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You may be 45 with kids but still be open for new relationships: our life doesn’t magically end when you’re mature, so the whole world of opportunities are open! You can find a special partner who will make you happy at any point in your life, so don’t hesitate and allow yourself to be happy and full of romantic thoughts once again.
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If you think that dating is exclusively for teenagers, you are totally wrong. It is only a stereotype that younger people have more freedom in dating, while in reality, people of all ages keep looking for a partner and love in their life.

Being 45, you might assume that your best times have already passed and there is nothing left for you to do on a dating scene. But in reality, you still have plenty of time and opportunities to explore. And even though it might not be as difficult to start, especially since you no longer feel as young and active as before, the result you get will exceed all of your expectations. Maybe you finally happen to meet the love of your life and live happily ever after. is more than happy to assist you on the way to successful love life. We are suggesting to start the discussion with common issues people over 45 meet while dating, bring up simple solutions and advise you on a whole new experience of online dating.

Common issues of dating at 45

Here are several reasons why people over 45 think dating for them will be a hard thing.


The most common reason to deny dating at a more mature age is the judgement such behaviour is going to cause from the side of society. The accepted idea is dating in your teens and 20s, later on settling in a relationship and living together with a family for the rest of your life. In reality, it is often not what happens.

But the stereotype about adults having a stable long-lasting relationship is so much stuck in people’s heads that it is often impossible to imagine a person at 45 being single or looking for new love affairs.

Lack of options

Usually, the problem also arises because people have a group of people they communicate with on a regular basis for years.

Following from the previous reason, many people are actually taken. Usually, the problem also arises because people have a group of people they communicate with on a regular basis for years. And as this group doesn’t change and doesn’t involve new members, once everybody gets married the options for dating will only arise when somebody gets a divorce.

While being young you can meet a potential partner at a bar or a party, there are no such options as you get older either. Behaving like that is seen as inappropriate and, again, leads to more judgement. And if nobody pays attention to where you spend your free time, there are not many people of the necessary age at such events either.

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Usually by the time a person turns 45, he or she already has at least one child or even more. Whatever was the reason why a person turned single, it still influences children a lot. After a divorce, they would wait for their parents to come back together at last, and if we talk about widows, their children usually believe the remaining of their parents will always remember the one who is gone and honour his or her memory by not getting into a relationship ever again.

Of course, it is a childish and exaggerated approach, but there is nothing you could do about it as every child goes through a phase of complete denial sooner or later. But anyway, it is just another trouble for people dating at 45 to solve.

Emotional baggage

Being 45 means you have enough life experience. And while it is usually considered a good thing, it becomes a struggle when you get into relationships. As experiences in love life differ drastically, and many have gone through abusive relationships and tough breakups, it all results in suspiciousness to a possible partner. Isn’t he going to cheat? Is she going to be possessive? What other negative sides of their personality will appear when you finally are together?

These questions as well as many more are just another obstacle for becoming close with new people. You are constantly thinking about what could happen and can’t relax and just enjoy the time together.

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Simple solutions

As promised, we found the best solutions to help you overcome the problems mentioned above.

Embrace yourself

The main reason why people are so much afraid of the negative opinion of others is that they don’t accept themselves as they are. Of course, it is easier said than done, but you have collected all the life experience for a reason and why not use it for your own good.

There are simple psychological tricks which can help overcome fear. Here is one of them:

  • Think well what you are actually afraid of;
  • Analyze why you are scared of it;
  • Think well what is the most disastrous thing which would happen if what you fear becomes true.

In case of social judgement people are usually most scared of their friends and relatives getting the wrong impression of them and therefore loving them less. But if they are the people who are really close to you, the only thing that would matter is your happiness, regardless of the ways you choose to achieve it.

Talk to your children

If you are your child’s friend, they won’t judge you so strictly for anything you do. So do it. Build a trusting relationship with them. As a parent, you definitely want to claim you know your children better than anybody else and close communication will last for the whole life. So it is not only worth it because you will get more freedom in dating, but also because of creating a loving and supporting family.

There is not much required to achieve it. The main reason why parents often feel so distant from their own children is that they don’t talk. Because of the age difference, both sides think they wouldn’t understand each other and prefer not to start deep conversations at all. But it is worth giving a try and sharing how you feel with children on a regular basis. It won’t take long for them to pay you back.

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Visit a psychologist

If you clearly see that your mental state doesn’t allow you to get back to dating, the best choice is to talk to a specialist. Dealing with the baggage of negative relationship experiences is hard when you try to do it on your own. But a therapist or psychologist know what to do in different cases and can help you work out a solution.

If something goes wrong you will never feel alone as there always be somebody ready to listen and give good advice.

Moreover, attending therapy sessions will not only help you understand yourself better but also become closer with relatives and build good relationships with a significant other. And if something goes wrong you will never feel alone as there always be somebody ready to listen and give good advice.

Give a try to online dating

If your main problem is a lack of options, it will definitely solve it in a blink of an eye. There is no better place to search for relationship options than a dating website. Visit it at least once and you will find out how much you have been missing all your life. In real life, you will never get a chance to meet so many compatible people.

Clearly, many people think online dating is fraud. But it is nothing more than a widespread myth. People come to online dating websites to look for long-term relationships and trustworthy commitments. But also many people choose to search for a friend online, and online dating platforms can give a chance to do it.

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If you are still in doubt about which platform to choose for dating online, be sure to check out It is the best place to start your online dating experience. Here are the main advantages of this website:

  1. It has more than 20 years of experience in the dating sphere. But numbers mean nothing if they are not supported by facts. And the facts say, that thousands of couples have met through and are still together;
  2. It is convenient. Many people in their 40s fear they would not understand the system of online websites. Even for the most advanced internet users trying the waters of a new platform is a little bit scary. No worries: has an extremely user-friendly interface that is easy to understand after clicking just a few buttons and links;
  3. A huge database of users. As mentioned before, not having various options is a great problem for those who want to date at 45. But can easily solve it by suggesting to explore its database, which collects more and more users day by day. is also extremely careful about its privacy policy. Keeping users’ data personal is an important trait of this website. There is not much information required while logging in, and the profile itself only contains the info about interests and education. Location is mentioned as well, but only a city or a country, but not the exact address. Sharing emails or social media accounts as well as your phone number with new friends is not recommended before you get to know a person better.

And in case any issues appear while using the website, there is a Customer Support Team that is available 24 hours a day and is always ready to help users of So if you have some problems with using the platform or there happen to be some system failures, feel free to contact Customer Support Team and be sure about your issue resolving in a few moments.

How to use

As simple as the platform itself is, the registration procedure is equally easy to go through. There are only a few steps you need to complete before using this dating website:

  1. Create your own profile. You can sign up by email or through existing social media accounts. Either way, this information is kept private and is only used to let you log in again whenever you want;
  2. Choose a profile picture. There are no strict requirements but certain advice is given: it is better to have a good quality picture made in natural lighting so that your possible dates could get the right impression about your appearance. Don’t overuse graphic editors as well as you want to be recognized when a real meeting finally happens;
  3. Complete profile info. Tell the most important things new acquaintances should know about you. Be honest, be yourself. You can also include a list of characteristics you expect from your partner;
  4. Enjoy the dating world. There is no need to wait until somebody stumbles on your profile and contacts you. Search for a perfect partner yourself using a convenient searching system that picks up only the most compatible matches to go with your preferences.

Enjoy dating at 45 with!

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