Dating in Switzerland

If you think of Swiss people as being extremely reserved and hard to approach, you have just never done the right thing when it comes to dating in Switzerland. Just because Swiss singles enjoy themselves being single doesn’t mean they are never ready to get involved in mature relationships with a suitable person. Quite the opposite, swiss people are trustful and devoted when it comes to long-term relationships.

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So, how do you deal with dating in Switzerland? Where do you meet swiss singles? How should a relationship with a swiss person develop? We suggest you find out everything you might need to know while dating the Swiss.

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Women want to be approached

Even though Switzerland is an extremely modern country supporting all the contemporary societal norms, when it comes to dating, some aspects remain more traditional. For example, women here are not used to making the first move. If you feel attracted to a particular female, start courting her and showing signs of attention. Swiss women definitely enjoy being wooed so you will have to make some effort to impress a lady in this country.

You might feel that a swiss woman keeps the distance at first but that is only because she wants to make sure you are the right person to open up to.

You might feel that a swiss woman keeps the distance at first but that is only because she wants to make sure you are the right person to open up to. Try your best to engage her into a meaningful conversation and do everything to leave the right impression from the very start. This is how you can succeed in courting a swiss girl and be sure she will respond back.

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Men are quite traditional

As the response to swiss women loving courtship, swiss men couldn’t be anything but charmingly traditional. If you are looking for a man who will respect you as you are but still pay the bills, bring you flowers and be romantic - looking for a swiss partner will be a perfect choice. And although in the later stages of relationships you might need to share all of the responsibilities, the honeymoon phase is never anything but perfect.

Another advantage of men respecting traditions is that they are extremely loyal and devoted. They might be hard when it comes to opening up, but once you get into a serious affair, they won't ever look at another woman.

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Respect independence

What we often expect in a relationship is sharing most of your time and activities with the partner. If you date a swiss person, that will never be the case. Here relationships are considered perfect when each partner has enough freedom. And what is enough freedom for the Swiss might seem like too much for the rest of the world.

If you have just started dating, don’t expect to see your significant other too often. Sometimes it even comes to one date in two weeks, but swiss singles don’t find anything wrong in this situation. They are pretty busy in their daily life and usually have multiple hobbies and activities to engage in when having free time. They don’t want to give up their regular life for the sake of love.

And even if you decide to move in together, that doesn’t mean that all of your free time will be shared with each other. You might spend the nights together and share other responsibilities, but never expect to be your partner’s only interest.

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Conservative views often lead people in Switzerland to not trusting dating platforms enough, so they still prefer to get acquainted on social events.

Online dating scene in Switzerland

Modern innovations and ways of life couldn’t pass by Switzerland without leaving their influence, so you can be sure that the online dating scene here is quite big. For the Swiss, dating online is a perfect opportunity to remain autonomous for a longer time having a real excuse to delay meeting in real life - you don’t dislike your potential partner, you just want to know them better before arranging an actual date.

Yet, there are many more ways to meet Swiss singles which are more popular than online dating. Unlike dating American women or men, dating Swiss singles often requires being ready to approach in real life. Conservative views often lead people in Switzerland to not trust dating platforms enough, so they still prefer to get acquainted on social events. Approaching a person at a bar is another common practice.

Another thing is that Switzerland has quite a few national languages, including German. Therefore, some swiss singles are using german dating sites to find love - keep that in mind while choosing the right platform.

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How to date swiss singles online

If you are looking for swiss friends on a dating site, you want the platform to be trustworthy. The reason why many swiss singles still avoid dating websites is because they are not sure it is safe. But such websites as respect their users and want to make the process of meeting the perfect partner the most enjoyable. As safety is one of the most important parts of the process, great attention is paid to security. All personal information required during registration is confidential and isn’t used for any other purposes. You can also choose the settings depending on what you want to show to your potential interlocutors.

Another reason to choose is its long and successful history. Being on the dating stage online for over two decades, it helped thousands of couples to meet each other and build strong and happy relationships.

There are just a few steps you need to complete before you can meet actual swiss singles online:

  • Create your own profile. Fill in as much information as possible because this criteria will be used in order to find a compatible partner. Your potential dates will also have the desire to learn more about you and decide whether you actually suit each other, so tell everything you think a potential partner might need to know about you;
  • Choose a profile picture. Many might say that appearance doesn’t matter, but this is still one of the first things you can judge a person by. Choosing a photo, pick up the one which was taken recently, otherwise when you finally meet in real life your date might be surprised by the difference;
  • Set the search. You can choose all of the important traits you want to see in a partner while starting the search. If you have some preferences when it comes to appearance, you can choose hair or eye colour as well as height. Some people prefer their partners to have a certain degree, so you can search for academic singles from Switzerland or don’t pay attention to education at all. When everything is ready, just press the Search button and get a list of the most compatible users.

Remember that building a successful long-term relationship requires commitment. Don’t forget to respond to the person you are talking to and take the date offline when you think the time has come. Enjoy dating in Switzerland with

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