How you can find love

No one likes being lonely and lots of people dislike being single as well: there are so many things connected with love and relationships around us that it’s hard not to see dating and finding your significant other as something extremely important in your life. Even when a person is concentrated on work and career, they still admit that love and relationships take an important place in a person’s life: it’s extremely pleasant to come home after a tough working day to see your significant other being happy to see you. Though some people are harmed by unsuccessful relationships, and they don’t want to risk ever again, they still often want someone “right” to come to their life and fix it: even the deepest heart wounds can be cured by someone who loves you and wants the best for you.

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For most people dating and love are extremely important: it’s hard to imagine a modern person who wouldn’t like to date anyone in their life. Love is everywhere: from books and songs to modern media we can see stories of people telling us about their feelings and romantic experience. It becomes even harder for singles to withstand the huge popularity of romance-related things in February: the St. Valentine’s day with all its cheesy romantic attributes and accessories follows them everywhere. A relationship itself has become a huge attribute of modern life: it’s a symbol of success, a sign of a popular and likeable person, it’s something which interests and motivates people all over the world. Whether you’re dating over 30 or 50, it’s an important period of your life. At the same time, it has always been a very personal and intimate thing for everyone: phrases like “happiness loves silence” show that most people who are truly excited and comfortable in their relationships don’t feel like telling the world too much about it.

Whether you’re a teenager who’s constantly asking yourself “where I can find my soulmate” or an adult interested in meeting a potential spouse, there’s nothing wrong with it: it’s a huge part of our culture, nature and self-determination. Almost every person in the world wants someone mentally close and like-minded to be around: while some people are happy enough when they have a few good friends, others understand that the warmth they need is romantic - so they become interested in looking for partners. Whether you have a great day or a bad one, being with your beloved one can improve the situation a lot: some amazing people make us every day better and it’s definitely worth trying your best to find them.

What mistakes you can make while looking for love

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It’s no secret that all people are different: while one person can get a few phone numbers of attractive strangers just after visiting a local pub with friends on Friday's night, another person might have never been dating anyone in their life. They both have different views and attitudes towards dating: their differences might be based on their behaviour, self-esteem, confidence or upbringing, but they definitely have different approaches on how to meet new attractive people. Our differences mean that some people are naturally talented in attracting people while others have to learn it by themselves, but it’s not only about knowing what to do to be liked by people around - it’s also about knowing what things to avoid unless you want to look strange or unappealing in other people’s eyes.

Our differences mean that some people are naturally talented in attracting people while others have to learn it by themselves.

Though every person’s story is unique and based on the difference of people’s characters, upbringing and views, there are a few things which can spoil your chances to meet the love of your life a lot. Not all advice is helpful: while some people do wrong things consciously, others are simply unaware that some of their actions can repel their potential partners a lot. We can’t be liked by everyone, but we definitely can improve our chances by avoiding these mistakes:

  • You don’t increase your chances by “not looking for love”. Some people are sure that things come to our life when we’re not obsessed with them” though sometimes it can actually work, it’s more likely to be just a correlation than a consequence. The phrase itself describes a person’s ability to wait long enough to achieve things they want so much but not just an indifferent and disinterested attitude. It often takes time and effort to find someone and it definitely requires your work and time to make your relationship great: pretending to be less interested in a real love than you really are can sometimes fool people around you but not your chances;
  • Some people spend too much time using their devices. Though it’s considered to be just a thing older people often say to younger generations, devices take lots of our time, concentration and ability to see things around us. It’s hard to find the love of your life for a person who’s completely absorbed in their newsfeed all the time. It can also spoil lots of relationships: people who spend too much time online don’t communicate properly and don’t feel or understand each other’s needs anymore;
  • It’s wrong to seek only romance - look for partnership instead. Though lots of young people are taught by romantic movies that everything should be extremely sensitive, romantic and toe-curling, the reality is often not that intense. All the compliments, flowers, exciting looks and cheesy words will probably fade away pretty soon, but a real partnership becomes stronger and stronger all the time. People learn how to communicate effectively, they learn more about each other’s habits and needs, they understand that their connection lies deeper than just affection - and that’s what important for a long-term and happy relationship;
  • Don’t expect your passion to burn forever. Though passion can sometimes make people do unbelievable things and make their relationship much more colourful and bright, there are lots of couples who admit that their passion has slowly faded away. It doesn’t mean they don’t like each other anymore or don’t find their partners attractive: it means that at some point communication and knowing more about each other should become more prominent than just physical attraction. our hormones tell us to lose our heads, but our hearts and minds can make our relationships truly amazing;
  • Though opposites attract sometimes, it rarely results in long-term healthy relationships. At some point, lots of people want to try something new and date someone who is completely different: whether the person is seen as mysterious and hard to understand or just too new and potentially enjoyable to be with, it’s not always a good idea to date people who have little to no common interests and traits of character with you. Though there are always exceptions, it’s not usually a great idea: even happy couples where partners are perceived as completely different usually have some similar views and beliefs which are not seen to others. Dating someone who’s not suitable can result in a bad break-up or a strange and confusing relationship - so think twice before getting involved in it;
  • Don’t pretend to be someone else. It’s not only bad because lying is a bad start for any relationship, it’s also bad because it requires lots of effort from you to make your imaginary personality work. It’s tiring and leads to anxiety: people who are so unconfident that they can’t date a new person without pretending to be someone better than they really often feel terrible and nervous about their relationships. Even if your partner’s trust doesn’t seem to be a high price to pay, think about your own emotions and feelings: a good relationship might require lots of work but it’s not supposed to be hard and exhausting;
  • Don’t pin for someone who's unavailable for you. Even though some movies teach us to stand our ground and be persistent, most relationships don’t work like that: a person who doesn’t like you won’t change their mind because you just can’t move on. Some people like testing their potential partners but it’s usually not about their trust issues - so be careful not to be involved in a dating game where a person just sees you as entertainment rather than a decent partner;
  • Don’t be desperate and learn to stop relationships which go wrong. Even if you’re sure that you’d never find anyone else if you broke up with your abusive or ignorant partner, it’s not true. There are lots of desperate people convinced that a bad relationship is still better than being single, but this approach has no self-respect and it can’t turn your bad relationship into a good one only because you’re ready to suffer. Sometimes it’s just time to move on and admit that this relationship has faded away.

