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In our modern world, there are thousands and millions of people interested in Asia. It goes from Asian culture to Asian people: Japanese, Korean and Chinese celebrities are often seen in the media everywhere. These countries have a great influence on the modern world: doramas, video games, make-up products, gadgets, fashion, cartoons and manga, style and music from Asia are everywhere now. They stand out because of the uniqueness and quality of things these countries produce: nowadays lots of women all over the world dream of dating Asian men. But regardless of you being an anime and manga fan or not, you need to admit that Japanese culture and customs are often pretty different from what Western people are used to.

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Even though there might be some misunderstandings and difficulties for people interested in dating foreigners, love knows no boundaries: new languages can be learned, cultural differences and customs can be shared and both partners can always find a compromise in every aspect of their relationship. It’s fine to be different: when two intelligent and loving people are in a relationship, they communicate and learn more and more about each other’s cultures. Sometimes they can even create an interesting mixture of Western and Asian habits and customs, and their relationship becomes unique but comfortable and pleasing for both partners. Japanese people are no exception: even though they have a very unique and unusual culture and views which differ from the Western ones a lot, they are interested in dating Western ladies too.

There are a lot of reasons for a woman to want to try dating a Japanese man: they have style, they often are extremely well-behaved, respectful, tactful and intelligent. Asian people have a very exotic and remarkable type of beauty: their soft dark eyes, gentle faces and neat style of clothing make them extremely attractive for many people all over the world. If you’re lucky enough to meet a Japanese man of your dreams, then you need to learn how to behave with him because every healthy and long-term relationship starts with communication.

What you should know about dating Japanese men in advance

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Dating a foreigner is never easy: even if your Japanese man is an expat, he probably still has lots of customs and views based on Japanese culture which you might not know well. It works both ways: your Japanese boyfriend might also have lots of difficulties while trying to understand your motives and attitude, but if you both like each other, then you can cope with anything together. People’s culture is something that can bring you lots of problems in the very beginning, but when you understand it, it will become your special tool which can allow you to integrate into Japanese society.

A good understanding is essential for communication, and good communication is extremely important for relationships.

To be successful in dating a Japanese man, you need to understand him well. Even though reading about his culture and traditions can’t give you a complete understanding of how to behave and what to expect, you still need to do research to clarify some aspects of his culture. While some things can be only known only by your own experience, there are also lots of articles and shows that can tell you lots of interesting facts and customs of Japanese people. Even though in the very beginning of your relationship you’re both excited about your differences and even a language barrier doesn’t make any real problems, it’s temporary. A good understanding is essential for communication, and good communication is extremely important for relationships.

Stereotypes are often wrong: we can’t completely believe everything we read or hear about countries and nationalities of the world. Generalizations are often useless: even though you might date a pretty “average” person, he’s still a unique personality with his own traits of character and preferences no one knows about. Communication is essential: spend time together to know your Japanese boyfriend better and don’t label him in advance only because lots of Japanese men might have some common characteristics. At the same time, knowledge can sometimes prepare you for cultural differences and customs you might face: knowledge of some of the things from the list below can improve your relationship with a Japanese guy a lot:

  • There are lots of extremely attractive Japanese men. Even though there’s a stereotype about Japanese people being too short, it’s not true: an average Japanese person’s diet has been changed a lot and now their average male height is 5,6, which is pretty normal for most countries. There are lots of fair-skinned, slim and tall Japanese men: lots of them really look like anime and manga characters and their neat sense of style make them irresistible. Lots of Japanese men prefer wearing official clothing most of their time because of work, and it looks extremely stylish too: their pale skin, dark hair and black-and-white suites make them look like real-life manga illustrations. Unlike Korean men, Japanese guys don’t need plastic surgeries to look stunning: their healthy diet and good ecology makes them naturally attractive;
  • Korean women dating Japanese guys often claim that they can forget about romantic dates in relationships which are often very important for women. He might not remember about your three-month anniversary, your one-year anniversary or even your birthday, but it doesn’t mean that he doesn’t love you or think you’re unimportant. Japanese men are extremely hardworking and spend a lot of time doing their job: it’s pretty normal for a Japanese person to work at the same place all their life! It’s no surprise he might be extremely tired after a long day or still think about some problems and difficult situations at work. At the same time, lots of Japanese men are very kind and caring, but they tend to demonstrate their affection by doing different little things for people they love.If you start to understand your Japanese partner better, then you’ll notice them and you’ll be surprised by how much they actually do for you;
  • Even though in many countries there is an unwritten rule “ladies first”, it’s often not customary to behave that way in Japan. It’s not an example of Japanese men being insensitive: there are just customs and traditions which are different from what many people are used to. At the same time, in most cases men are expected to pay for dinner in restaurants: while some people tend to separate all bills and have a separated budget even while being married, some men prefer to pay for their ladies on a date. There also might be another rule: a person who is an initiator of a dinner pays. Whether you’re into being paid for or not, there’s an option for every taste in Japan;
  • They express sensitivity in their own way. For instance, Japanese men often ask their ladies questions like “Are you OK?” or “Are you tired? Should we take a rest?”, etc. They do really care about their partner’s well-being and can see even a bit of tire in your face. Of course, people differ and it’s hard to say that all men are sensible in Japan, but this type of attitude is pretty common. While some Japanese men don’t help their ladies with housework because “it’s something a woman should do”, the others are always ready to help and to show their care for their girlfriends;
  • A Japanese guy who wants to break-up with his girlfriend can be pretty ruthless. Lots of Japanese men tend to change their behaviour when they are not interested in dating their girlfriend anymore: they become cold and reserved, they distance themselves or even ignore them! It might be connected with their unconscious wish to make their ladies to break-up with them and to do the first move towards the end of the relationships, but it might be pretty painful for women who still have feelings for them. That’s another detail of Japanese dating culture you need to be aware of: sometimes you might feel like these people have an absolutely different culture and it’s almost impossible to have a mutual understanding. But it’s not true: you just need practise and effort;
  • They are extremely polite. That’s why it’s hard to hear swearing from a Japanese person and especially if it’s a woman: it’s not customary there. These people tend to express their thoughts and feelings through a much softer language: they often don’t want to offend anyone even if they express their negative attitude towards something. Japanese humour is pretty different from Western humour too: they don’t use a lot of sarcasm and even if they do, they use a much softer version of it. Being too harsh or straightforward while using sarcasm in Japan might be seen as mean and rude: you’ll upset the person and they might not even understand that it’s a joke. Politeness is key, so avoid being rude and unpleasant while dating a Japanese guy.

As you might see, the differences might be pretty noticeable. It doesn’t mean that you can’t cope with them or get used to it: just like any other culture which seems new and surprising in the very beginning, Japanese culture is something you can learn, understand and love. A good mutual understanding will help you to build a stable and healthy relationship with a Japanese man of your dreams and to be happy with him.

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