How to know that a girl is dreaming of being in a relationship with you

People all over the world are absorbed in dating and relationships - it’s an essential part of our life and it’s extremely hard to imagine a person who is completely disinterested in being with someone. Though there are some asexual people in the world, their amount is not big: most people experience romance and seek relationships with someone special at different periods of their lives. Whether you’re a teenager without any dating experience or a mature adult who craves to have a perfect stable companion, then you must be interested in romantic relationships if you don’t have any. Our modern world constantly uses various media to tell us that love is almost everything that is actually important in life: it’s seen as the top priority and the happiness that someone can have. And love is actually amazing - in case it’s your main life goal or not, it can bring a lot of colours and joy into your life.

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Lots of men interested in dating aren’t looking for a random lady they don’t know yet - they often like a lady they are already acquainted with and would like to start a romantic relationship with her. It’s essential to know how to tell if she wants you to be a bit more active and to make the first step for everyone who actually adores or at least is interested in one specific person because you can be missing your opportunity to date them. While there are lots of situations when a girl sees you just as her friend or a colleague and has no interest in dating you, there are also lots of situations when a girl is also interested in becoming a sweet couple with you but is too unconfident shy to hint more evidently.

There are lots of opportunities around us every day: whether you have an attractive female colleague who often smiles to you and asks you to help her with something insignificant more often than the others do or you have a nice lady you communicate a lot with recently, these opportunities can help you to meet your potential partner and to be with them. Learning the signs and having skills to read them properly can increase your chances in the dating game and improve your confidence a lot. While it’s often better to know exactly than to assume, there are also situations when a little detail can help you to see the whole picture and to understand that someone interesting definitely values you.

Why it’s so vital to know the signs which scream that she wants you to approach

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Dating and before-dating periods are often based on mind games and transparent hints: it’s a part of a game for two people who are absorbed in each other but don’t want to demonstrate it openly. There are lots of reasons for that: some people have pretty traditional views on dating and assume that a man should always be an initiator for relationships, the others are sure that it’s always necessary for a woman to play hard-to-get before a relationship. Lots of ladies are afraid to look approachable and easy: they are afraid that their potential partner will have no respect for them because they were too enthusiastic and interested in that relationship. Though some women love looking unapproachable, it’s often just a game: whether you’re dating American women or ladies from other countries, lots of them have the idea to play dating games. Also, lots of people are afraid of being rejected: it’s extremely painful to hear that your crush doesn’t like you back, especially if a person who rejects you is not super polite and gentle while saying that. People try their best to avoid being heartbroken: lots of them aren’t ready to take risks and prefer just to wait until something good happens to them.

Reading signs correctly can help you to become more confident and successful in dating games.

If you’re wondering how to know if she wants you to make the first move, then you probably have some evidence or reasons to think that she might be really interested in you. Even if an enchanter is extremely shy and indecisive, there often are small signs that she might be looking forward to becoming closer to you. Usually, a person who has at least a bit of empathy and social skills can understand that a person is definitely disinterested in dating them: if a person is cold, reserved and doesn’t seem enthusiastic while talking to you, then it’s the most obvious sign of them wanting you to leave them alone. At the same time, sometimes it’s not that easy to understand whether a person wants just to casually communicate with you or not: while there are straightforward and decisive people who are very honest and bold about their intentions, there are also lots of shy and unconfident people who are afraid to show their sympathy openly.

Reading signs correctly can help you to become more confident and successful in dating games: when you can say whether you have any chances with a person or not, you can always save your time and efforts and to look for a partner somewhere else. Remember that you shouldn’t be too pushy with a person you appreciate and you don’t have to chase a person for weeks or months: a person who is into you is waiting for a move from your side to take a step towards you, so they won’t tease you and make it more and more confusing again and again. Value your time and don’t waste your time and efforts with people who don’t like you - you can spend this time to find someone who can be a perfect partner for you.

The most common signs that she wants to be with you

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It’s no surprise that people are different and there are no ultimate rules on how to act in every situation. Ladies have different tastes and sometimes are unsure whether it’s a good idea to date a guy they like or not: they might have lots of hesitations and worries about their possible future with the man and try not to be fast while making any decisions. Lots of women simply don’t know what they crave: they might be straight after unhealthy and painful relationships, they might need time to be single for a while to think and to understand what they actually want from their future relationships.

Your communication with a girl doesn't have to match all the signs completely - a few of them are usually enough to understand that she might be interested in dating you and is waiting for you to be more initiative.

