Dating in The USA

A lot of people from many countries are interested in the USA. This huge and densely populated country has created a lot of iconic images in media and mass culture which can be seen in different countries all over the world. Music, films, TV shows, video games, books and serials - it’s extremely hard to describe or at least name all the things that are produced there. Most of them are not only made in America but also popularized by the Americans and their approach to entertainment, business and their way of life. Millions of boys and girls from different parts of the world are dreaming of becoming superheroes or supermodels, teenagers are excited by popular American shows like Game of Thrones, adults discuss new Oscar nominees and the newest Hollywood products... In other words, the world revolves around America, and it seems that most of the people consuming its goods have nothing against it.

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Quality and quantity of products that are made in America make its reputation, so we can be absolutely sure that The USA will keep its status of the strongest economies in the world, but also the monopolist in the sphere of entertainment. Because of the newest technologies and development of the internet not only entertainment but also dating and making new relationships have become extremely easy - every person has an opportunity to search for “top 10 dating sites in the USA” and ask someone out an hour later. Everything is unbelievably fast and easy now.

Millions of tourists and immigrants attend the USA annually, but what makes America so appealing? Why do people seek living there and why does everyone dream about that American style of life? In other words, what makes America the country it is?

America is huge

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Speaking about the USA we can’t but mention that the size of this country is truly amazing. Though it’s not the biggest country in the world, it’s still giant, and there’s no surprise that various types of climatic zones can be found there. People who want to see some interesting geographical features or just enjoy sightseeing and nature can see almost everything in the world in their own country. Waterfalls, deserts, mountains, oceans, rivers and lakes, forests and even canyons - the list can be continued a lot. Even though all states of America have their own rules, the Americans still can travel over the country by planes, trains or even motorbikes. Travelling by car is considered to be the most popular and the most recognizable way of travelling in America. People all over the world can see that a lot in various movies and serials, and that’s why this kind of travelling is very romanticized now. America teaches people of different countries not only how to travel in general, but also how to dream about travelling over the USA itself.

It’s not even surprising that most of the movies about dating and relationships, whether they are romantic comedies or drama films, are made in The USA.

Another side of this enormous size of America is that there are a lot of different nationalities and cultures there. The Melting Pot - that’s what the ethnical model of development was like in America of the XX century. Customs and traditions of different people mixed together have created a very unique American mentality and way of thinking. The American dream, which became famous much further than in America itself, has become a goal for people all over the world. Stable economic and social development, high quality of life and many opportunities to earn a good living attract millions of people every year. It’s always easy to find a good job there for people having good qualifications, and the salary is usually pretty decent. So it’s no surprise that many people are interested in visiting America, trying American dating sites and even moving there.

America makes it with style

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It’s not even surprising that most of the movies about dating and relationships, whether they are romantic comedies or drama films, are made in The USA. All those numerous films have created an image of a perfect date, and now even people who have never been on a date know how it should look like and what cliches they need to avoid. Some people associate dating with old American movies with all those open-air car cinemas, cafes and ice-cream, long walks in parks and timid first kisses at the front door. Some people mostly think about beautiful dates in luxury restaurants, roses and expensive gifts. But most of those things we tend to do while dating have American influence in them, cause most of the people find this American atmosphere somehow charming. The fact is that all those things belong to the American dating culture, and most of the unwritten dating rules were created there.

Dating rules in The USA

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The USA gave to the world something like an unwritten list of things you need to do and what you need to avoid if you want your date to be good and not the last one. It’s not like all dates should be the same and you don’t need to be creative or use your own ideas to make your relationship special, but knowing those rules can be helpful in some situations when you don’t know how to behave correctly and what to do to date right. Some people know them well, some people follow them unconsciously, but in general, they are popular and widely used all over the world.

If both of partners don’t have any serious intentions about each other and don’t experience any strong mutual feelings - it’s completely ok just to spend a few nights together and to move on. No one’s heart is broken, so it’s not a problem, right?

Sex is just sex

Americans tend to separate love and relationships from their sex life. It’s no surprise that in big busy cities the temp of life is usually extremely fast and neither everyone has an opportunity to create long-lasting serious relationships nor they want to. There are some basic physical needs that everyone has, and even if you don't need love, you can just ask for sex - and get it.

It’s easy to imagine that for many people all over the world this approach is inappropriate. Even if people don’t have intentions to marry and create families, it’s much more pleasant to have sex with someone you have a deep emotional connection with. It brings all the action to a very new level and feels much more satisfying for both partners. But the truth is that if both of partners don’t have any serious intentions about each other and don’t experience any strong mutual feelings - it’s completely ok just to spend a few nights together and to move on. No one’s heart is broken, so it’s not a problem, right?

