Dating single Kurdish men

If you don’t know much about Kurdish men yet, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover them. Their unique culture and traditional lifestyle makes them amazing companions and husbands. Let’s learn more about these amazing guys and dating them.

  • Yanlan, 49
    Hong Kong, Hong Kong
  • Ben, 36
    London, United Kingdom
  • Martin, 40
    Yucatán, Mexico
  • Andre, 48
    Barcelona, Spain
  • Javier, 30
    Villavicencio, Colombia
  • Paula, 31
    Madrid, Spain
  • Nana, 36
    Shenzhen, China
  • Robert, 35
    Los Angeles, USA
  • Mary🥑, 25
    Lagos, Nigeria
  • Emma, 23
    Medellín, Colombia
  • Nina, 43
    Odessa, Ukraine
  • Theodora, 37
    Abuja, Nigeria

Men in Kurdish culture

Kurdistan region is very conservative, being influenced by Muslim religion. Though people here interpret islamic beliefs a bit moderately, they are still pretty old-fashioned in many aspects, which might be unusual to western people. Traditional gender roles here are not only widely accepted, but implemented in every household, which means children grow up absorbing them from a very early age. Their dating culture is pretty similar to dating customs and traditions in Turkey but still has some unique traits.

Family is the biggest value in Kurdish culture. Immediate families, which are so widespread in the west, are not very common here. It is very rare to find somebody who only lives with their parents or spouse. Instead, people live together with multiple relatives in big households and support each other really well.

People in Kurdistan region live the way our ancestors did in the old times.

As said before, gender roles are very vivid in Kurdish relationships. Therefore a Kurdish man is expected to provide his wife and children with everything necessary. Most Kurdish people live in rural areas, where work opportunities are focused in the agricultural sphere. Jobs often include hard physical labour, which makes men much more preferred for them. People in Kurdistan region live the way our ancestors did in the old times - while men are working in soil, women are keeping the house.

The patriarchal culture also makes a man the head of the house. But Kurdish men are really wise and know that treating their wives with honour and respect is vital for a family. Therefore they respect their significant other’s decisions, support their wives and if they need to solve an issue, which regards all the members of the family, they will consult their women as well.

a handsome Kurdish man taking a selfie

What is dating a Kurdish man like

So, this is what you should be prepared while dating a Kurdish man:

  • If you are a girl, who grew up in a western culture, they might be a bit pushy to you. European and american women are considered a bit easy in Kurdish culture, so sometimes you might feel like a man is too persistent. But an honest conversation will definitely help - just explain to him that such behaviour is unacceptable for you, and you will choose the pace of relationships which is suitable for both of you;
  • They make amazing fathers and husbands. If you solve all your potential problems at the beginning of the relationship, a Kurdish man will be your best support. They are devoted to their wives and, when you have children, they care about the kids like they are the biggest treasure;
  • They are extremely hard-working. Being raised in such complicated conditions, they know the value of comfort and put a lot of effort into reaching it. They are not afraid of physical work or long hours in the office - whatever will provide their family with everything necessary does the job. Lots of them prefer serious dating over 30 because they are more accomplished in that age and can provide for their families;
  • They don’t value women for appearance solely. Strict norms Kurdish people follow make women dress modestly and hide most of their body. Therefore, when it comes to choosing a partner, people get attracted to inner traits. Kurdish men value women's behaviour a lot, together with her life attitude and the way she treats people. Although more conservative girls are always preferred over progressive ones, if you happen to match interests and life points with a Kurdish man, successful relationships are guaranteed.
attractive smiling Kurdish man

Kurdish men and online dating

Dating online is still not very common for Kurdish people, though many of them experiment with meeting a partner on the Internet, especially if they live in western regions. If you want to meet a nice Kurdish man for long-term relationships, is the best place to look for such person and here is why:

  • The platform is totally safe, which is one of the main criteria for many people to consider while choosing an online dating site;
  • There are many people of different nationalities living all over the world here, so you can find a match regardless of your background or current place;
  • The website is very convenient and it is possible to use it even if you have never experimented with online dating before;
  • There is a dating app as well, which allows to continue dating through the mobile phone if you don’t have access to the personal computer.

And there is not much needed to start dating online with The only thing you need to do is register and create your profile. Tell everything your potential partner needs to know about you and don’t forget to include some photos - people often judge a new person by appearance, though later on other traits will be discovered. And with the searching algorithm of you will be able to find the most compatible Kurdish man possible. You can set any criteria you want, from region and nationality to appearance traits, hobbies and education degree, which means you will only see the individuals, who match your visual preferences and have something in common with you as well. Don’t miss your chance to have a happy love life at

handsome smiling Kurdish man taking a selfie
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