Dating in Spain

Spanish culture is well known for its emotional engagement and outstanding traditions. And each trait of character traditional for spanish people is most perfectly reflected in the way they date. Passionate and ardent, spanish men and women won’t let you get bored and can show you the romance which is usually reflected in hollywood movies.

Dating spanish singles you will discover a whole new world which can’t exist in any other country. You’ll learn more about Spain itself and will fall in love not only with your partner but with this country as well. If you are eager to start dating spanish singles, we suggest you to learn more about spanish dating culture.

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Things get really romantic

If you are bored of identical meetings and formulaic discussions, dating a spanish person you will forget about such issues. A simple coffee shop meeting doesn’t count as a date at all. If you are in love in Spain, you want to go big and surprise your partner with something outstanding. Those who were not grown in spanish realities can be a little overwhelmed at first.

Prepare yourself for going out to fancy restaurants - you better have something appropriate to dress in before you are invited to dinner. Expect visiting a rooftop to see a sunset while your partner recites poetry, renting a boat to float in the sea or flying in a balloon over the charming spanish countryside. What you already think is too much, for spanish people is just the beginning. Women feel like they are dating a rich man, but even regular spanish guys try to make the dating experience romantic.

Speaking of poetry, many people here find that it is the best way to release the feelings and show their affection. Even though not everyone is a poet by nature and can write their own pieces, people can still learn some well-known poems about love and surprise their dates reciting them.

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PDA is totally normal

In Spain, there are very few things that you need to hide behind the locked doors, and strong feelings definitely aren’t on this list. If you have ever been annoyed by couples hugging and kissing on the streets, you’ll have to get used to seeing it everywhere if you come to Spain.

Walking from point A to point B you’ll stop multiple times to listen to your boyfriend whispering something in your ear or to leave a passionate kiss on the lips of your girlfriend.

Don’t think that you’ll avoid that destiny yourself. Once you start dating a spanish person, they will be eager to show their affection in every moment of your date. Walking from point A to point B you’ll stop multiple times to listen to your boyfriend whispering something in your ear or to leave a passionate kiss on the lips of your girlfriend.

It is much simpler to just embrace this culture and adjust to it too. Probably, you will even be able to find pleasure in it soon. But if you’ll try to remain reserved and hide your feelings, your partner might think that you are not actually in love. Relax and enjoy the game.

It’s never too late to ask for a date

You probably are used to people arranging dates a few days ahead and the appropriate time to meet is just after the work is finished. So what would you think if your spanish boyfriend texted you at 11 p.m., suggesting to go out together? More often than not people think that this way things can get sexual pretty fast.

Well, this is definitely not the case in Spain. If you are suggested to meet late in the evening, you’ll probably just go to the restaurant and have a nice dinner together. Then you might walk in the streets and see the sunset, and then your partner walks you home. A date which goes on perfectly well can easily end late at night and spanish people see nothing wrong in this. But if you are not perfectly satisfied with how the meeting goes, you have a perfect excuse to cancel it looking at the watches.

Don’t be afraid to be late

Speaking of timing, there is no such thing in Spain as being too late. If you agreed to meet at 5 p.m., you can relax and take extra half an hour to fix your makeup or choose a shirt. There are no strict norms about being “on time” in Spain. Extra 20 minutes are not even considered being late. So if you are extremely punctual, just breathe and practice patience.

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Nothing tastes as good as spanish food

Everyone in Spain loves to eat. No wonder, as there are plenty of delicious national dishes. Each of them is cooked in its own way in different families, so you will never taste two identical paellas.

When you finally get to meet your spanish partner’s family, they will prepare a feast. Be sure to taste each dish and do the honours - well, you won’t even have to keep that in mind, as you will start salivating the moment you see the dishes on the table. But as you show appreciation, the big spanish family will encourage you to eat more and offer other snacks. If you are worried about gaining weight, don’t be too generous with your portions.

Where an american will watch the language closely and choose the most inoffensive option, a spanish person says what he thinks.

But at the same time, women who worry about the numbers on the scales can totally forget this dating a spanish man. Here a nice curvy body is extremely appreciated, so if you let yourself relax and gain some weight, you’ll only get praised for how good you look.

The language is not as sensitive

Even though Spain is socially up-to-date and supports all modern ideals, this is not always reflected in the language. So where an american will watch the language closely and choose the most inoffensive option, a spanish person says what he thinks. It is not that spanish people want to be rude, they just are not as much offended by the language and therefore pay less attention to what they are saying. Even if you are dating a gay man or an extreme left-wing feminist, you can be surprised by the choice of vocabulary.

Talk about splitting the bill

While in other countries it is one way or the other, in Spain it is both normal for the man to pay the bill and to go dutch. And you will never know your partner’s opinion about this until you ask them. Some men get extremely offended when suggested to split the check, so try to present the question in the most intricate way possible. You can also have this conversation before you actually meet at a date so that it doesn’t spoil the evening.

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Some men get extremely offended when suggested to split the check, so try to present the question in the most intricate way possible.

Online dating in Spain

Spanish dating sites and apps are popular among all categories of people in this country, so if you don’t know where to start looking for a partner, using a dating website is the best idea. Spanish singles regularly spend their time on dating apps, so you won’t have to wait for the answer for too long. Sometimes even a few minutes of swiping can result in success.

You’ll be surprised to see how much effort and personality is included in dating profiles. You won’t be able to find two identical descriptions as every person here tries to describe themselves with the whole soul. The photos also get quite creative and include some funny photoshopped elements. Although it is rare for spanish people to alter their appearance for the sake of fooling people online.

People on spanish dating sites try to behave the way they do in real life as well. They know how to start the conversation and make a potential partner engaged. Whatever your interests are you will be able to discuss them and discover some new sides of what you already know.

All of this may sound like spanish people are quite lazy, but actually you can meet busy professionals through online dating too. For them using a dating app allows to build friendships and relationships while being busy at work.

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If you are looking for the opportunity to find a spanish love online, consider as it definitely is one of the best dating sites in Spain. There are a few reasons why people choose this platform over other dating sites:

  • It is simple to use. The website and the dating app were both developed with all groups of people kept in mind. That means that the interface is easy to understand even if you have little experience with computers and the registration procedure takes just a few minutes;
  • The database consists of thousands of people. That being said, you can be sure that the destined one is definitely somewhere over there. Whatever your criteria and preferences are, there are always people on who fully meet your idea of a perfect date;
  • It proved its efficiency. originated over 25 years ago and can now claim to be one of the most successful dating platforms in Spain and all over the world. Thousands of couples have been created here and their love went much further than what online dating could suggest;
  • It is safe to use. All necessary precautions have been taken by developers to make the experience of online dating safe for all users. Data leakage is impossible and user guidelines for extra safety measures are developed and freely available on the website.

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How to use for dating spanish singles

Online dating has never been easier. Just a few steps - and a pool of like-minded individuals from Spain is ready for you:

  • Create an account. You have to register on the dating website to start dating, but it only requires completing a quick registration procedure. You can use your email for that or just log in through other social media;
  • Fill in account information. This step is necessary because your potential partners should have something to judge you by. Briefly describe your hobbies and interests and just generally tell basic things about yourself. You can also mention what you want to see in a partner. Don’t overshare, but give enough information to see who you are as a person;
  • Start searching for partners. A convenient searching system used on allows you to set the search depending on your own criteria. If anything from appearance to degree of education is important or you feel free to mention it while choosing the settings. Just a few more moments and a pool of compatible individuals is ready for you. Scroll through it and text the ones you find the most attractive.

Even if you are new to online dating, can help you let go of all prejudices and finally meet the love of your life.

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