Another thing you need to remember about is that not all types of relationships are not equally serious, and some of them are not serious at all. In a situation where a person can’t start a long-time relationship that may lead to marriage (or simply doesn’t want to), there are different possible scenarios of how the relationship may go. It may just be a short fling or a one-night stand, a flirty meeting or just a way to kill loneliness. It’s not important how to name it as long as both partners know exactly what’s happening. So be direct and polite and if you don’t want anything serious - just say it.

Modern dating tends to be easy-going

Even though some people still think that there are moral standards which dictate how exactly you should ask a person out and who should make the first move - most of those things belong in history now. In terms of conventions, modern dating has already made a big step towards easygoingness and simplicity. No one wants to wait three days before setting up a new date or come to the partner’s parents with a bouquet to get acquainted anymore. Things tend to become simple because people want them to be that way.

It’s not a problem to ask a person out via mobile phone anymore - and it doesn’t even mean calling, cause you can make it even easier and send a text message to a person you like. Ten years ago it might be considered as a sign of immaturity, but now it’s completely normal cause chatting online is wildly popular and used by almost everyone. It’s fast, easy and convenient - so why not use it all the time?

At the same time, people who had sex once now have much higher possibility to meet once again. All the social networks keep people connected, and it’s much easier to keep in touch not only with our friends, but also our friend’s friends, and our ex-partners too.

Various kinds of relationships became appropriate nowadays. You can be dating men, women, disregard gender at all, be poly - there is nothing wrong with it. Gay dating and LGBT+ scene in general is very much accepted these days.

Another thing that has changed a lot is how easily modern people say “I love you” on a first date to their partners - and even to only potential ones! Now it’s not something that was said only a few times in a lifetime, and modern people are likely not to remember those words till the end of their lives. It doesn’t mean that love itself is not valuable now - but the words are not as important as they used to be. So if someone tells you they love you they may not lie about what they feel at the moment, but that doesn’t mean those feelings won’t change in a week.

“Expect less and you won’t be disappointed” - that’s a slogan that suits modern dating culture in America well. There are no fairytales anymore - but you still can have a romcom or a serial, which is nice. Just remember how quickly all might change - and enjoy the process.

Some serious topics can be discussed on a first date

It used to be a rule for some people that you shouldn't speak about politics or religion, and luckily it’s not that popular now. It’s not considered nice to pretend empty-headed and happy to impress a potential partner or to persuade them to date you because of how non-conflict and easy-going you are. Modern Americans tend to think that it’s better to discuss some aspects and details before starting a relationship than to understand that it was a big mistake a few months later.

In the age of mass media and social networks where everyone can express their opinion openly people don’t want to be silent about their views and beliefs anymore. More than that, it’s much easier to spot someone who is definitely not for you by discussing some controversial topics together. Though some people are afraid of missing the chance to date or sleep with someone, some people understand that expressing their views and opinions gives them more advantages than disadvantages. It’s just a time-saver and a lifehack to spot the possible future mistake.

Another thing that used to be forbidden is to discuss your exes and previous dating experience. It’s always preferred not to be bitter about someone you used to be in a close relationship with, but it seems that back then people used to hide the fact that there were other people in their lives at all. In the modern world of dating, this theme is not prohibited at all - more than that, the way your partner speaks about their exes can be a good indicator of what to expect in case of a break-up. All the red flags can be seen in this kind of conversation as well.

Speaking about someone who was once very close to you might cause jealousy of your new or potential partner, but if you’re sure that your previous relationship is over, you’ll manage to explain it to your present significant other. Once again, the main key is to stay truthful and speak confidently, and there will be no suspicious looks or strange pauses at all.

Gender equality is a thing

The Americans have not only taught us to tip the waiters generously but also to split the bill to show how independent and progressive we are. And it’s not only a trend to show that american women can pay for their lunch too - it’s more about not owing anything to everyone who bought you a cup of coffee.

In the very beginning of the relationship, men shouldn’t insist on paying for everything. No one likes the feeling that your potential partner tries to buy you and your good mood. Split the bill and if your date is good - there will definitely be another one. There is no need for ostentatious generosity - just stay true and cheerful.

The rule about gender equality is not only about paying in restaurants and cafes, but also about who is expected to be the first to demonstrate any signs of being interested. In our modern society, it’s not a problem for a girl to be an initiator of a relationship anymore. If you want it - then just take it, and even if you don’t succeed - at least you tried.

You are allowed to do what you want as long as it is not in conflict with the other’s freedom as well.

