Dating Persian singles

Persia, also known as Iran, is a country with a big value of customs and old traditions. The Muslim influence is clearly seen in all aspects of Persian life, and relationships between men and women are influenced by it the most. But the ice has started to melt, so nowadays a lot of people not only from Persia but also all over the world are interested in dating Persian people.

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    أبو ظبي, United Arab Emirates
  • Johana N, 38
    Madrid, Spain
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    Shanghai, New York, Hong Kong
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    Barranquilla, Colombia
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    Cebu City, Philippines
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    Barcelona, Spain
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    Bogotá, Colombia
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    Bogotá, Colombia
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    Geneva, Switzerland
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    São Paulo, Brazil
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    Sydney, Australia

Even the term “dating” is relatively new for Persia - locals started dating only at the end of the 19th century there. Before that time romantic relationships between man and woman while they tried to know each other better to decide if they were interested in marriage or not were called not dating, but “courtship”. Modern Iranian couples have much more freedom, so they are allowed to date openly. Public demonstrations of love are still judged by many people, but it’s not that strict now as it used to be. Some Iranian couples even invite each other to their family events to celebrate together. Those changes in society and people’s views make finding an Iranian partner and dating easier than ever before. Even now lots of local dating customs are pretty close to dating customs and traditions in Turkey but still have lots of unique traits.

Persian dating sites have already become a popular way to find a partner there. Many modern Iranian people have their profiles on and ready to meet their potential spouse for a serious relationship or even marriage there. helps people interested in Persian dating to find their love and meet Iranian people of their dream!

What Persian women are like

an attractive dark-haired woman with a strawberry

Every person interested in dating a Persian woman should know what those ladies are like. There are a lot of old traditions in a Persian society and they affect people’s behaviour and character a lot. They sometimes have lots of Arabic traits but they are still pretty different from them. There are many Iranian traits of character that make those women attractive and worth dating and creating a family with them, and some of the traits are just worth knowing about before going on a Persian dating site.


That’s the first characteristic that comes to mind when you think of Persian women. They usually have soft dark eyes, long dark hair and feminine facial features. Even though a lot of women who belong to traditional and conservative families are not allowed to demonstrate their beauty openly, there are a lot of modern Iranian girls who look expensive and stunning while staying feminine and modest.

Foreigners are often seen as arrogant, insular and too aggressive in their behaviour. To prove those stereotypes are wrong you should behave modestly and respect Persian customs and traditions.

Expressive and talkative

Even if women are relatively modest there, they are still expressive and full of life. They love talking and partying, they have a sense of humour and are usually pretty nice to have a conversation with. Of course, if you are interested in a girl from a traditional family you should remember that she is not allowed to be in a room with a man who is not her relative without other people in it. Foreigners are often seen as arrogant, insular and too aggressive in their behaviour. To prove those stereotypes are wrong you should behave modestly and respect Persian customs and traditions. You can politely ask an Iranian girl about her culture and details you don’t know about, and she will probably be happy to tell you something new. Those women love their culture and it will be a good gesture to show some respect there.

They can cook well

It’s pretty traditional for Iranian women to cook, so Persian moms teach their daughters how to cook from childhood. The Iranian cuisine is delicious and it takes a lot of time to cook everything right, so it’s an important skill that takes a lot of time to learn. Dating a Persian girl, her future husband knows that she is a real chef in the kitchen and he will probably gain a few pounds after their marriage.

Persian women are possessive

Those ladies can be very protective over their boyfriends as well as their boyfriends are protective over them. Their boyfriends should constantly tell them about their love and not to show any attention or even look too much at other women because it might result in their girlfriends being jealous. Their relationships are exclusive, so they always try to impress each other and demonstrate a lot of love and affection to each other, but not anyone else.

What Persian men are like

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Of course, a lot of women dream of a perfect Persian partner as well. Those men have a lot of traits that can turn their women’s lives in a real oriental tale.

Persian men spoil their women

If an Iranian man is in love, he will do anything for his beloved one. Persian men are famous for giving their ladies luxury presents and treating them like queens. More than that, they are emotional and passionate, so a woman will always feel loved and adored by her Persian man. Also, it’s traditional for those men to pay, so all the bills will constantly be left for him.

They have great taste in clothing

It’s extremely easy to see a handsome Persian man dressed like he’s going to appear on a cover of a fashion magazine. Those men know how to dress with style, their nice haircuts and accessories match their outfits perfectly.

They are emotional and passionate, so a woman will always feel loved and adored by her Persian man.

They love and respect their parents

Persian men have a very special respect for their parents. Even though having respect towards their fathers is very usual for men, Iranian men also love their mom very much and will do anything not to upset or disappoint her. So the most important thing every woman wanting to date a Persian man should do is to be liked by his mother.

They have a sense of humour too

Those men are just fun to be around because of their sense of humour and passionate style of telling stories. They like to tease girls they are interested in, and they are always ready to make them laugh by telling jokes and being playful and funny. It’s never boring to be with a Persian man!

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