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Mongolia is one of the most unusual and unique countries in the world: a motherland of Chinggis Khan, a land of endless steppes and prairies, a place, where you can see unbelievable sceneries and amazing culture of local people. It’s a country which is definitely worth visiting, though it’s not an extremely popular place for tourists. If you are interested in history, old unique culture and customs, breathtaking natural landscapes and stunning Asian women who can be modest and quiet but free-spirited and wild at the same time.

  • Mina, 30
    Oujda, Morocco
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    undefined, Seychelles
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    Cebu City, Philippines
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    Bogotá, Colombia
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    Paris, France
  • Mariia, 37
    Berlin, Germany
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    Sydney, Australia
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    NY, Ukraine
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    Medellín, Colombia
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    Hangzhou, China
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    São Paulo, Brazil
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    New York, USA

The country is a unique source of inspiration and old traditions which have been preserved through centuries and still can be seen in many aspects of modern Mongolian life. Mongolia has Tibetan Buddhism, communism, nomad and many other pieces of culture which have created a great heritage influencing people’s lives and views. Mongolian people love and understand nature, they respect their country and their roots, they remember about their culture while improving their standards of living, education and knowledge about the world around them. It’s a great place to see with your own eyes, and it’s not only beautiful Mongolian nature which attracts so many enthusiastic looks - but gorgeous Mongolian women are also liked by men not only in Mongolia but also all over the world. If you’re interested in dating single Mongolian ladies, then learn more about their culture and customs which can help you to understand these people and their views better.

a young modern Mongolian girl smiling and posing with a cup of coffee

Why men love dating beautiful Mongolian women

There are lots of amazingly beautiful ladies all over the world: though beauty is in the eyes of a beholder, it’s hard to deny that there are some ladies who look stunning for almost everyone. People have different preferences and tastes: while some of them are deeply connected with a person’s culture and upbringing, others are based on their personal preferences and likes. People can be mad about different hair and eye colours, they love different body types and characters and it’s hard to find an ultimate beautiful woman who will be loved by everyone. At the same time, there are a few factors which can help everyone to find the most attractive and pleasant partner for them by appearance and behaviour.

Many local women are very sporty from their childhood, so they have feminine yet athletic bodies which look beautiful and attractive in any culture.

There are lots of people who are crazy about Asian ladies: they have a very unique type of beauty and can be real natural stunners who easily steal men’s hearts. Their petite bodies and delicate unusual faces make many guys lose their heads: a stereotypical Asian beauty can be shy and feminine yet strong and freedom-loving. For many guys, it’s not that easy to understand a woman but it’s even harder to understand a mysterious oriental soul: these people have so many customs, traditions and cultural features which are new for Western people that it takes a lot of time to learn more about them in advance. There are a few things why men all over the world love Mongolian women and why they want to date them:

  • They have unique beautiful faces. Every Asian country has some distinctive features which can be seen in local women’s beauty: for instance, Mongolian ladies usually have high and wide cheekbones and deep sharply cut eyes. It not only creates their unique and recognizable look but also their perfect natural protection from cold and bright sunlight. These ladies have very unique facial features which look very harmonic and attractive and they also usually have beautiful smiles because of their straight and white teeth: their healthy diet of high calcium products gives them many advantages and their great genes turn them into natural stunners;
  • These ladies have killing curves. Though there’s a stereotype about Asian women being very slim and petite, it doesn’t mean that they can’t be curvy: Mongolian women have beautiful feminine bodies which are wrapped in white and extremely soft skin. Many local women are very sporty from their childhood, so they have feminine yet athletic bodies which look beautiful and attractive in any culture;
  • Their temperament is liked by many men. Though lots of Mongolian ladies suit the stereotype about modest and shy Asian girls really well, they also have character: just like the harsh climate made the Vikings, the endless steppes of Mongolia have built local free-spirited and capable people. They are strong, determined and patient, they can withstand difficulties and keep their soft feminine nature at the same time;
  • Mongolian ladies are also intelligent. There is a high number of Mongolian women who study hard and invest lots of time, money and effort in their self-improvement: a modern Mongolian lady probably knows more than one foreign language and is very persistent and ambitious, so you’ll never be bored with her. These women are very hard-working because a hard steppe life taught them to be tough and work hard to achieve their goals and withstand all the difficulties they might face;
  • They can become amazing wives and mothers. Though these women have very strong characters, it doesn’t mean that they forget about their feminine sides: Mongolian ladies love and respect their husbands, they love children and they can become real homemakers and carers. They know how to bring comfort and a homely cosy atmosphere in every house: though the world might be cold and unfriendly, they can always keep a fire inside to warm up their closest people;
  • They respect their parents a lot. Mongolian women are very family-oriented: they love and respect their parents and listen to their advice and opinions about everything. These people respect the elderly and always try their best to help seniors around: there’s a bit of kindness for everyone in their hearts;
  • These ladies have self-respect. Though Mongolian women might look very modest and quiet, they still have dignity: through all history, their ancestor women worked hard with men and they know their strength and capabilities. Being respected and treated fairly is very important for every Mongolian lady;
  • They are sincere and loyal. Another quality of Mongolian women which is also extremely important for every relationship is their loyalty and reliability. These women don’t cheat and infidelity is uncommon there: local people know that it’s better to choose your partner wisely and to put all your efforts into improving your relationship than to date different people for short amounts of time. Being with a Mongolian beauty means being with a reliable and decent partner who can become your companion and friend for life.

a beautiful Mongolian woman wearing an ethnic-inspired costume on a festival

How to date a Mongolian beauty correctly

Every person who belongs to a specific culture understands that every country and culture has its norms, customs and traditions which can be seen not only in everyday routine but also in unwritten dating rules. People all over the world date differently and it’s explained not only by their personal preferences and views but also by their surroundings, upbringing, culture and traditions of their native country and people living around them. Mongolian people have a very distinctive culture which definitely has things you should know in advance: though these people are very open and tolerant towards other cultures, religions and views, your knowledge of local people’s views and preferences can help you a lot. There are some rules on how to date a Mongolian lady right:

  • Treat her respectfully. Every Mongolian lady values her dignity and reputation, so she won’t allow you to be rude and condescending with her. Be respectful and polite with her and she’ll respect and love you back;
  • Create a good first impression on her parents. Just like in any conservative family, your girlfriend’s parents have a strong influence on her and they can become a real dealbreaker in case you can’t create a good first impression on them. Be polite and respectful, tell about yourself and make them sure that you treat their daughter right and want only the best for her;
  • Don’t assume that she will marry you immediately. Though in many Eastern countries women tend to become married pretty early, there are lots of Mongolian women who understand that it’s always better to have an education and to build a career before creating a family. Therefore, these women are not just into finding breadwinners and husbands and becoming their housewives, they want to have accomplishments and keep their independence;
  • Avoid questions about her country and culture which might be perceived as condescending or offensive. There are lots of stereotypes about Mongolia and its people, so don’t even try to ask her whether she rides a horse every day or lives in a yurt in the middle of nowhere. These people love their country and its culture and they might find it offensive to hear that you know nothing about modern Mongolia and treat them as they are savages;
  • Don’t try to be too controlling. You should never assume that your Mongolian girlfriend is your property: it’s not just a woman who’s next to you, she’s also a personality with her own needs, opinions, interests and goals. She won’t be a housemaid or a quiet subservient wife who rarely talks and only smiles politely - she has personality and you have to deal with it.

a portrait of a young Mongolian woman

Meet amazing Mongolian girls on

Though Mongolia is a beautiful country which can attract visitors with its amazing sceneries and history, there are lots of people who have no opportunity to go there and explore the country. This fact doesn’t mean that you have no chance to meet a beautiful Mongolian lady and date her: lots of these bright women move abroad to study and work there and can be seen in many countries all over the world. Also, there are lots of people using modern technologies and looking for new interesting people online in Mongolia: new technologies have been developing rapidly there, so your chances to meet your beautiful Mongolian lady online are pretty high. Online dating is a perfect opportunity for people all over the world to find friends, companions and partners: no matter who you are and where you are from, there are various online dating sites that can help you to meet your perfect soulmate and find happiness with them.

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