Though there are no concrete signs that she wants you to act and to make the first act, lots of situations are similar and there are some patterns that can help you to understand what this lady wants. Your communication with a girl doesn't have to match all the signs completely - a few of them are usually enough to understand that she might be interested in dating you and is waiting for you to be more initiative. There’s still a chance to misinterpret her intentions or to see the chemistry between two of you when there’s no one - but at least you’ll try and know exactly whether it’s just your imagination or not. When you’re mature and communicative enough, it’s always easier to start a dialogue and to figure out what’s happening between you: at least, if you see some signs that she might be into you, then you have reasons to try and to discuss it with her.

There are some signs that a lady might have a crush on you: a person who is actually interested in you will try their best to hint transparently and to make you understand that you can try to approach if you feel the same way. Even if it turns out that this lady’s not excited, then act politely and friendly: there’s nothing horrible and awful in having a good female friend around. The concept of a “friend zone” is usually misused and misunderstood: lots of people actually need good friends and a man who is offended to be a lady’s friend is neither a good friend nor a good potential partner for her. Learn some of these signs to find out whether this lady likes you or not:

  • One of the most accessible signs that she wants you to be more initiative is her wish to spend hours with you. Even when a lady is very busy, she usually has a few spare hours occasionally when she can see her friends and acquaintances, so a lady who likes a guy will be glad to spend this time with him. There are lots of casual excuses to catch up with you: you can go to the cinema together or go shopping for something when you know something about this thing, you can see each other at parties and in different groups of friends. When a lady invites you to visit a party - then it’s a brilliant flag that she’s looking forward to being with you;
  • She doesn’t want you to wait for a message for an unreasonable amount of hours or days. Nowadays people are online most of their time, and even if they’re very busy because of their work or studying, they often have a few minutes to text occasionally. A lady who likes you can send you a text after her lectures or during her coffee break at work because she is interested in chatting with you. Even a super busy person texts you back like once in a day, because they crave to show you that their absence is not connected with their lack of interest in communication, so they also sometimes say sorry because they didn’t have time to answer earlier. There are always exceptions, but a lady who ghosts and ignores you is definitely not into being with you;
  • She is delighted to keep a conversation and doesn’t answer too shortly. It’s often easy to see when a lady is really excited to talk to you: they joke, they use lots of emojis, they keep the dialogue and love having deep discussions with you. A girl can try to develop the dialogue and to change the topic when she feels that the dialogue is about to end because she prefers to chat with you more. When you see a lady who often answers you very dry and briefly or simply sends you an emoji instead of the answer, then it’s a warning that she isn't interested;
  • She asks for more information and tries to know a bit more about you. Another important thing is to know that a lady is not only interested in talking about themselves but also tries to learn more about you. She’s excited by your favourite playlists, she asks for your advice and makes it clear that it’s interesting for her to know a bit more about you. When she constantly asks you for more details and is wondering about your preferences and opinions, then it’s great evidence of her affection;
  • A lady acts like a good listener when she hopes you to become her boyfriend. While lots of girls try to speak a lot about themselves to impress or to interest these guys, they also become great listeners and they actually care about anything you say. If a girl seems very absorbed to listen to you speaking about video games when she’s not even a gamer or wants to understand everything you say about cars or sports - then it can be a green light. There are lots of topics that might be actually boring or out of her interests, but a lady is charmed by you - so everything you say becomes interesting for her;
  • She avoids speaking about her male friends or ex-partners too much when she wants you to make an act or she intentionally hints that there are some other guys trying hard to get her attention while looking for your reaction. It’s a controversial sign because both options are equally possible, but a lady can choose one of these ways to give you a clue. In the first scene, she tries to demonstrate you that she’s open for suggestions and there are no other men in her heart, and in the second one she tries to make you a bit possessive to make you more initiative and decisive;
  • Her posture and appearance might be a great sign too. It’s easy to understand that a beaut who likes looking into your eyes for a bit too long, who tends to smile and play with her hair, who always tries to stand or sit like she’s posing on Instagram when you’re around is into you. Their wardrobe, makeup and hairstyle can change too: when you see that a girl starts to put more efforts into looking her best when you're around, then this lady probably tries to create a good impression on a guy she likes. Also, try joking in a group of friends and look for her reaction: if she laughs pretty loud while looking at you, then you should definitely find some courage to approach;
  • She’s humorous and loves pranks around you. When a lady is into a guy she often tries to become closer to him, so humour and jokes are often seen as a good tool to have another level of mental connection and mutual understanding. By doing that, she shows you that you can be real with her and to communicate with her more openly and casually: it might help you to be confident and straightforward to her. Also, a girl who has a crush on you might occasionally joke about you both dating, so be ready to joke in response to bring her some confidence and to let her know that you’re also excited;
