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Japan is a very special country by any means: its history, traditions and views are so different from what Western people are used to that it attracts millions of people all over the globe every year. Everything there is filled with an amazing and vibrant atmosphere: this place seems to be both extremely modern and close to nature and its historical roots. Japan has created lots of unbelievable new technologies which amaze the world, but also they have influenced our culture and media so much that it’s impossible to confuse this Japanese influence and heritage with anything else. Whether you’re a huge fan of Japanese history or interested in modern Japanese media and content such as anime, manga or video games - you definitely know what differs Japanese products from titles all over the globe.

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Japan is not only a country of the newest technologies but also a country where you can find breathtakingly beautiful nature and amazing sights. There are lots of beautiful landscapes and sights which can make you stare and amaze their beauty: Japanese people care for their nature and environment, so they manage to preserve lots of areas where you can enjoy nature without harming it. Mountains, rivers, green hills, forests and valleys - all these things can be found there and in real life they look even better than in some pictures. Every country all over the globe can learn from Japan: they take their nature and its well-being seriously and know how to treat it with respect. Japanese ecology allows local men and women to live longer and feel better: it’s a perfect country to move there and spend the rest of your life.

There are lots of attractive, intelligent, polite and modern people there.

Japan is a great place not only for travelling and experiencing something new but also for meeting new people and finding your potential partners for Asian dating. It’s not only a great reason to move to Japan one day, but also an amazing opportunity to learn a bit more about Japanese customs and traditions and to have a chance to experience Japanese dating. There are lots of attractive, intelligent, polite and modern people there: though Japanese people are pretty conservative and traditional in many ways, they also tend to be extremely modern and have broad views on various things. Japan is full of contrasts but also a country of awareness and reasonable approaches - so that’s a perfect place to meet a perfect man for dating and relationships there.

Why ladies like dating Japanese guys

a modern asian man in a suit posing outdoors

It’s no surprise that everything new attracts people a lot - but that’s not the biggest reason for Western ladies to fall in love with attractive Japanese guys. Though there is a tendency of Japanese women being more popular abroad than Japanese men, these guys are also liked by many women all over the world: some ladies become interested in them after seeing some Japanese doramas, some are in love with Japan and its people because of anime and video games, and the others are just interesting modern life of Japan and therefore find many local guys very handsome. They truly are: though lots of attractive and popular Korean idols use plastic surgeries and lots of care cosmetics to look flawless, many Japanese men have great genetics and look very handsome naturally. Many of them have attractive facial features and their bodies are slim and young for many years. Their healthy diet and pace of life improves their health and teaches them to take good care of themselves - and results are often very impressive.

A Japanese man is often seen as a breadwinner, a hardworking husband who provides for his family and is completely responsible for its well-being.

Slim, fair-skinned, intelligent and neat Japanese guys can easily attract women who are into well-mannered and ambitious men. There’s an almost stereotypical image of a Japanese man wearing a strict office suit and looking very serious and focused - and there are lots of Japanese men who are like that. A Japanese man is often seen as a breadwinner, a hardworking husband who provides for his family and is completely responsible for its well-being: therefore, many Japanese men are very serious and determined, they concentrate on their job a lot and work hard to climb on their career ladders higher and higher. Japanese guys know that hard work pays off, so they can be really reliable and responsible boyfriends, husbands and fathers. Being with a Japanese guy means feeling a strong man’s shoulder close to you, but that’s not everything which makes these men so attractive:

  • They look like anime characters. It might sound funny, but it’s pretty true: neat and stylish Japanese men in suits often look very attractive and they actually remind anime characters sometimes. Obviously, they don’t have colourful hair or huge manga eyes, but their attractive facial features and elegant slim figures make them very appealing. They often look like attractive sketches of manga artists - and that’s what many ladies all over the world like about them. Of course, it’s a bit shallow to put so much attention to people’s looks, but being attracted to your partner is a very important thing - so enjoy it;
  • Japanese men are workaholics. A typical Japanese man is a hardworking and responsible guy who values good education and knows that his hard work can give him lots of benefits in the future. Many family-oriented Japanese men think about their future wives and children in advance and they know that providing for a family is a pricey thing, so it’s better to be financially stable and confident before having one. Women love this feeling of security and protection they have when they date Japanese guys - because nothing is sexier than a guy who acts like a responsible and mature man he is;
  • They are very polite. Japanese politeness is pretty famous all over the world: these people deeply respect their bosses, seniors, older friends and parents and behave very politely with them. The same goes with Japanese attitude to women: local guys treat women as real ladies and they always avoid being rude or disrespectful towards them. Japanese guys know that men shouldn’t offend or abuse women - and they stick to that rule. Men who are clearly disinterested might seem cold, but not offensive - and that’s what women like about these guys a lot;
  • Lots of Japanese men are shy. Japanese people teach their kids modesty and respectful attitude towards others - so many of them grow up pretty shy and quiet. Though some women prefer men to be initiative and self-confident, the shyness of Japanese guys is often considered very cute and adorable. Also, Japanese men being shy doesn’t mean that they have no dignity and self-respect: they can be very quiet with women in the very beginning of their relationships, but they still have confidence and always act appropriately;
  • They are intelligent. There are many well-educated and very intelligent men in Japan: they value their education and study hard to accomplish their goals. Remembering all the technical progress in Japan, it’s easy to see that there are lots of extraordinary smart people who improve themselves all the time. Being with a Japanese man means that you date an intelligent person who knows a lot about the world and put lots of efforts into self-improvement - which is always a good thing;
  • These guys care for their girlfriends. Japanese men have their approach to chivalry: a local guy always wants to know that his girlfriend is comfortable, that she feels fine and everything seems appropriate and fine to her. These people have lots of romantic rituals and can have really enjoyable and beautiful dates - and that’s something that ladies love a lot.

