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People of another culture are always of interest. They have different habits, worldview, preferences and appearance. The classic Vietnamese man will be no exception. Each person has their own individual pros and cons. Different supra-genera and nations also have them, and this is what this article will be about. We will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of Asian dating and being with a Vietnamese man.

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Benefits of Vietnamese men

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Let's start with the positive. Many people manage to turn their flaws and merits. At times like these, they become more attractive. So, what good can you find in relationships with Vietnamese men:

  • Perseverance. Many women choose the successful and rich, ignoring the simple and nice guys. Rest assured, Vietnamese men, with the proper motivation, will move mountains to provide for their families and make them happy. Boys are brought up to be stubborn, purposeful and hardworking. They can work all day long, learn new things and develop. Give it some time and you will definitely regret it;
  • They make loving spouses and caring fathers. Vietnamese men (in most cases, there are always exceptions) are not inclined to prohibit or point out something to their wives. The main thing is not to deceive and respect him. Tell him openly about your interactions with other people (be it a man or a woman). Most likely, he will treat it with understanding and will not throw tantrums. Vietnamese men know how to respect other people's boundaries and personal space, but be prepared to respond in kind;
  • Mind and self-development. They are learning new things all the time, studying different issues and taking an interest in science and technology. Almost no woman needs a stupid man. It's boring with such a person, there is nothing to talk about. A man who lacks ingenuity and ingenuity is unlikely to achieve anything. As a rule, this leads to misunderstandings, quarrels and partings, but this is not our case. Many Vietnamese men graduate with honors from Ivy League universities and American schools. They can talk about literature, technology, agronomy with equal interest and fervor. Dilute complex scientific facts with good humor, which will definitely make you smile;
  • They know how to handle money. Vietnamese men are good at funds, banks, investments and other such things. They love and know how to save money and retire with decent capital. Vietnamese men will not miss a single new law or financial document, they try to keep track of all innovations. You will have a serious financial safety net if you are married to a Vietnamese man;
  • Serious attitude towards the family. The institution of the family is valued and respected in Vietnam. Getting to know his parents will be an important and serious step for both of you. Try to please them and impress them. First of all, it will be very important for him. Ask him about his family so you know what to expect and what they might not like. This will avoid mistakes and make a good impression;
  • They look good. Vietnamese men try to take care of themselves and their appearance. They have one amazing feature - they age beautifully. They don't have a lot of wrinkles or saggy skin. At the age of 50-70 they will look very elegant and pleasant, so you can easily start dating over 30 there. Vietnamese men try to dress nicely and smell delicious. Next to such a man, you will feel like a queen at any age;
  • They want a serious relationship. Adult Vietnamese men will not have an affair for fun, they are looking for a serious relationship. Almost every woman has faced irresponsibility from men. Many were abandoned after the first night or simply disappeared at some point. Vietnamese men are not like that. They are brought up in the best traditions, family and marriage oriented. Of course, there are people who have not yet walked up and are not looking for seriousness, but with age it goes away for everyone.
The institution of the family is valued and respected in Vietnam. Getting to know his parents will be an important and serious step for both of you.


Eastern culture is unusual and amazing. For many other people, it may seem incomprehensible and conservative. Let's take a look at a few of the shortcomings that are common in this culture and most Vietnamese men:

