pretend to be the same if you’re not. Just like in any country, there are extraverted and introverted people, so you will be able to find a perfect girl for you even if you’re not as passionate as a rom-com character. Don’t try to be more expressive than you are! It doesn’t look attractive and sometimes even makes people think that you try to mimic them by using the most obvious stereotypes about the Italians. So just be yourself;
  • Get used to your date showing up late. It’s a pretty stereotypical thing, but it’s often true: the Italians tend not to be in a hurry and can sometimes be fifteen or twenty minutes late (or sometimes even more). At least nowadays it’s easy to send a message and ask where they are. Also, these people often start serious relationships lately: don’t be surprised to start dating over 30 in Italy;
  • Dress up! Both Italian men and women love wearing good-looking and stylish clothes and take care of themselves, so do the same! It’s often said that a nice haircut and a good suit can make any man attractive. So be sure to look your best before going on a date with her;
  • It’s much more important to have good social skills than to know the Italian culture perfectly. You might not speak about any famous Italian artists or sculptors with a lady you on a date with, but she’ll appreciate it if you have a good sense of humour and can keep a conversation. Don’t be shy and reserved: relax, smile and behave friendly and cheerful. Many Italians are very self-confident, and that trait of the character is usually extremely attractive. Even if sometimes the Italians do impulsive and spontaneous things, they somehow manage to be extremely appealing, so don’t be afraid to be a little bit crazy. Not too much though;
  • Italians express their affection openly, so be ready for lots of PDA. Even if you’re not extremely into it, it’s better to get used in advance: it’s totally normal to hug or kiss your partner publicly and no one will judge you. Even if you definitely aren’t going to behave just like the Italians do, at least don’t be judgemental towards the others;
  • Even if the Italians are passionate, it doesn’t mean that they are obsessed with sex. For most of them, the flirting and playing period is much more interesting and exciting than getting into someone’s bedroom: it’s considered to be just a destination on a passionate and expressive journey. In many other countries, intimacy is something that happens much more often but it doesn’t usually have such emotions as in Italy. Don’t be nervous: there will be everything that you want, but you need to wait a little bit;
  • If an Italian person calls you their Fidanzato (fiance), that means that they have some serious feelings for you and your relationship has made a level up. At the same time, it doesn’t mean that they literally are going to marry you soon - it’s more like a metaphor to show how serious things are. Another important thing is to meet your partner’s parents. Don’t be stressed and relax: it’s a serious step, but meeting someone’s parents usually has a pretty friendly vibe and you will probably spend a wonderful time together.

Italian online dating

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