What can actually help you to find love

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Almost everyone knows a person who claims that they know everything about love and relationships: this person often gives advice, judges other people’s approaches and says that it’s extremely easy to find a partner whether you prefer short romantic adventures or long serious relationships. Of course, for most people this question is much more complicated: we don’t always know a stranger’s story, their relationship status or preferences to be sure whether your approach might work or not. Therefore, the best decision everyone can make is to concentrate on their own mindset and expectations: if you are the only person you can really influence, then it’s always better to work with what you have.

It’s easy to understand that people act differently: it’s a bad idea to force an introvert to act like an extravert and vice versa and so on. At the same time, there are things which usually work for everyone: some advice tends to be more useful and ultimate than others. The question is not just to find someone who agrees to go on a date with you - it lies much deeper because a real relationship requires effort and time. Just affection and passion don’t guarantee happiness - there’s always something more than lies deeper and makes a great relationship so enjoyable. There are a few things you should remember about:

  • Follow your heart and visit places where people with similar interests and hobbies are. It’s obvious advice for people who want their future partners to have similar interests and spare-time activities as yours. It’s not only about meeting new interesting people, but it’s also being in an atmosphere where you feel excited and can show the world all your inspiration and strength. It’s attractive and it will definitely make your soulmate notice you;
  • Look happy to be attractive. Though some people like sad and dramatic strangers because they are often perceived as deep and sensitive, most people want to be happy and being with happy people is a great chance to become happier. A person who smiles, jokes and looks delighted is usually perceived as friendly, positive and appealing;
  • Enjoy being on your own and learn to feel comfortable and interested. If you’re bored to spend time on your own, then your partners might be bored with you as well. Spend your free time doing things you like and gain some inspiration and good mood. There are lots of interesting things around - so use time wisely and your partner will appreciate that.

Find love and try online dating on

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Whether you’re a painfully shy introverted person or a loud bright extraverted person there’s a great way for you to meet new attractive people for dating and relationships. Online dating has already become one of the most popular ways to find new interesting potential partners around: people of all ages and nationalities join online dating services all over the world and meet their significant others easily without even leaving their houses. This approach allows extraverts to communicate with many people and be in a spotlight and it also helps introverts to communicate with new people comfortably and safely. It’s comfortable for teenagers looking for friends and also for older people interested in the best senior chat rooms: everyone can feel comfortable and safe online. There are so many attractive singles who have similar interests, views, relationship goals and preferences as you that it’s almost impossible to meet them in real life - and that’s when online dating becomes a great tool which unites lonely hearts.

Online dating has already become one of the most popular ways to find new interesting potential partners around.

Online dating is a world full of new opportunities for everyone and is your chance to open this amazing new world and explore it comfortably. It’s one of the biggest online dating services in the world with more than 25 years of working experience which allows it to give users exactly what they want from online dating. The service is created to help people to have socialization and communication they need: lonely hearts from more than 25 countries flirt, communicate and build their happiness together online. Whether you’re a traveller who rarely stays at one place for longer than a few days or a homebody who rarely leaves your house you can always stay connected: your gadget allows you to meet new interesting people and look for your soulmate wherever you are.

It’s extremely easy to use register and create your profile with some honest and truthful information about yourself, choose your interests and relationship goals and tell the world about who you are looking for. A searching algorithm of the service will show you attractive singles who suit your preferences, so you should only click on attractive people’s profiles and wait for a match! This approach allows people both to avoid unwanted attention and be sure that they’re liked back by interesting people online. Boost your confidence, explore new opportunities, flirt and communicate on to create your happiness online.

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