  • She wants to make you emotional sometimes. it might be clearly seen when she sends you her favourite touching songs or wants you to watch her favourite romantic films when she’s a bit provocative and careless with you - she wants to get your attention and to build an emotional contact with you. Also, some women can behave reckless and rebellious when they want some guys to be more protective and to care for them, especially if it seems that it’s not a part of her usual behaviour;
  • This lady can tell you about her ex-relationships and openly tells you that she was hurt before. While it might also be a sign that she sees you just as a good friend, she might also try to show you her fragile and unprotected side. A person who speaks about their traumas and bad experiences with you sometimes wants you to fix their broken heart - so it might be a good sign; She sometimes teases you and her friends do the same when you talk about her. Lots of women start being suspiciously active in their social media to attract some attention. Also, her friends are definitely aware of her affection towards you, so if they act or speak too mysteriously or indefinitely about her love interests or intentions, then go for it;
  • She wants to meet your friends and family and become a part of your life. A girl who hopes to be with you wants to be important for you and to integrate into her life: she meets your friends and relatives and tries to create a flawless first impression to spend more time with you and to be liked by people who are important to you. Lots of women are afraid to be too intrusive when they’re in love but they still want to have valid reasons to be around, so you’ll probably see her more often when she’s into you;
  • She wants you to meet her friends and become a part of her world. Just like she prefers to become a part of your life, she also prefers to integrate you into her world and to create more reasons and opportunities for you to be around often. It’s always a good opportunity to meet a person you appreciate when you have some common friends and can hang out together. By doing that, she also shows you that she trusts you and wants to be a part of her life for a long time - and that’s nice;
  • She makes plans and discusses the future with you. If a beaut wants to go to the concert with you or to travel with a group of friends when you’re included, then it means that she expects you to be around in future. Also, these common plans can actually make you much closer because of your common experience and memories - especially when you two spend time together without any other friends involved. So regardless of her plans being big or small, the fact that she is sure that you’ll still communicate in the future is a great sign;
  • She’s a bit too touchy and sensitive. Lots of women unconsciously try to be more fragile and sensitive around men they like to make them protective, sensitive and a bit guilty to attract their attention, of course. A man who feels guilty often tries to compensate for his mistake with some positive attitude and affection to show that he’s sorry, and that’s something that lots of women like. So if it seems that it’s suspiciously easy to unconsciously offend a girl - then she might like you;
  • She is ready to help you with anything she can. Just like lots of guys try to offer women help they like with anything, lots of women also try to be useful and necessary in difficult situations. Whether she offers her help or company - it’s often a chance for her to spend some time with you. A girl might feel that helping you can cause you being grateful and can provoke a deeper level of communication with you - which is great;
  • She doesn’t make excuses when your plans crush and suggest other options to meet and spend time together. Of course, we all can have a Force Majeure and change our plans, but a beaut who is interested in you will try to set up another meeting or at least will make you sure that you’ll definitely meet another time. A woman who seems to invent lots of new reasons not to see you is not interested in dating you;
  • She doesn’t call you an amazing friend - but she tells you that you have an amazing level of understanding and compatibility. A cliche about women calling their male acquaintances their best friends is sometimes pretty true: they clearly highlight the fact that they see these guys just as friends though they appreciate their good attitude and nice things they do for them. But if your crush avoids calling you her friend but claims that you deeply understand her and you both are mentally connected means that she thinks you have an opportunity to become more than a friend and thinks that you both are very compatible;
  • She’s warm and cheerful with you. Unlike general politeness and friendly behaviour, a lady’s care can often be seen because they are excited to meet you. Their eyes shine, they smile a lot and want to chat with you about anything, they wish to spend more time with you and to demonstrate that you’re definitely welcome in their company. A warmth you feel after talking to her can be seen in her eyes as well, so if it seems that your presence improves her mood and attracts lots of her attention - then go for it;
  • The lady’s single and says that she’d like to have someone. Though it might be seen as pretty obvious for many guys, this sign is actually pretty controversial: an enchanter who tells you that she wants to date someone doesn’t always mean you. Try to read her emotions and intentions: if she speaks casually and describes her wish to find a partner pretty down-to-earth, then a lady probably just tells you what she thinks. Meantime, when she acts romantic, a bit sad and deep in her thoughts and is clearly waiting for your reaction, then it's a signal for you;
  • You don’t have controversial signals from her - just not enough of good ones to be completely sure that she appreciates you. Though lots of people can act a bit crazy when they’re in love, it’s usually pretty obvious that they are crazy about someone and want to attract their attention. Usually, when you’re not sure whether a girl really appreciates you, there is no straight evidence that she isn’t into you - she gives you some hints but they are too subtle to confirm you in her intentions. But an enchanter who is definitely not excited can show you her limits and hint to you that there is no chemistry - so be sensitive to see them.
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