Dating single Welsh girls

Wales is an amazing place with its own language, culture and traditions, which attract people all over the world who want to see the gorgeous Welsh landscape and nature. The feeling of freedom combined with a strong sense of belonging - that’s the captivating atmosphere of Wales, and it clearly can be seen in local people. People coming there enjoy all the stunning sceneries of the place and many of them dream of moving there, and there is no better reason to do that than dating Welsh girls.

  • Ysabel, 44
    Bogotá, Colombia
  • Adelina, 29
    Jiaxing, China
  • Silvina, 47
    Los Angeles, USA
  • Veronika, 29
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Lera, 26
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Samantha, 25
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Karina, 23
    Boca Raton, USA
  • Natalia, 44
    New York, USA
  • Antony, 43
    Paris, France
  • Patti, 28
    Barranquilla, Colombia
  • Damian, 38
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • Natalya, 50
    Bari, Italy

Welsh girls are attractive in a very special cosy way: they are often seen as the pieces of warmth and home-like peace amid windy and wild rocky sceneries. They are cheerful and attractive, they have an interesting personality and never fail to amaze. A lot of Welsh girls are fair-haired and pale with long wavy hair and grey or blue eyes. Their smiles might seem a little bit shy if you don’t know them well, but then when you become closer you’ll see that they love having fun and laughing a lot. There is always a place for spontaneity and quirkiness in a Welsh girl, so you’ll never get bored!

What you should know about dating a Welsh girl

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Cute Welsh girls are perfect for serious long-lasting relationships and dating, but there are some facts about them you should be aware of. Just like any other woman, a Welsh girl might have her special features you need to remember about: dating these ladies is pretty different from dating American women because every country has its own special features.

  • Have you ever heard of Cwtch? Welsh girls have created this term to describe warm and comfortable hugs while cuddling under the warm blanket and watching TV on a cosy winter evening. Everyone can hug, but only Welsh can Cwtch - at least only them can do it correctly. Even though the closest translation in English is “to hug”, the Welsh put so much more into this word;
  • They can sing wonderfully. There is nothing more inspiring and captivating than a beautifully singing attractive girl. A lot of famous singers and musicians are from Wales or have a Welsh origin, so there is no surprise that a chance to meet an attractive Welsh girl with an angelic voice is extremely high there;
  • They love their mams! There is a great value of mothers in Welsh families and they can often be seen as pretty matriarchal. Local mams are strong, wise, responsible and you should be liked by your Welsh girl’s mam to be approved. Those women can provide you with really great advice and a comfortable home atmosphere or be the reason for the end of your relationship if you do something wrong. So respect a Welsh mam and love her;
  • Welsh accent can be extremely attractive. You will probably be conquered by the manner of how those people speak: their soft and gentle singsong voices are extremely romantic and suit them perfectly. You’ll get it from the moment you see your Welsh love: it’s impossible to resist;
  • They are affectionate. Those people can give you tons of their tenderness and care and they still will be able to give you even more. They love holding arms, hugs and kisses, they love making presents and tiny pleasant surprises to show their affection and the fact they love and care for their partners. Even though all people are different and it’s not correct to use generalizations be prepared to have a very emotional and warm-hearted partner;
  • Welsh girls are loyal and down-to-earth. They can really appreciate their partners without idealizing them: they simply love their significant others the way they are. Loyalty is considered extremely important there too: local people are honest, they have their honour and will never betray someone they love;
  • They are very romantic. Wales is sometimes called “the Land of Princesses and Dragons” and it suits the land perfectly. Its amazing nature with picturesque sceneries and wonderful sights creates extremely romantic and poetic people fulfilled with the local atmosphere. You’ll catch the vibe as soon as you come there!

Try online Welsh dating on

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Online dating has become extremely popular not only in Wales but also all over the world. This approach in dating has a lot of undeniable advantages while being compared with traditional dating. Internet-dating is convenient, safe and exciting: everyone can find a perfect partner matching all the preferences and likes easily. People can choose preferable age, height, weight, hair and eye colour, location, interests, hobbies and values, etc. A perfect soul mate with an attractive appearance and beautiful mind can be easily found online.

Internet-dating is convenient, safe and exciting. unites lonely hearts online for more than 25 years and has great working experience in the field. Millions of people from more than 30 countries all over the world have already found their happiness there. It doesn’t matter whether you want to date locally while being in Wales or find an attractive Welsh partner while being abroad - helps its users to have without borders and limits. Distance is not a problem anymore!

If you’re in love with Wales and dream of living there or are lucky to be the Welsh, then will help you to find your love online. Find yourself an attractive Welsh girl for dating and relationships and bring colours to your life!

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