Dating single Persian guys

There are many women interested in Persian men: they are well-known for being attractive, hot-tempered and ready to do crazy things to conquer a beautiful girl’s heart: there are so many stories about oriental fairy-tales that lots of women would love to date a handsome and passionate Persian guy at least once in her life. There are lots of reasons to be interested in these men: they have many amazing features which are good for any potential boyfriend, husband or father.

  • Queen, 24
    NHS, USA
  • Wenfang, 54
    Chongqing, China
  • Mia, 46
    Chonqging, China
  • Aldo, 25
    Milan, Italy
  • Dr. Andrew Ville, 50
    Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • Guiying, 50
    Chongqing, China
  • Veronika, 29
    Kyiv, Ukraine
  • Robert, 36
    São Paulo, Brazil
  • Elena, 40
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Silvina, 46
    Los Angeles, USA
  • Brian , 53
    Los Angeles, USA
  • Levi, 36
    São Paulo, Brazil

What dating a Persian guy is like

a dark man in blue shirt is smiling and posing

It’s believed that many oriental men are very different from Western guys: their culture, customs and views have been formed and based on their history and culture, so it might be very difficult for a non-Persian woman to build a healthy and long-lasting relationship with them because their views on dating and relationships are pretty similar to dating customs and traditions in Turkey and other Muslim countries. In fact, lots of Persian men are very modern and convenient, they are well-aware of what’s happening around the world and lots of them have a very healthy attitude towards the world and their relationships. Stereotypes can’t describe each Persian man because they are all different and unique: though there are some features which are usually common for most of them, you should know a person better before creating your opinion about them. At the same time, there are a few things most Persian guys are famous for:

  • They are extremely attractive. Whether it’s their amazing genetics or their ability to take good care of themselves, but there are lots of unbelievably handsome Persian men. They tend to be pretty tall, dark and handsome: their skin varies from pretty fair to tanned, they have thick dark hair, their eyes might range from bright blue to black. There are lots of Persian men who wear beards but there are lots of smooth-shaven men for women who prefer men without a beard or a bristle. Also, these guys dress very well and they definitely have style;
  • They spend money on their girlfriends. It’s pretty traditional for a Persian guy to be seen as a future head of his family, so most of them are raised to become real men who provide and protect their families. Therefore, many Persian men love giving presents and gifts to their women because it shows their potential to become their husbands and fathers of their kids;
  • Persian men love to eat! And it’s no surprise: there are lots of delicious dishes of Persian cuisine, so most of them are used to it a lot. For instance, kebabs are liked by different people all over the world, but a real Persian kebab is even more delicious. So your potential Persian boyfriend would appreciate you to able to cook a few of his favourite dishes;
  • These men love their families and stay in touch with their relatives. It’s customary there to care for your parents and to love them: your Persian man will always be in touch with his mother, father and siblings by calling them and visiting them regularly. He will also respect your parents and treat them well because it’s a part of his culture and upbringing;
  • They always pay on dates. Just like with expensive presents and signs of attention, Persian men always insist on paying on dates. It’s customary for a local man to pay for a lady in restaurants and cafes not because you’re a woman and he’s unsure that you’re able to pay for yourself, but because he’s a man and he wants to treat you as a princess you are. It’s a man’s feature there to be responsible and caring for his lady, so enjoy it;
  • They are hospitable and friendly. It’s easy to meet people who are very cheerful and treat you like you've been friends forever there. It’s customary there to be very devoted to your family and friends, to love guests and parties and to be always ready to help people who are important for you.

Meet your Persian prince on

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Nowadays more and more people meet their love online: in our age of technologies people use their mobile phones and the Internet almost constantly and it opens lots of opportunities for online dating. People of different countries who have different views, traditions and family goals share their wish to find an amazing reliable partner for dating and relationships - and it’s totally possible online.

People of different countries who have different views, traditions and family goals share their wish to find an amazing reliable partner for dating and relationships - and it’s totally possible online. is one of the most convenient and effective ways to find your Persian man for dating and serious relationships: there are thousands of new users coming there regularly to meet their potential partners and to experience modern and convenient online dating. Regardless of your age, nationality, religion or views, there are hundreds and thousands of users who want the same as you do - and they are looking for you! Build your happiness and create a profile on to make your dreams come true!

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