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Sweden is an extremely beautiful country: it’s a place that every nature lover or person interested in beautiful and neat architecture should visit. It’s a country that looks like a picture from a children’s book: sometimes it looks so flawless that lots of people would love moving there and spending the rest of their lives in beautiful and exciting Sweden. Even though it’s pretty cold there, it’s one of the happiest countries on Earth and the standards of living are great there, which make this country even more appealing in people’s eyes. It’s definitely worth visiting: a country of extremely intelligent and attractive people dressing as they all belong to a catwalk is something you definitely need to see.

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There’s no surprise that Sweden is a motherland of people who are often called the most beautiful on Earth - the Swedes. A Swedish guy is nothing like Karlsson - most of them look like attractive guys from the Skarsgård family and lots of handsome models and actors. Lots of the world’s most famous models and actors have at least a bit of Swedish origin - and maybe that’s the reason for such a big number of tall, fair-haired and attractive celebrities in the media? Their genes are awesome: while some people there are stunning and the others are extremely charismatic, the others are both attractive and charming.

It’s not only their Viking origins and great ecology that make these people so attractive: good standards of living and healthy style of life combined with their great taste and sense of style make them almost irresistible. The Swedes know that real style and quality can’t be bought cheaply: their clothing is usually made from natural materials and suits them perfectly. Lots of Swedes don’t struggle to make ends meet, but they dress simply and elegantly: you can’t impress a local person by a luxury handbag and expensive but tasteless jewellery. It’s more customary there to keep your outfit simple but stylish, and that’s why people there look great.

Of course, there’s a great stereotype about these people being extremely attractive, but this stereotype is correct pretty often. There are lots of men dreaming of stunning Swedish girls and lots of women dreaming of dating Swedish men - there are lots of qualities which make them almost irresistible. Dating a Swede can be the best decision in your life: these guys are raised to be decent men who respect loyalty, individuality and treat other people like equals. Even though the Swedes are not extremely romantic, they are great partners who can express their care and affection in their special way - if you’re sensitive enough to see little important detail.

You should know this before dating a Swedish man

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Every nation has lots of stereotypes connected with people and their habits, and the Swedes are no exception: even though there are a lot of rumours about them being cold and too out of reach for the foreigners, they are not true. They might be a bit shy with strangers and avoid dating someone who visits their country for a short period of time because they don’t want to be heartbroken later - but they are definitely not cold. People living in such a cold climate manage to keep their hearts warm and open: sincere and ready to help Swedes are appealing because absolutely most of them are far from being arrogant or condescending. They combine their intelligence with easygoingness and openness in a very attractive proportion: the Swedes don’t just look friendly and cheerful - they really are.

Sincere and ready to help Swedes are appealing because absolutely most of them are far from being arrogant or condescending.

A decision to date a Swedish man might be the best decision in your life: they are not only tall, well-built, masculine and attractive, but also intelligent, respectful and honest. A local guy values his personal space and boundaries, but he also respects the others and never does anything which can offend or upset someone. They are extremely polite and tolerant: an average Swedish person is raised with the understanding that they are not better or more important than people around and should respect the others. If you want to date a Swede, then you need to know that:

