Personalities you will meet dating in the USA

Everyone is pretty unique but we all still have some traits and views that are based on where we are from. Most people in the USA have pretty distinctive traits of personality that you can see in many people: these views are created because of the culture and history of the country and they influence the dating experiences of many people a lot. To know what to expect in advance, learn more about the specific traits of character you can face while dating Americans.

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We certainly know that being raised in traditions of a certain country means you have some traits of character which are regularly associated with this region. It is never a bad thing, and rather makes you a representative of a unique culture which only your area possesses. Nevertheless, people differ even living in the same location.

There are multiple kinds of personality traits that a person can possess. They reflect a person's attitude towards various life spheres, such as open-mindedness, extraversion or introversion, acceptance of various social practices and many more. Dating American women or men can become an amazing experience for every modern person.

All of these traits definitely have an impact on a person's love life as everyone for sure wants to have a partner who is accepting and understanding of their worldview. People whose expectations of life are extremely different won’t be able to stick together without getting into quarrels which is not a thing to be wished for in relationships.

If you are new to dating in the USA you might want to know what personalities are the most common here. Also, a good thing to know will be information about dealing with these kinds of people. We gathered the most up-to-date and interesting data to help you understand all the finesse of the American dating world and local dating personality types.

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Politically involved

Being interested in politics is a trait all Americans possess. They understand the importance of politics in relation to the future of their country and have a clear idea of what they want to see going on in society. The thing is, in terms of politics Americans are divided into two opposite groups which can’t really find a common ground. There are liberals and conservatives who support different parties and, consequently, have different ideas. Here is how they differ:

  • Conservative people are not so happy about the changes going on in society nowadays. They would prefer a classical, traditional fabric of society where everybody has his or her own place in the structure. While it seems pretty benign, such views actually often justify inequality. Conservative personality traits are about seeing a man as a breadwinner and a woman as a weaker creature whose obligations are about raising children and keeping the family. They disapprove of the LGBT community and can easily explain why in their opinion racial prejudice is normal;
  • Liberals, on the other hand, in the modern world might be seen as more compassionate. They are a lot less religious than conservatives are and appreciate a more scientific approach to life in general. Liberals are totally for each person having enough opportunities for self-realisation regardless of gender, sexual orientation, race or any other criteria conservatives are more likely to judge by, so that’s why many people like liberal dating.

So in case you have your own opinion on the political state of the United States, clarify the things with your date. You are much more likely to stay together if political views match.

Religious beliefs

There is nothing entirely good or bad in being a believer or a realist.

Whatever a person's political preferences are, there is yet another thing that strongly influences their worldview and that is religion. No matter how modern people are in the USA, there are still multiple believers in God. And if we speak about American religious people, they are not only those who celebrate Easter and Christmas. They pray regularly and they do believe it actually helps to achieve whatever they want. They spend Sunday mornings in church and consider it an important ritual to be a spiritual person.

And on the other side, we have blasphemers, or, to call them properly, those who are not religious. They are only judged by religious devotees but in general, simply enjoy the scientific approach more. They don’t rely on fate and don’t expect prayers to help but rather take the action into their own hands and do whatever is necessary to get a successful outcome.

Again, there is nothing entirely good or bad in being a believer or a realist. But in dating, it is vitally important to be on the same side when it comes to religion. If one of the partners is religious and the other is not, they might have issues with spending holidays. Another problem will be connected with raising children, baptising them. And in case a non-religious woman with a Christian husband will get an unwanted pregnancy, it will be a struggle for her to get approval for abortion.

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Sexual judgement

That is a stereotypical image of Americans being carefree.

Let’s step away from the serious inner beliefs and talk about something which is an important part of dating: sex life. Americans are often thought to be the biggest libertines in the whole world and treat sex-related topics easily. But that is a stereotypical image of Americans being carefree. In reality, there are thousands of people with prudish views on sex.