How to date a Japanese guy correctly

a young asian man in a suit smiling

Though there are a few dating rules which are true for every relationship all over the world, every country still has its own features formed by its history, traditions and cultural background. Countries differ by their views and customs connected with dating, there are various dating rules which are unwritten but still important for people, there are many things which are seen appropriate or inappropriate because of people’s views and norms. Though Japan is much more liberal than many conservative oriental countries, these people still have lots of strict rules which influence their behaviour and relationships a lot. Though it’s essential to be less open and affectionate in public places in many countries, and that’s definitely not the only thing you should remember while dating a foreigner: to be successful in dating Japanese guys you need to understand their culture and customs better.

Though Japan is much more liberal than many conservative oriental countries, these people still have lots of strict rules which influence their behaviour and relationships a lot.

Though in many ways Japanese dating is different from Western dating, it doesn’t mean that it’s impossible to get used to it or to even enjoy this type of dating a lot. Being a bit different is not always bad: there are many Western women who date Japanese guys and who are absolutely in love with their approach to dating and relationships. We’re all different and it’s hard to say whether Japanese dating is suitable for everyone or not, but if you’re interested in attractive Japanese men - then it’s definitely worth trying:

  • Make the first step. Though there’s a stereotype about very reserved and shy Japanese ladies being idealized in Japan, there are lots of guys with pretty different tastes there. Lots of Japanese men are shy and they can be even shyer when it comes to foreign ladies - so don’t be afraid of taking the initiative and making the first step. Approach interesting guys and make it easier for them to ask you out;
  • Don’t be pushy. Japanese people tend to date slowly: they want to know their partners better before making any serious decisions. They never want to force anything: both Japanese men and women need time to learn their partners better and to understand their feelings: they want to have a good level of mutual understanding and awareness before they feel ready to have serious relationships. Learn to wait and use this time to know more about your partner;
  • Learn Japanese - at least a bit of it. Though there are many modern Japanese people who know English well enough to communicate, it’s still not enough: there are so many specific words and terms in Japanese which can’t be translated properly that it might be very tiring for both of you to find the most suitable words all the time. Make it easier for your partner and start learning Japanese in advance: this action will show your partner that you respect his language and culture and are ready to integrate into Japanese society;
  • Don’t show your affection in public. PDA’s are inappropriate there: though many Japanese couples hold hands while being on dates, they definitely don’t hug or kiss in public. Don’t try to be too physically close to your partner in public: it might make him feel uncomfortable and confused and it also can spoil his impression of you;
  • Behave politely. Politeness is essential in Japan: there are lots of rules every person should know to be seen as a polite and well-behaving person there. Learn more about things which are essential in Japan: they bow to show their respect, they take their footwear off when they enter the house, they never talk on their cell phones in public transport - all these things are important there;
  • Be open. Though many Japanese people are pretty shy and reserved, it doesn’t mean that they can read minds: lots of couples have problems there because they tend to hide their feelings and emotions and bury them deep inside. Learn to be a bit more open and sincere: though it doesn’t mean that you should be overly emotional or expressive, you definitely should think of comfortable ways you can use to express your opinions and views. Be direct about things which you don’t like and want to change - and your Japanese boyfriend will appreciate that.

Find hot Japanese guys online on

a portrait of a serious middle-aged asian man

Japanese people are very advanced and they love new technologies: there are lots of amazing gadgets and high-tech developments which appear in this country every year. Therefore, it’s easy to imagine many Japanese people using their gadgets a lot: there are lots of people interested in the newest smartphones and laptops every year. Also, many Japanese people use online dating services to meet new friends and potential partners: in a country full of very shy and intelligent people it’s much easier to meet someone compatible and like-minded for dating and relationships. Online dating is a great chance for Japanese people to know their potential partners better in advance: it’s much easier to have a first date with a person whose interests, hobbies and preferences you already know. At the same time, your emotions can be even stronger: seeing someone you like for the first time after days or even weeks of interesting communication is extremely heartwarming and exciting.

Online dating is a great chance for Japanese people to know their potential partners better in advance. is one of the biggest international dating platforms which unites singles all over the world for more than 25 years. People of different ages, religions, nationalities and preferences go online to meet their love: the service has an extremely user-friendly interface which makes it easy for everyone to join and to open an amazing world of online dating and long-distance relationships. Meet attractive single Japanese men who are ready for dating and new relationships in their lives and write your beautiful love story with!

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