  • Swedish guys don’t show off. There’s no need to impress anyone with all the luxury stuff you have in a country which is well-known for its well-being. It’s not that hard to meet a pretty rich person there - it’s much harder to find a really poor one. The Swedes portray confidence because they don’t need to prove anything: most of them are handsome and pretty accomplished but still very humble and calm. Confidence is sexy, but modesty and humbleness is sometimes even sexier;
  • They are intelligent, loyal and well-educated. The level of education is really high in Sweden, therefore, lots of the locals are smart, well-aware of the world, know a lot about art, politics and finances and are interested in the world around them. They are very kind and responsive too: they are always ready to help a person who needs it. Another great quality of these people is their loyalty: the Swedes respect the others and themselves enough to never cheat to people they are with and respect themselves and their choice. It’s not customary there to label the relationships unless they are very serious: the Swedes may have a few “fikkas” together- small coffee breaks - before they decide whether they should date or not. When the decision is made, they don’t cheat: infidelity is something that is seen as unworthy and shameful there. Most of the Swedes respect and value creativity and uniqueness: in a country where lots of people look like supermodels you don’t have to compare with them only with the help of your appearance - just let the guy know you personally. If you’re not shallow, ambitious, independent and smart - then you’re probably in his taste;
  • Just like German guys, they love order and plan everything. An honest and humble character often makes a Swede very punctual, responsible and accurate: it’s seen in Swedish business and everyday life too. They see their punctuality as a way to show respect to the others: if you want to impress a Swedish guy, then try your best to be on time. They plan everything in detail: spontaneous acts are not their feature, so don’t expect them to do crazy stuff for you in the name of love. At the same time, they always keep their word and respect their ladies and their personal space: if you want to spend time with your friends or to be alone, then your Swedish boyfriend will be completely OK with that;
  • Equality is a thing there. Sweden is well-known for being a very tolerant and gender-equal country. No man there would tell you what to do or try to “show you your place” - as it was mentioned before, they respect women and treat them equally. The Swedes are interested in their partner’s personality: you don’t need to be too flirty and artificially helpless to attract a local guy there. Be yourself - just avoid being rude or disrespectful towards the others. Of course, if you expect a man to pay for dinner on a date - then you will be a bit disappointed in Sweden: it’s not customary there. Paying for a lady is seen like a man is trying to buy her time or make her obliged to give him something back: as you may understand, Swedish girls dislike that attitude a lot. Most of them have nice cars, houses and good jobs, so they don’t need anyone to pay for their coffee: even though a “fikka” with a cup of coffee and a Cinnabon might be pretty expensive there, people only pay for themselves;
  • The Swedes are often shy while meeting new people. Even if a guy looks gorgeous, it doesn’t mean that he’s extremely confident and it’s easy for him to approach: lots of Swedes are pretty reserved and introverted people, so they sometimes are not very initiative. Girls are completely allowed to make the first step there: it’s not only a witness of equality in Swedish society but also their way to cope with Swedish handsome guys being too indecisive. A good thing is that the Swedes (like most of the Scandinavians) use “liquid courage” to become more extraverted and open with new people, so if you’re lucky enough to drink a beer in a good company of Swedish people, then you have a great chance to make new friends there - or maybe even more;
  • They love their country and its nature. They are great nature lovers and prefer spending time outdoors: restaurants are often pretty expensive and it might be pretty awkward to spend an evening while silently eating dinner without any ideas of what to talk about, so it’s often much better to go for a walk or to have a picnic. The severe nordic nature is really stunning there, so if you have an opportunity to have a date with an attractive Swedish person outdoors - then use your chance!

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If you’re not ready to move to Sweden yet or don’t have an opportunity to go there for a time long enough to find someone, then you still have a chance to find a perfect single Swedish guy who is interested in dating. One of the most popular modern ways to hook up as well as to look for serious long-lasting relationships is to use online dating: it’s mobile, it’s comfortable and effective, so many people use the best Swedish dating websites. Thousands of happy couples are formed by people who have met each other online: this way of meeting singles used to be associated with extremely shy or desperate people in the past, but the attitude has changed drastically. Nowadays online dating is widely popular among teenagers, adults, mature people and even seniors all over the world. People of different nationalities, religion and interests socialize and unite without even leaving their houses and meeting their love.

Nowadays online dating is widely popular among teenagers, adults, mature people and even seniors all over the world. will help you to meet a Swedish guy of your dreams online! There are people all over the world looking for loyal and single partners: even though our world is huge and there are thousands of people around us, it’s still hard for many people to communicate with attractive strangers and to approach. Online dating makes it much easier for everyone: you can speak with a person and know each other better before meeting in real life, which makes it much more comfortable and brings you confidence. unites lonely hearts and gives them an opportunity to meet real soulmates: its user-friendly interface and smart searching algorithm allow people of different levels of computer skills and preferences to find exactly who they like.

Dating games are never easy, but allows you to be much more successful: it saves your time, energy, nerves and helps you to communicate not only with locals but also with attractive singles all over the world. Real love knows no limits, so if you’re lonely and interested in changing your life, then it’s extremely easy to do so:

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