Leave the waiting rule for the prudes

Another thing that used to be very important in the relationships of the past. You’re not supposed to have sex after the first date, but you’re expected to have it after the third one - how this even works? Modern people think that the intimate part of the relationship is always personal and should not be dictated by anyone else. Millennials tend to think that if your chemistry is strong - you may have sex after the first date if you would like to. Some of them even think that if you don’t have the chemistry - it’s not even worth wasting time. So modern Americans prefer acting according to circumstances.

Another part of the rule, where people are expected to have sex, is even more inappropriate for modern people. Nowadays the main thing is to feel free and secure, and if you go on your third date with a feeling of necessity to sleep with someone - that’s weird, and modern Americans don’t appreciate that. You are allowed to do what you want as long as it is not in conflict with the other’s freedom as well. So date who you want to date with and sleep who you want to sleep with - and it’s only up to you to make such decisions.

Marriage is not always an option

For many modern people, marriage is not only a priority but also not an option at all. It takes a lot of time and effort to graduate and then start a successful career, so not many people are ready to throw it all away to spend most of their time at home raising kids and doing various household jobs. Also, a lot of people are not ready to turn their personal earnings to a family budget and not very happy to lead a joint life. It’s pretty understandable, cause nowadays two people don’t need to be married to live under one roof and have a relationship. It’s even believed that moving together is a necessary step to do before even thinking about marriage to have an opportunity to feel married. That’s a perfect way to know about problems you may face while living with your partner without being officially bound together. If your life under one roof doesn’t go well, then it’s much easier to break up with someone who you don't need to divorce. So why make it official and complicated then?

It used to be traditional to invite your partner to your parent’s house, but now it’s a thing only if your relationship is serious enough to think about marriage and kids. As a result, we can see that parents are not strongly involved in relationships anymore. People don’t usually need someone’s approval to date a person they like, and it’s not even always necessary to ask for parental approval to marry someone. They can be happy with you or not, but they can’t change your decision as long as you’re 18 years old. Good advice is always appreciated, but prohibition will not be taken kindly by some young people at all.

Online dating in America

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The new approach of finding new partners for romantic relationships and hookups has recently become extremely popular all over the world, and of course, it’s even more popular in America now. Millions of people are looking for the best dating sites in the USA on the internet, and though it used to be not that popular in the past and a lot of people didn’t think much of it - the things have changed a lot.

Nowadays it’s not even necessary to look for 10 best dating sites in the USA to find someone special - it’s much easier to stick to one dating site and put more attention to profile and personal information on a platform. The best dating sites in the USA have millions of users not only in America, but also all over the world, and having a completed and detailed profile can be extremely helpful. It helps users not only to find their best soulmate with common interests, life goals and intentions, but also it makes a person noticeable and unique. It’s always much more interesting to read someone’s personal information before chatting to know what you can speak about then just to look at the person’s photo and send “Hi” to a complete stranger. Having profiles on many different online dating sites in the USA also doesn’t usually help a lot - it’s hard to keep concentrated on communication with an attractive person if you need to disperse your attention all the time. An interesting person might think you’re not interested (or interesting) enough to continue communication with you and you would miss the chance. That’s why it’s better to choose one site and stick to it.

That’s why people choose

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Millions of people are looking for the best dating sites in the USA on the internet, and though it used to be not that popular in the past and a lot of people didn’t think much of it - the things have changed a lot.

To make your online dating experience as perfect as it can be you should choose the best site for dating in the USA - and that’s It has a lot of advantages that will help you with finding a perfect partner for you to date and create a strong long-time relationship with. Or just spend some wonderful nights together!

What makes the best choice for you:

  • It’s fast, and it doesn’t take much time to create a profile and start communication with attractive American people. Just complete your page with your interests and some facts about who you are and what you are looking for to make it easier for your potential partner to find you;
  • It’s convenient and mobile - so you can just download an app to keep communication with all the appealing people wherever you are. You don’t need to spend all your free time in front of your computer to find a partner - just take your smartphone with you and go for a walk while enjoying an online conversation with a beautiful stranger;
  • It’s comfortable for people who don’t like meeting new people face-to-face. You can read a person’s profile information before chatting with them and chat with them before setting up a date. It helps people to avoid uncomfortable situations and you’ll be sure that you have some common interests and themes to discuss;
  • It’s effective - and it has already been proven by thousands and millions of happy couples all over the world who met on More than twenty years of perfect work of the searching mechanism have already helped millions of people to find their love - so now it’s your turn to become happy!

Even though for some people the dating process is full of rules and restrictions, in reality, it’s an interesting experience which can change your life forever. Start exploring the amazing world of online dating with and find a person from America of your dream!

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