Dating single Albanian guys

Every woman dreaming of a perfect partner, who is strong, protective, caring and can be a real defender and breadwinner should try dating an Albanian man. Those guys are famous for their masculine looks and strong character and attract a lot of women wherever they are. A hot mixture of spicy fierce personality and deep respect to their honourable roots make those men determined, loyal, truthful and ready to fight for people and things they love and feel responsible for.

  • Abbas, 38
    Beirut, Lebanon
  • Aldo, 25
    Milan, Italy
  • Queen, 24
    NHS, USA
  • Zhara F. , 31
    Venezuela , Venezuela
  • Mia, 46
    Chonqging, China
  • Elena, 40
    Medellín, Colombia
  • na, 33
    beijing, China
  • Veronika, 29
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Esmeralda, 27
    Caracas, Venezuela
  • Maximiliano, 50
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Levi, 36
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • Brian , 53
    Los Angeles, USA

Even though Albanian culture tends to be pretty patriarchal and those men tend to dominate and be leaders of their families, they are well-known for being non-misogynists and respectful towards women. They usually see women as sacred and wish to protect them at any cost. The difficult history of the country was connected with many wars and it had a great influence on the Albanian culture. But even in peaceful times, men love to be responsible for their families and their well-being.

What you should remember about dating an Albanian man

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Even though it’s usually better to avoid generalizations, there are some common traits you can face while dating an Albanian man: just like dating an Italian man has its special features, these guys also have their unique traits. Read the article to be aware of some features of Albanian dating culture;

  • Just like in many countries having a big number of Islamic people, families come first there. You should be ready to admit that the family reputation and approval of parents mean a lot for Albanian people. So try to make a great first impression on his parents to be liked by them - that’s very important there;
  • It’s pretty traditional for Albanian mothers to send their children and their partners parcels of home-made goods. Don’t even try to refuse and don’t forget to thank your partner’s mother later;
  • Most local men can’t cook and don’t understand the concept of having a housekeeper, so it’s pretty common to see men who don’t do any household chores even while dating over 30. In most Albanian families wives do all the house chores by themselves, so you will probably be expected to do the same;
  • Those people will make you sure that they will have your back no matter what. The atmosphere of union and feeling that you belong there will probably appear very soon in Albania;
  • Those people are very emotional and can often be described by “hot Albanian blood”. They sometimes swear a lot and can be very expressive when they are sad, happy, angry or disappointed. Also, they are very patriotic and it’s better to avoid having any politically-based arguments with them. While being in relationships with an Albanian person don’t be surprised to see jealousy in your partner: it’s considered to be a measure of love there;
  • You’ll love a lot of new things after living there for a while! There are a lot of unusual local dishes you might find delicious, the local music is pretty catchy even if you don't understand what those songs are about, and a lot of people become real patriots of their host country;
  • Even though sometimes those people might look very stubborn and traditional, they are actually ready to learn new things and change their views if they see logical and well-explained reasons for that. Respect their point of view and don’t be afraid of explaining your own - and you’ll always find a compromise!

Albanian online dating

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