Dating in Taiwan

You might think that Taiwan is just another region of China and nothing makes it different. But it is actually a separate country, and though many of its customs remind the Chinese ones, there are a lot of contrasts. Taiwan is actually considered one of the best Asian countries in terms of gender equality, so the relationships people have here are not much different from what you are used to in Europe. Local people are also not afraid of foreigners, so if you recently came to the country and want to start Dating in Taiwan, the good news are you probably will be able to find a partner easily. Let’s dive deep into the unique dating culture of Taiwan and discover everything you might need to know.

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Advantages of dating in Taiwan

First of all, the main thing dating Taiwanese people can give you is a totally new experience. You’ll get an inner glimpse into the totally unknown culture which is not something everyone can do.

If you like attention, dating an asian person is also perfect for you. There is an unspoken rule that new couples should meet every other day if not daily. That means you will be able to learn a lot about your partner in very short terms but also just enjoy spending time together. Oftentimes western people just can’t find enough time to spend with their new significant other or value personal time too much. But in Taiwan, your partner will be exclusively devoted to you and expect the same treatment back.

Even such things as holding hands and kissing are not appropriate for a few first dates.

People in Taiwan are also used to creating families pretty early in life. So once you are officially dating your partner might start talking about all marriage related things. Taiwan dating doesn’t imply a proposal on early relationship stages, but people here just like making plans together and thinking about the possible future. This also allows discovering the people who don’t really match ideals without going too far.

At the same time, getting physical in Taiwan is usually a little bit postponed. Even such things as holding hands and kissing are not appropriate for a few first dates. Don’t be worried, it is just a matter of getting used to a new partner and slowly developing trustful relations. Especially if you are a little introverted, slow and mindful approach to relationships people in Taiwan have will be just what you need.

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Important things to remember while dating in Taiwan

You can make your Taiwanese dating experience especially enjoyable if you take a few things into consideration. First of all, there are traits of Taiwanese culture which are entirely different from Europe. This especially regards body language and gestures. Some of those which are common among western people are quite impolite in Taiwan. You will also see the difference in communication and humour people in this country use. If you have nothing against dark humour better not express it out loud to your partner. Such jokes are superstitiously considered dangerous and, as Taiwanese people think, can attract bad luck.

You might also have some misunderstandings with your partner just because of the language. Though many Taiwanese people know English well enough to keep up with the conversation, they often make mistakes and have limited vocabulary. The pronunciation is also quite different from what people are used to in Europe. Altogether, there might be moments when you just can’t see what your partner means. But that’s totally fine when you are dating outside your country, so just keep calm and do your best to come to a mutual understanding.

Even though Taiwan is a very progressive country where people treat women as equal in most spheres of life when it comes to dating there are a few things that are not accepted by Taiwanese men. The best traits a woman can possess here are femininity and child-likeness. If you have ever seen average Asian ladies you will understand what is meant by these terms. Girls here have to be soft and fragile both in appearance and behaviour. So if you are one of those feminists who want to pay for herself and ask a guy out first you might meet some judgement.

And another thing which you have to remember, which comes out of the desired exclusivity, is jealousy. If you got a partner, all friends of the opposite sex will be met with suspicion from now on. This might not be the most pleasant trait but often times the issue can be resolved by sole communication.

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Online dating in Taiwan

When it comes to online dating, it is now widely spreading among all generations. The main issue for many Taiwanese people is their shy character which actually prevents them from getting a real boyfriend or girlfriend. Before online dating became a thing the solution was meeting through friends or relatives. There is no strict rule about the place you should meet your partner in or about the approval of the close people you should get, but it was just a convenient way to finally get the love life together.

But nowadays many Taiwanese people just create an account on a dating website and plunge into the world of enjoyable relationships. Just a few clicks and like-minded individuals from Taiwan become available and there is no need to experience the awkwardness of the first-time conversation.

There is no strict rule about the place you should meet your partner in or about the approval of the close people you should get, but it is just a convenient way to finally get the love life together. offers a unique opportunity to meet singles from Taiwan. Here are just a few reasons why local people come to this website with the main goal of meeting a compatible partner:

  • There is a huge database of Taiwanese people on That means you can look for a partner and be sure your search will be successful regardless of the criteria you set. There are always people who match your preferences;
  • The search system makes the experience more personal. You can set the parameters using search filters and make sure that only compatible individuals will be picked from the database. The filters might include education degree, appearance traits such as height or hair colour, hobbies and interests and just anything you think your partner should have;
  • It is totally safe to use The main concern people have about dating websites is that there are scams and tricksters there. But you can take everything into your own hands and make sure your personal data is safe. For all the users, the team of developed a set of rules which can help to feel secure. And if you are worried about the data you use while registering on the website, makes sure it is kept secure as well;
  • The experience of in matchmaking speaks for itself. The platform exists for more than 20 years and thousands of successful couples have been created over this time.

There is not much needed to start dating at You just have to complete a simple registration procedure and fill in your profile. Then you can start the search and have the best experience of dating Taiwanese people ever.

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