Realities of dating over 40

While some people think there is no life after 40, others only start their new romantic adventures at that age. In fact, people over 40 have lots of opportunities to meet someone hot and single and to live a happy life with them afterwards. At the same time, dating after 40 is pretty different from dating in your 20s, so you should know lots of details in advance. Use your experience and knowledge to make a new relationship perfect!

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The famous quote “All ages are to love submissive ...” from Alexander Sergeyevich Pushkin’s poem “Eugene Onegin” sounds just as romantic as totally taken out of context. Times have changed and modern people tend to put a different meaning to those words. This poetic phrase has also the sequel about the "late and fruitless" age, downplaying the meaning of this quote beginning.

But have you ever thought about what age mark was considered to be “way too late” for people who lived almost two hundred years ago? Or in the middle ages? At the beginning of the XIX century, life expectancy was no more than 40 years. Pushkin considered himself old-aged when he was only 37 years old.

Anyways, let’s think about our present, the turn of the millennium. Life expectancy has increased significantly. There was no hunger and uncured mass diseases. People began to live up to 80+ years. But the greatest thing to all the females in the world is that nowadays the woman in her 40s is considered to be in her “greatest” form, when she finally can be fully devoted to her family, kids and herself.

Furthermore, men are not falling behind. Being fully involved in building the carrier from a young age, by the age of forty they start to think seriously about the family and kids. Dating over 40 is perfectly normal nowadays.

Overall, it is easy to conclude that the life expectancy and approach seems to improve much for the people of middle age.

Where to start your “dating over 40” search

a couple having a date at a restaurant

We would like to provide you with some simple tips that will help you to find a decent dating match over 40. These include the following:

  1. Visit suitable places and social events. Our first advice is to not focus only on work and home routines. We are not saying that you have to spend all your time on social activities and stop working at all (which sounds way too good to be true). By attending theatres, cinemas, restaurants, cafes, etc. you will simultaneously make yourself feel better about your life. And it’s a common truth, that if you enjoy and love yourself then someone will definitely fall for you. Go visit different places where large companies tend to go, book a vacation in sanatoria or boarding houses. And here is a good tip for you: attend the gym and keep your body healthy. Lots of couples were created on sanatoria vacation. So we assume that you would want to exercise from day to day in order to meet a handsome man out there and get some advice about your posture or workout, right?
  2. Start caring about your overall presence. We know that by holding so many responsibilities and having that much stress it is so extremely hard to pay attention to your appearance. Furthermore, it is much more important for your mental health and life satisfaction than you might even think. The sad truth is we all do care about peoples’ appearances. As well as it plays a huge role when trying to build new relationships. And if it can’t be helped then you should try to make yourself as comfortable and satisfied with your look as possible, in order to create that image of yourself, especially on the first date.
  3. Experiment, be prepared for changes. Study nutrition tips and regimes, stick to a healthy lifestyle. The more you care about yourself, the more other people will. Not even mentioning the benefits of healthy nutrition on your overall health and adding a positive attitude to life. But don’t put it to the extreme when you set restrictions and rules on literally everything. Life is short, so enjoy it to the fullest. (Some bagels in the morning would not do much harm, but will boost your mood, which is a super big plus)
  4. Do not focus on finding marriage material. 40 plus dating has its own benefits. Men tend to consider serious relationships and marriage more at this point in life. However, do not set such a goal, because I promise you, they can smell it! Don't try to speed up your relationship pace, instead, try to enjoy every single moment spent together and separately as well.
  5. Do not give any chances to depression. I know, sometimes it’s nearly impossible for women to stay positive and charming when your boss keeps yelling at some small mistakes and then your favourite jeans become small, etc. We don’t ask you to be constantly in a good mood. Rather you should try to concentrate on how beautiful our life is when it is possible. That is why we have recommended starting to improve your overall health and nutrition. By improving your life with even such a small step, you momentarily feel the difference, because of that effort put in. A woman was created to bring the brightest, most beautiful emotions and lively energy to everyone around her. Obviously, if that is what she wants. If you keep walking around in a bad mood, not trying to actually put an effort into changing it, then no one will be attracted to you. The shine comes from the inside. And if you don’t believe me, try to remind some of your forty years old female friends, who have never been the most popular girls in high school, but ended up getting married, living a happy life and bringing people around them. Sounds familiar? Think about the reasons and make no excuse for yourself.

Places to visit

a couple having a date on a roof and enjoying a great view

Considering places to visit, make sure that you understand and are aware of the contingent that usually gathered, and the possibility for you not to meet a normal date out there.

This may include some thematic parties or picnics. Of course, if a woman herself is, for instance, a fan of rock, then she can try to find a partner with a similar interest in rock concerts or closed fan meetings, etc.

But be careful with such meetings. One this type of event men are usually looking for a one-night-stand woman, which is not our case. It is a more common and safe option if you consider dating 40 and over to go with the company of girlfriends or friends so that you can at least take a closer look and choose the best match from those who will show you sympathy. And if you follow our recommendations, there will be plenty of those.

Take your time. You don't have to set some strict rules, just be careful.

Visit all the places and events you want to and those bring excitement to your life. And don't forget to pay attention to the men around you. Perhaps your perfect date will be somewhere out there, waiting for you and will become a person you can build strong relationships with.

Google is your best friend

a mature couple is hugging and smiling while posing outside

Well, not really Google, but the overall Internet.

When you are not willing to try to start communicating from real meetings right away, and speed dating might not be a perfect choice, but you still want to get a first impression of the person, the Internet is the tool you are looking for. Nowadays, online dating is far more from just being popular among singles. Many women believe that it is the best way to find their perfect love hero abroad and enlarge a number of options available for you. We suggest to pay attention to this best online dating site, where singles are proved to find their love and happiness: - a platform that allows you to find a partner from Europe without a need to actually go abroad. This site is intended for people who consider building serious relationships, which is a big plus for you. But for the same reason the registration procedure here is not easy at all. What you need to do is:

  • In order for the service to authorize and approve your application, you will have to manually fill out basic personal information;
  • After completing the registration, you should visit the main page, where you will be able to start your searching journey by specifying your mood. This simple trick allows you to start a dialogue with a person who has similar interests and makes it easier to get along from the first seconds;
  • Among the advantages of the resource: a wide variety of additional paid services available, stylish design, the ability to change the main displayed elements.
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