  • They don't like it when someone does it for them. In a relationship, they like to be proactive and may not like that you did it. They believe girls should be cute and adorable. They will take you very seriously and take all problems, initiative, and business on themselves. Full surrender will be expected from you in terms of devotion and feelings;
  • A date with his family. This can happen much earlier than you think. Once he decides that you suit him, he can invite his family and friends on your date. And this can happen at the very beginning of your relationship. Just imagine: you have been dating for less than a month, and he brought mom and dad on a date. It may be unexpected and a little nervous, but it is likely. You shouldn't be angry and think of him as mama's boy. Thus, he shows you that you are very important to him. The Vietnamese put their family first. His parents, relatives and their opinions will be very important to him. So if he unexpectedly brings his family to you on a date, do not get angry and try to please them;
  • Showing feelings in public is considered unacceptable. It is not customary in society to openly show that you are in a relationship: hug, kiss, and so on. Such actions are perceived as impolite and ill-mannered. Do not think that he does not like you if he does not take your hand and hug you in public. This is not accepted by them. Vietnamese men are very fond of showing that they are from a noble and well-mannered family, if you are caught somewhere around the corner, it can be a shame for them. Try to understand this and not pressure him because of this. He will definitely show his feelings when you are alone;
  • He still lives with his parents. In Vietnam, it is considered normal for a man to live with his family until he gets married. This does not mean that he is poor and incapable of anything, as it should be by tradition. Asian religion and tradition is strongly family oriented and he never stops loving and caring for his parents. Until he has a good reason to move out of his father's house, he will not do it. Marriage is usually a good reason, but not always. You may be asked to stay with his parent and other relatives after the wedding. Talk to him about such moments if this prospect scares you and does not suit you;
  • He will ask his family for permission to date you. As mentioned above, he can bring mom on a date. This can have consequences for you. Consider that you will meet not only with him, but with all his relatives. It can be terrible from the very beginning, but gradually you will be able to become independent of them (as much as possible);
  • Your first dates can feel like meetings. Vietnamese men are very honest and will treat you accordingly. Perhaps he will not show any feelings and communicate with you emphatically and politely. This does not mean that he does not like you and wants to leave as soon as possible. A decent person will not use you and his advantage, but in any country there is crime and problems, so take care of your safety.

Some tips for dating with a Vietnamese man

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As mentioned above, Asian and Western cultures are somewhat different from each other. Some points may seem strange or even rude, but in reality they are not. Boys are brought up to be polite, restrained and educated.

Remember that Vietnamese take relationships seriously and will consider your future spouse and mother of his children. He may not show his feelings for a long time, but at the same time think about whether you are the right girl. There are a few other important things you should know before dating a Vietnamese man:

  • Don't ask him out first. According to his culture and traditions, the first step should be taken by a man. By taking the initiative, you can show yourself available, which is a big minus for you. He will immediately refuse a relationship with you, because he considers you windy and frivolous. This is a cultural feature, you have to come to terms with it. Remember that a Vietnamese guy will really be in a relationship with you, and not just walk around and indulge. Therefore, they take all such things very seriously;
  • Don't ask him to go to the movies on first dates. They like to be formal and detached, and make dates in public. In daylight in crowded places, he will show himself as an honest person with transparent intentions. In the cinema, it is usually dark, you are sitting nearby and no one sees you. You shouldn't insist or even offer him to go to the cinema if he hasn't done it himself. Do not hint or force it to the cinema. This rule does not work with everyone, because young people are increasingly deviating from tradition. But you can still be affected, especially if your chosen one was brought up in a traditional and religious family. Just wait until he himself offers to go to the cinema, sooner or later it will definitely happen;
  • Let him pay for the date. Vietnamese men grow up well-mannered and proud. Traditionally, he has to pay for the date himself. Try not to argue with him about splitting the bill, and even more so do not tell him that you will pay everything yourself. By paying for dinner or coffee, he shows you that he can afford to have a woman and that he will be a good husband and provide for a family. They are taught this from childhood and do not even try to convince him of such things. You will need to be nice and polite, keep the conversation going, or start an interesting conversation yourself. This is the big difference between Asian culture and Western culture: it will not let you pay a cent for dinner. Most likely, he will already have the money ready before the bill is brought;
  • He will want to meet your family. The rule of meeting and communicating with the family works both ways. He will introduce you to his family and want to meet yours. Moreover, this can also happen on the very first dates. It will be important for him to know who your parents are, what your traditions are and what your culture is. Try not to shock him too much, as some moments may seem frivolous to him (for example, going to the movies on the first date or kissing on the street). It will be important for him to please your parents and family, to get to know them better. By tradition, he will bring a gift to your home (by the way, you can do the same when he leads you to meet his family). Try to accept him politely and never give up on him, as this can greatly offend him and his family.

Remember that things like this end quickly. Meetings with his family just need to be lived through, even if the date resembles an interview. As soon as he realizes that everything can work out for you, a completely different relationship will begin. He will begin to show feelings and sympathy, drive to the movies and invite home when no one is there. Relations with his family can be maintained at a distance. First, you need to have a little patience and come to terms with many things. For some it will be easy, for others it will not. Whether the game is worth the candle is up to you. Remember that patience is always rewarded. In less than a few months, you will realize that these little difficulties do not mean anything. But you will have an amazing reliable man, ready for anything for you and his family. will help you meet your destiny!

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