Dating single Bosnian men

Bosnia is a country which can amaze you with its natural beauty and beautiful sights that are definitely worth visiting. The country has accumulated a lot of great qualities the neighbouring countries have and is a great touristic place. There are also a lot of attractive single men in Bosnia who are interested in dating and relationships. If you’re going to have a trip over this amazing country it’s better to find a potential partner there to make your experience even better.

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  • Williams, 54
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  • Natalia, 23
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  • Zhara F. , 31
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    Abuja, Nigeria
  • anastasia, 23
    Paris, France
  • Scarleth , 48
    Miami, USA

Bosnian men have a lot of qualities which can make them great boyfriends, husbands and dads, so it’s easier for them to start dating Bosnian girls and ladies from other countries. Their love for their families and traditional views make them loyal, initiative and caring partners. Also, many Bosnian men have an appealing masculine appearance that can attract many women not only in Bosnia but also abroad.

What you should know about dating Bosnian men

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Just like any other country, Bosnia has a list of unwritten rules connected with dating and relationships. Some of them are general to many countries, some of them have been created based on local culture and traditions, so Bosnian people see something very customary and necessary in every stable relationship.

Bosnia has a list of unwritten rules connected with dating and relationships.

To understand Bosnian men better read the facts about their views and character. Even though most stereotypes can’t portray everyone and every person is unique, these pieces of information can help you to create an image about what to expect while dating a Bosnian man:

  • Bosnian people are pretty conservative. It can be seen in different fields from appearance to relationships: men and women are expected to have distinct feminine or masculine features. Women are usually well-groomed, long-haired and very family-oriented: they are expected to be housewives raising kids and cooking for their families or doing all these things while working. Men are mostly seen as breadwinners and income earners, therefore most of the Bosnian families are patriarchal and traditional. Of course, there are exceptions, where most important family decisions are made based on both spouse’s opinions. Also, there is a big difference between Bosnian Muslim and Christian people: while Muslims tend to socialize within their gender and only attend mixed groups of people as couples, Christian people tend to behave more freely there;
  • Even though a lot of Bosnian people are rather conservative, the number of people using birth control and approving premarital sex has increased. At the same time, there are still a lot of stereotypes about childless couples and unwed or childless women. It’s especially seen in smaller towns and villages where old customs are the strongest;
  • Bosnian people are very family-oriented and it’s both connected with their own families and parents. Mothers and fathers have a very strong influence on their adult children and their opinions are valued a lot. It’s very important to be liked by a Bosnian man’s mother: if she disapproves her son’s partner, there will be a lot of problems and pieces of advice to end the relationship;
  • Bosnian men are old-school in terms of dating: they prefer traditional signs of affection and are ready for opening doors and paying in cafes and restaurants for women they like. It’s pretty traditional there to buy flowers for women on a first date and sometimes later, but it’s not customary to present expensive gifts in Bosnia. Too generous people are often seen suspicious and the attitude often becomes negative: some people think you try to buy them while the others might consider you bragging about the money you have;
  • Most Bosnian people are rather straightforward and honest, so expect being asked about your age, marital status and kids, especially when dating over 30. Bosnians don’t mean to offend you: they just have slightly different views and don’t see these questions as very personal. Behave politely and friendly and people will respond with the same.

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