Dating Turkish singles

Turkey is an amazing touristic destination because of its excellent weather and amazing beaches which attract millions of people annually. That's an amazing place to spend holidays while lying on a beautiful seaside and looking at the sea. Many people love the hot weather of the country and dream of turning their life into an endless holiday by moving there. One of the best ways to immigrate is to find a local partner who will help you with understanding the local language and traditions and help you to assimilate. And even if you have no plans to live in Turkey yet and just want to find yourself a gorgeous Turkish partner to date and spend your time with them - it’s completely possible because of the popularity of online dating sites like And it also can become a great reason to go on Turkish holidays again and again!

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Nowadays Western men see a lot of amazing Turkish beauties on TV and the Internet, so it’s not surprising why some people are crazy about dating them. They dream of having a gorgeous and obedient girlfriend or potential wife, who can be a real homemaker and take care of their children and household chores well. On the other hand, Western ladies dreaming of Turkish men are usually interested in finding a mysterious Prince from an Oriental fairytale. Turkish men are often portrayed as generous, powerful, rich and they know how to spoil their women well.

Of course, most of those stereotypes are false and it’s always better to avoid any form of generalization, especially while speaking about people. But sometimes stereotypes are true, and people who are lucky enough manage to find their significant others from Turkey and be extremely happy with them. Lots of local dating customs are pretty like dating customs and traditions in Turkey but they still have lots of unique traits. The oriental fairytale with a modern flavour becomes their reality, and the fact that it’s possible to find love from Turkey makes people even more interested in dating Turkish men and women.

What dating Turkish women is like

three women in traditional costumes laughing together

First of all, it’s worth understanding why Turkish women are seen so attractive in men’s eyes. There are a few reasons for their popularity; some of them are connected with their appearance and some of them are mostly based on their character or stable stereotypes about Turkish women in general. There are various amazing qualities those women often have, and this makes them perfect girlfriend and wife material.

In general, those women have a very feminine exotic appearance. They usually have long dark hair, usually a bit wavy or straight. They also have dark eyebrows and eyelashes, so they often need no makeup because their faces look bright and attractive even without it. Nevertheless, many Turkish ladies wear make-up, because they always want to look beautiful for their men and themselves. It’s pretty normal for local ladies to wear makeup not only outdoors but also at home - they want to be stunning not only for people they don’t know but for their husbands as well. They also have dark hazel or brown eyes and beautiful olive skin and look tanned most of the time. A lot of Turkish women also have slim and curvy bodies, which make them even more beautiful. They look bright, mysterious and stunning, which attract a lot of men’s attention.

Turkish women have a lot of different hobbies and they can be interested in many fields, so you’ll probably find a few themes to talk about.

Men also dream of dating Turkish women because of their character. A lot of Turkish ladies are calm, obedient and respect their men. At the same time, they are confident, reasonable and sensible; they know what they want, they don’t mince words in telling you how they feel and want to be respected by their partners and husbands as well. Those ladies are interesting to speak with: Turkish women have a lot of different hobbies and they can be interested in many fields, so you’ll probably find a few themes to talk about. Also, even though many Turkish people are Islamic, officially the country is a secular state, so many women there are pretty ambitious and think of their career. Those beautiful ladies are independent and don’t like being treated as subservient and helpless creatures. Respect a beautiful Turkish lady, show her that she’s more than a pretty face, and you’ll have a chance to interest her.

What Turkish men are like

an attractive man in a shirt posing on a grey background

Women dreaming of dating a Turkish man consider some stereotypes about them true as well. Some of them actually are, some of them are just exaggerations and generalisations, as it often happens with stereotypes. But what is absolutely true about those men - they are passionate, they love women and they would like to give the whole world to the woman they adore. They are pretty expressive and emotional while showing their feelings and emotions: so if a local Turkish man likes you, then you’ll probably know it pretty soon. They really like to give compliments and praise attractive women, and even their admiring look is pretty obvious to understand.

Turkish men are very persistent and it’s considered normal for a local man to approach more than once because the local women can sometimes say “no” without really meaning it. It works like a flirting game: a man chases the woman he likes and a woman plays hard-to-get. Of course, a strict tone and categorical refusal are understood easily there, but if a woman refuses while smiling and flirting, then a man would probably try to conquer her heart again.

A man chases the woman he likes and a woman plays hard-to-get.

Even though those men adore female beauty and praise it, they are very possessive and can be pretty jealous sometimes. The Turkish man needs to know that he is the only one for his beloved one, and their women want their men to prove the same constantly. So it’s pretty traditional to be passionate and emotional there: local people prefer to be remembered about them being loved all the time!

Turkish dating tips

a young man smiling in camera indoors

There are some general dating rules which work all over the world. They are usually connected with basic things: every person would like to be respected and treated politely, and no one should be rude or impolite towards the others. At the same time, there are some specific dating rules in Turkey which you should consider while dating a Turkish woman or man. Most of them can help you to create a good first impression and some of them will help you to keep your relationships healthy and strong. No matter if you’re a man wanting to date a beautiful Turkish lady or a woman interested in Turkish men those tips can help you to understand how the Turkish dating works and what to expect.