As not all Americans are sex-positive, what should you expect dating a judgemental person? And how do you even find out this is the case? The first thing is paying attention to your new date’s reaction about the number of your ex-partners. Especially if you have been dating around for a while and have enough sexual experience to share, try mentioning it to a possible partner. You will clearly see if they are not big fans of your background and start treating you differently when the number of your ex-partners appears to be bigger than they expected.

But first think well about what best describes you as a person. Does the number of previous partners of your date matter to you? Or maybe you are not happy to find out your partner lives together with a person they technically can be attracted to? If so, don’t blame yourself for these. Just look for someone who has similar views as well.

Party monsters

Another thing that is strongly associated with American culture are parties. Dancing to loud music, drinking, casually socialising and just having fun in general - these are the things that come to mind when speaking about American parties. So are their visitors - open-minded and carefree.

As you are going to spend most of your free time with a partner, you should find out if he or she is a party lover or not. Those who enjoy having fun usually also have nothing against drinking, smoking and having casual sex which they might not even remember of. So there are several options:

  • you are going to attend social events together if you both like it;
  • one of you will stay at home while the other is having a fun time (which might require a certain level of trust and acceptance);
  • that of you two who is a party enjoyer will sacrifice his or her hobby - if it is possible to call partying a hobby - in order to have successful relationships.

There is no right answer to choose here. It all comes to a good discussion and figuring out whether it is a problem for any of the partners or not.

Logic vs Emotion

This might not be connected to any other personalities we talk about in this article, but also logic and emotion can be components of any other character described earlier. And, pretty self-explanatory, it means there are people who base their actions on logic and those whose emotions outweigh. Why does it even matter? Because it can influence a person's preferences, interests and daily routine. Let’s compare.

Logical people are more likely to:

  • be pragmatic and good with money;
  • analyse the choice they have to make rationally;
  • have a schedule for each day and follow it;
  • be punctual;
  • enjoy science fiction, documentaries.

At the same time emotional people are bent to:

  • daydreaming;
  • meditation and spiritual practices even though they aren’t religious;
  • enjoying any kind of art: visual arts, music, dance and anything else what comes to mind;
  • creativity in general.

It would be better for mutual understanding to have a similar personality: either both of you are logical or emotional. But people say that opposites attract, so who knows where a relationship of two people who are not alike would lead.

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Taking the risk

Another trait that often influences communication between people is being ready to take risks. And it is not necessarily about ill-thought decisions or extreme actions. Again, it is more about the way you spend your pastime.

Those who like to take a dare prefer exotic countries and like to organise their trips themselves.

The risky ones are always happy to take up a new activity, especially the one which causes an immediate adrenaline rush. Rope-jumping, parachuting, extreme sports - these are the greatest ways for risky people to have fun. This also regards travelling. Those who like to take a dare prefer exotic countries and like to organise their trips themselves. They would tell you about going to South America, or Africa or some tiny islands lost in the ocean with great pleasure.

Cautious people on the contrary think twice before agreeing to take up a risky activity and are more likely to reject it at all. As for the holidays, the best one a cautious person can think of is an all-inclusive hotel at the beach of a sea and a whole plan of excursions suggested by their travel agent.

Mature children

No matter what their real age is, they are careless and childish in every aspect of their lives.

And the final couple of types which are worth discussion is people’s maturity. Though you might think that you won’t meet an underaged person while dating, it is not what we are going to talk about. What we imply is more about the state of mind.

There certainly are people who seem to never grow up. No matter what their real age is, they are careless and childish in every aspect of their lives. While some enjoy spending time with such individuals, for others it will be a torture to spend their life with someone who doesn’t take life seriously.

As for more immature people, they can never assure you about having a stable job or at least having found a thing they want to do for a living. They don’t want to be responsible even for their own life, not to mention the life of others. So dating with a perspective of marriage or dating a person with children from previous relationships is a bit “no” for such people.

Good news: you can easily figure out if your partner feels mature even during the first date. The grown-up personalities prefer to have a stable source of income and rent an apartment rather than live with their parents. They are also usually a lot more ready to take responsibility and become a family with their partner soon.

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