Dating Korean girls

You might know about Korean girls from doramas, but they are much more than the cinema of their country wants them to be. And if you think that a Korean woman is nothing more but a beautiful appearance, you are very much mistaken.

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Dating Korean girls, you should be totally aware of all the cultural aspects they grew up with. Even though Asian countries are rapidly developing now, they are still extremely traditional and definitely different from the Western world. We suggest you the opportunity to meet beautiful Korean girls while having the right approach to their unique oriental heart and enjoying Asian dating.

Korean girls are busy and educated

It is absolutely impossible to imagine a Korean woman sitting at home. They are always busy, they love building careers and doing their job in general. Even though girls in Korea are grown to be good mothers and wives, they still value their personal development a lot. They can be successful businesswomen and amazing team leaders. Don’t underestimate the importance of a job for a Korean girl. She can be extremely good at her position and if you don’t appreciate it, she will be insulted.

Don’t underestimate the importance of a job for a Korean girl.

Education is another important thing. Graduating Korean school and university is a big deal for any local person. Exams are often unrealistically hard to pass, so if you find out your girl has a university degree, she can bear anything in her life. But that also raises the standards local women have for their significant others: such a well-educated girl definitely wants someone equally smart by her side.

They look oh so good

Beauty standards in South Korea are very high. The beauty industry is raging, presenting more and more beauty tools and procedures. There is that image of an ideal woman each Korean lady has in her head, and they all try to achieve this result. Consequently, there is a huge number of plastic surgeries here, and the beauty routine of a Korean woman is known worldwide for its complexity.

Don’t be tricked by the natural look all Korean girls are going for. Even though they look like they woke up like this, they probably have a ton of make-up on their faces.

a portrait of a beautiful Asian woman

They are afraid to be seen as easy

Because Western guys have been treating hot Korean girls with extra attention in the past years, they started treating men with a bit of suspicion. Many local women think that guys from Europe and America are womanizers and only look for short-term affairs due to the beautiful appearance of Korean girls. You’ll have to work really hard to break this prejudice, and don’t expect a girl to start dating you immediately after you suggest. These stereotypes about white men not taking Korean girls seriously grew deep in their heads.

Many local women think that guys from Europe and America are womanizers and only look for short-term affairs due to the beautiful appearance of Korean girls. You’ll have to work really hard to break this prejudice.

The advice here is simple: treat her respectfully. If she says something is unacceptable, don’t try to persuade her otherwise, embrace that you will have different views and you will have to deal with them. If you really have serious intentions, she will understand it with time.

They are kind of materialistic

Having a steady source of income is very important for Korean girls. First of all, they look forward to the future and want their future husband to be able to provide the family with enough money. But there is another side to their materialism as well.

Think about how much your girlfriend spends on various kinds of cosmetic procedures and clothes to look the way you are used to seeing her. She truly needs a fortune to have such an appearance. Not to say about plastic surgeries - they are very common here in Korea and a woman would probably be much more judged if she didn’t have any alterations made. But at the same time, these surgeries cost a lot of money.

Materialism is also widely spread in Korean culture in general. Just like in the USA, people like wealth. From some point of view Korean materialism might seem a bit too extreme though, but this is because the country went through the process of industrialization pretty quickly and people got much more than they could afford before.

an asian woman’s portrait taken outdoors

Family aspects

Koreans are all very family-oriented, which is why if it feels like you are dating seriously, your girlfriend will bring up a topic of marriage every now and then. Korean girls like to dream about their wedding, the perfect white dress, the ideal venue. Don’t consider it necessarily as a demand to get married immediately, but also don’t think you’ll be able to avoid marriage at all.

Speaking of families, parents play a very important role in the life of any Korean girl. Meeting the parents is a sign of serious relationships, and you’ll have to behave impeccably when it happens. Korean women want their parents and their significant others to have good relationships, so you will have to make an effort to make them fall in love with you.

Korean women want their parents and their significant others to have good relationships.

Koreans also tend to live with their families before they get married. It is very uncommon to move in with a partner before the engagement. The reason is very materialistic though - it is much better to save money and buy your own apartment than keep on renting one for ages.

Dates and presents

Korean girls love attention from the side of their significant other. So you should do everything people might expect from an ideal man. First of all - pay the bill. In Korea this practice exists for ages and ages might pass before going dutch will become a social norm. There are some feminist women who might ask you to split the bill - don’t argue and let her do that, if she asks. But generally it is fully male responsibility.

Don’t forget about making gifts sometimes. Korean girls love to get small surprises every now and then. And if you think that there should be a special occasion to make presents, no worries, there is one. In Korea there is a St. Valentine’s day equivalent, but instead of having such a holiday once a year, they have it every month. And your girlfriend would expect exchanging gifts on such a day. Be prepared and keep that in mind. You don’t have to go wild to surprise your girlfriend, even a small gift will be a great sign of attention.

a beautiful Asian girl posing indoors

Online dating in South Korea

Online dating is quite widespread in South Korea. Young Korean girls and guys register on dating apps not only to find love, but also to get engaged with new people. They love to chat and are happy to meet new interlocutors.

Young Korean girls and guys register on dating apps not only to find love, but also to get engaged with new people.

There is a reason why Korean online dating is so popular. People here are quite busy with their lives, having to balance family, career and education. This leads to little free time, which means less abilities to go outside and spend time with friends. There are just not so many ways Koreans can meet a significant other in real life.

Many Koreans also admit they come to the dating sites just to interact with people from different countries. They like to organize language exchanges and chat to foreigners. And if a connection sparks at some point, it will be great. But if no, having a friend is also amazing.

If you are in need of a trustworthy platform for dating single Korean girls, is a great option. Here is why:

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