  • A man is expected to give all his attention to a woman he’s on a date with. It’s pretty general for many countries, but in Turkey, it sometimes doesn’t even look like communication between equally interested people: a man usually gives a woman his extra attention to show her how he admires her beauty and how much he’s actually interested in her. So if you’re a man then you should think about some beautiful words and compliments in advance: you’ll definitely be expected to say a lot of pleasant things on a date. If you’re a woman who’s going to date a Turkish man, then you should get used to constant praise of how gorgeous you are. A lot of Western women are not that acquainted with the ability and strength of the local compliments: a woman can be called “flower”, “rose”, “love” “heart”, “angel” and so on and sometimes you can hear all of them in five minutes! So women should relax and prepare to be admired because praising the feminine beauty is something Turkish men are really good at;
  • Don’t even think about dating someone else while dating a Turkish person! Both men and women would be furious to know their partner is cheating on them. Dating Turkish men and women means that you don’t need any other people in your life while you’re with them. Even if you are not cheating but look at the other women, a Turkish lady will be extremely mad at you because (as it was mentioned before) your attention should be concentrated on her completely and without any exceptions. And even if you just want to be a gentleman, you should not give your hand to another woman when she goes out of transport or pulls her chair - unless you want to see your beautiful Turkish lady completely disappointed. Local ladies know that rule well, so they will probably understand why they don’t exist in your world while you’re on a date with another woman;
  • Shower her with gifts. Even though many Turkish women are independent and have their nice jobs and money, it doesn’t mean they dislike gifts and presents. In Turkey, the locals have an interesting attitude towards money: Turkish men (as well as foreigners) are usually expected to spend money on their dates. This happens not because Turkish women are greedy or gold diggers, but it’s believed that if a man is ready to spend money on a woman, then he’s actually interested in her and is ready to sacrifice something to get her favour. It doesn’t always mean that the presents should be extremely pricey or something, but the fact that you’re ready to spend your money on her is important. A generous man is a great potential husband who will provide his family with all necessary things and treat his wife like a queen;
  • Family meetings are extremely important in Turkey as well. Many Turkish people are extremely family-oriented, and this is not only about creating their own family but also about being in touch with their parents and other relatives. Turkish men and women love and respect their parents a lot, so their potential partner is expected to do so as well. In many cases being invited to your partner’s house to have dinner with their parents for the first time is an extremely important event. This not only shows that your relationship is strong and you have serious intentions but also it might mean that the couple is considering marriage one day. Most Turkish people respect their parents’ opinions a lot and their approval or disapproval of their partner means a lot for them. So if you’re invited to a family gathering in Turkey for the first time, be sure to wear smart and clean clothing and look appropriately. Behave respectfully, speak politely and everything will be nice;
  • Even though big Turkish cities are modern and people there have a rather Western-like life, in some rural regions of Turkey there are still a lot of very traditional people with their own customs and norms. This is especially true in terms of marriage and family: for example, a lot of religious Turkish people have two marriage ceremonies. The first one has religious meaning for them and consists of many traditional Turkish rituals, and the second one, which is usually held a few days after, is the official one, which is rather Western-like. Also, remember that it’s almost unbelievable in Turkey to be married but have no plans to have kids. Turkish people love children and can’t imagine a family without them.

Turkish online dating

an attractive man in a blue shirt posing

In any modern country one of the easiest ways to find an attractive single person is to look for them online. Many people all over the world seek for love and attention, and sometimes their true soulmates live in other countries, so Turkish dating sites help their hearts to become connected. There are no more limits or boundaries for modern dating - people prefer not to decrease their chances to find the love of their life and communicate with people all over the world. Global dating becomes more and more popular every year, and knows that well: more than 25 years of experience let the service know everything about online dating and what people really need from it.

If you want to find your amazing Turkish partner online, then will help you to do so in the most comfortable and convenient way. There are some advantages the service has:

  • The number of users is growing constantly. You can always find a new attractive person living in your country or abroad and if you like each other - then you have a “match”. That means you can start your conversation with the help of direct messages or live chats now. That approach helps people to find the singles who are actually interested in them and find them attractive, so both people will be excited to have a conversation. No more awkwardness and misunderstanding: if you have a match - then an attractive person likes you;
  • There are many filters which help people to find not only appealing potential partners around them but also interesting people with the same hobbies, interests and life goals. But don’t be afraid: a perfect searching algorithm will show you the most suitable and interesting people for you! Just complete the profile with information about yourself and what you want the potential match to be like - and the algorithm will do all the work for you;
  • Be sure your data is in good hands! service has an amazing security system which helps its users to stay safe and confidential. Concentrate on communication and don’t worry: we are there to provide you with the best online dating experience in your life!

Don’t allow any distances limit your chances to be happy! Find your perfect Turkish partner on and change your romantic life forever!

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