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Foreigners see Bali and Indonesia in general as an extremely romantic place. Many couples come here to have a wedding, many others manage to establish relationships while on vacation. But all of these mostly concern foreigners. If you are willing to taste the true dating scene in Indonesia and enjoy Asian dating, you will probably be very surprised with how different it is from what you are used to. Let’s learn more about dating in Indonesia and successful strategies of building relationships there.

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What is dating in Indonesia like

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If you haven’t already known it, Indonesia is a very conservative country, being under the influence of Islam religion. Dating indonesian women is impossible in many cases, since they are only allowed to get married, with the potential groom being the local man of muslim religion too. Of course, since Indonesia is under so much influence from western people, there are many thriving independent women too, but don’t expect the dating process to be exactly like in your own country.

Relationships here develop pretty slowly. While Europeans and Americans might not have anything against kissing on the first date, physical interactions are impossible here in Indonesia. During the first dates here you will probably spend your time talking and getting to know each other better. Well, it might happen, so that for quite a bit of time your relationships will remind you of a friendship, even though you declared yourself to be a couple.

During the first dates here you will probably spend your time talking and getting to know each other better.

In Indonesia in general public display of affection is not the best thing to do. Although local people see enough foreigners hugging, kissing and holding hands everywhere, these traditions haven’t been integrated into their society yet. So, if you are dating an indonesian guy or a girl, don’t just instantly grab their hand. Ask directly how they feel about any of these movements in general, but don’t insist on doing something if your partner denies.

You should also keep in mind, that, being a predominantly Muslim country, Indonesia has gender roles quite vividly distinguished among people. Therefore, if you are on a date with a local woman, be ready to cover the expenses. It doesn’t necessarily mean you should invite her to a luxury restaurant, but just pay the bill wherever you are. Some courtesy will also be appreciated, but it is not a necessity, and if you don’t want to splurge on gifts, that won’t be the issue. Lots of local dating rules are pretty close to dating customs and traditions in Turkey, so you should be aware of them in advance.

Marriage in Indonesia

The eventual goal of any relationships here is marriage, so you should be ready for it. Dating around is definitely not the most common thing in Indonesia. If you find a partner you like, you should stick to them for your whole life.

If you are a western girl dating an indonesian man, you probably won’t feel the pressure as much. But if you are a guy who started dating an indonesian woman, be prepared for everyone to be pushing you to marriage. She will probably invite you to meet her parents pretty soon, and when you get acquainted with them, they might ask you questions about marriage. The sooner you agree to marry their daughter, the better.

She will probably invite you to meet her parents pretty soon, and when you get acquainted with them, they might ask you questions about marriage.

Speaking of marriage, you should also keep in mind that any sexual relationships between a man and a woman are only possible after marriage in Indonesia. Well, not all people stick to this rule, but in this case it is always hidden. All of this is connected to reputation, which indonesians care about a lot. In such a traditional country, premarital sexual interactions damage the reputation of the whole family, not only the person who was involved. Therefore, people either stay away from it or never discuss it even with the closest people.

Family matters

And a word about indonesian families. If your partner is a grown-up, but still lives with their parents, don’t be too surprised. It is very uncommon for Indonesians to move out and live separately before marriage.

Families in general play a very important part in indonesians’ lives. Their religion implies respect to the elder people, which includes not only parents, but distant relatives as well. But don’t think indonesians are made to stay together with their families. They actually create pretty tight bonds, actually value each other’s opinion and want to spend as much time as possible together. They give each other all the possible care and support. There is no wonder children want to stay with their parents for as long as possible. There is nothing you can hate about a loving household.

Online dating in Indonesia

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Online dating has reached Indonesia too, and it is quite popular among local people. And it is not only widespread among the citizens of Indonesia, foreigners are also welcome to join in. It is definitely not uncommon to see a multicultural couple somewhere on the beach or in a coffee shop. You only need to find a common understanding of relationships to start dating a local person. Not everyone here is willing to spend a few weeks with you and then say goodbye when you leave and forget you. Some Indonesians are only expecting long-term relationships, so this is an important thing to discuss or even mention in your profile bio.

You only need to find a common understanding of relationships to start dating a local person.

If you are looking for a good indonesian dating site, is the one you should pick. There are a few reasons for it:

  • It is totally safe to use. All information is securely protected, so you don’t have to worry about it getting into the wrong hands. There are also no fraudsters or scammers at For such conservative people as indonesians are, safety is the main criteria which influences the choice of a dating platform, which is why they don’t hesitate a moment before registering at;
  • It is simple to use. The interface is extremely user-friendly, so you can use the website if you are not familiar with other dating services at all. And also gives an opportunity to be used as an indonesian dating app, which means you can continue dating even if you don’t have access to a personal computer - downloading and installing the application is enough;
  • It has a convenient searching system. You can be sure you will find just the right partner with the help of your searching system. There are multiple criteria you can choose when setting the search, which allows you to ensure you are only getting the list of the most compatible individuals.

Don’t miss your chance to date indonesians! With successful and pleasant relationships are guaranteed.

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